The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Brow Shape for Your Face

The experts break down the best arch for each face shape.

Tweezing eyebrows

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While the eyes are windows to the soul, the eyebrows play a pivotal role in defining our face — so it's important to know how to shape them. In fact, doing so can influence the overall look of your face. "Our eyebrows provide two geometric forms on our face that we actually have control over," says eyebrow expert and brand founder, Joey Healy. "We can manipulate them by darkening them, shortening them, lifting them, injecting Botox into them, et cetera."

But before you reach for a tweezer or book a threading appointment, it's important to determine what kind of shape you want to go for. For guidance, consider your face shape. That encompasses other important factors, such as the size of your forehead, chin, jaw, and the basic proportions of the face, says Healy.

Other factors can influence your overall arch shape, too. "Keeping with the natural hair amount and brow hair texture is important," says Kristie Streicher, celebrity brow artist and founder of KS&CO, who notes that it's essential to understand your natural brow shape — and work with that rather than against it.

To do so, Streicher recommends looking at the bone structure around your eyes and the amount of hair you're working with. "Discovering your individual natural shape and where your eyebrow should start, arch, and end is valuable," she says. "In most cases, finding the best shape may only require a few key hairs to be removed to lift, arch, or create symmetry." In many cases, she turns to her Nurtured Brow technique, which uses soft lines to shape the brow as naturally as possible.

Bottom line? You've got options. And remember, as Streicher puts it: "It's not about the hair you tweeze, it’s about the hair you leave." With that in mind, consider these brow shapes for your face — and find what might work best for you.

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Kourtney Kardashian Heart-Shaped Face — Best Brow Shapes For Face

The heart-shaped face, a.k.a. the inverted triangle, "is more top-heavy, with a narrow little jaw," says Healy. As a result, you may have a natural widow's peak, bigger eyes, stronger brow bone, or a broader forehead with a heart-shaped face — which is why you should consider a refined brow that is trimmed and light. "A brow with every hair in place will make the brow feel more light and airy," he says. "This will then take the interest away from the top half of the face, since it's naturally a little heavier and more pronounced."

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Jessica Chastain Square Face Shape Brows — Best Brow Shape For Face Shape

A square face has more distinct angular lines, which are especially pronounced around the jaw and forehead. For this shape, Healy recommends a softer, but not overtly rounded arch. "We want to play against these distinct lines by having a softer brow," he says. "This will soften the face."

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Sarah Jessica Parker Oblong Face Shape Brows — Best Brow Shape For Face Shape

For those with an oblong face, the distance from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin is long, says Healthy. He recommends playing against that distance by creating a straighter-shaped brow. "It will stretch out the face and open it up," he explains. "The length can also be on the front end, making the brows look a little closer together."

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Selena Gomez Round Face Shape Brows — Best Brow Shape For Face Shape

Unlike a square face, the lines of a round face are softer and less defined — so a brow that's highly arched can help create contrast, says Healy. "It gives the face more dimension," he says. "Also, a rounder face lacks a lot of definitive geometry, so having an arch that is a little bit higher builds the geometry into the face."

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Beyonce Oval Face Shape Wears Classic Brow Shape — Best Brow Shape For Face Shape

Oval is a common face shape, Healy says, where proportions are balanced between the cheeks and the jawline. He recommends the classic brow, meaning that the brow begins at the bridge of the nose and gradually inclines into an arch about two-thirds of the way out; it's a defined arch, but not pointed at the top. "It’s like the Goldilocks of brows, where everything is just right," he says.

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Cara Delevigne Diamond Face Shape Big Brows — Best Brow Shape For Face Shape

 A diamond (or triangle) face has a smaller forehead with a strong jawline, which will benefit from a bigger brow to balance it all out. If you're looking for some celeb inspo, Healy points to Cara Delevigne. "We all know she has beautiful, thick brows — but if you look at runway shows where her brows are bleached, you’ll notice she is very jaw-heavy," he says. "Her dark, thick brows work so well for her because it balances out that jawline." In other words, go big and bold with your brow shape, growing them in as much as you can while keeping them groomed.

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