We Tested Briogeo’s Newest Density-Enhancing Products for Six Weeks — And They Actually Work

The products target hair loss and thinning.

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I’ll be honest: I still haven’t figured out my hair, even though I’m in my late 20s. It’s curly, yes, but it also feels very thin most of the time — I have a lot of hair but overall the texture errs on the fine side. Without the right products, it looks weighed down, instead of volumized, full, and bouncy. Usually, I rely on a combination of leave-in conditioner and texturizing spray to get my natural hair to look how I want it, or I smooth it out with hot tools. (And trust me, the latter is much easier, surprisingly.)

So, when Briogeo popped into my inbox asking if I wanted to try their upcoming line focused on density, I immediately said yes. The line, which includes four different products — a shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and daily supplement — uses ingredients, like vitamin E biotin, to strengthen the hair and follicle. On top of that, it features copper peptides to support healthy hair and what Briogeo calls an “energy complex” of caffeine, CoQ10, and green coffee oil to stimulate the scalp while also protecting it from antioxidants. Julia Roberts in Pretty Women will forever be my hair inspiration, so I figured this line might be worth a shot.

I tested it along with Mary Honkus, InStyle commerce editor, for about six weeks. While the brand says that most users should see results after 16 weeks, we both started to see results sooner. But, overall, I saw more results than Honkus, who describes her hair as fine, especially near her hair line, yet full and quick to grow. Because I wouldn’t describe my hair as full (or quick to grow), necessarily, that might be an important distinction you should make when considering purchasing the product.

We used everything but the supplement and judged it based on volume, density, growth, hydration, feel, and value. Below you’ll find our thoughts on the product.

Briogeo Destined for Density Caffeine + Biotin Peptide Density Shampoo

Briogeo Destined for Density Caffeine + Biotin Peptide Density Shampoo


Density and Growth

“I have sprouted so many baby hairs, it's wild,” Honkus told me, adding that it’s “to the point that it's kind of annoying, but I’m thrilled about them at the same time.” And I have had a similar effect. Many baby hairs around my hairline come in thin with strawberry blonde coloring, so it looks fairly sparse, especially when I put my hair back. But I’ve noticed my hair has looked significantly fuller. My hair feels lusher when I throw it up into a bun for a cycling class, and when I leave it down, it definitely appears dense. My side bangs also grew a bit faster than normal, making me think perhaps they need yet another trim.


After a zoom meeting last week, InStyle senior editor Kaitlin Clark messaged me, “Your hair looked great, btw. It looked very lush and full and curly.” I proceeded to tell her about this shampoo, which I assume might be the cause, considering I haven’t done much else to it in weeks. My curls appear more bouncy and the pattern starts up higher than I’m used to. It also looks more weightless, rather than limp and heavy after using a lot of product. Honkus didn’t notice much of a change in volume — she felt like her results stuck more in the growth department. 


Anyone with oily hair will probably be pleased with this product. We both found the formula to be slightly drying. My hair, which usually craves tons of hydration, felt more parched, while my scalp itched more than usual. “My hair already leans dry, so I felt like I had to follow up with a hair mask even after using the conditioner,” says Honkus. The instructions don’t give a specific amount of days you should use this per week (it just notes to use it on wash days), so it’s up to you to decide on the frequency if you tend to wash your hair more than once per week. In the last two weeks of using the product, I switched to only applying it once a week and washing my hair the other day with a very hydrating formula made for curly hair from Fekkai. (You can shop that shampoo and conditioner here.) We wouldn’t recommend using this product more than twice a week, and perhaps someone who washes their hair even less frequently than I do won’t need to follow up with another product, though.


The shampoo lathered well with little to no effort, whether I used a scalp massager or my fingers. It has a light scent to it, but it doesn’t linger on my hair, which I personally love. I wear fragrances on a regular basis, so I dislike when my shampoo leaves a strong scent that might conflict with it. The shampoo and conditioner felt very lightweight; however, the serum is quite viscous and required more than the bottle recommended to get it to cover all the necessary parts of my scalp. 


Compared to other hair loss products on the market these feel on par with the prices you’ll find. We wish the bottles were bigger. We both sped through the serum, which comes in a 1.5 fl. oz. bottle, quicker than expected — in six weeks, I nearly finished my bottle and Honkus has a little less than half left — because it is a product meant for daily use. After we learned you don’t need to use the shampoo and conditioner as frequently as we originally thought, it might last a bit longer. The shampoo is also derived from 93 percent natural ingredients, while the serum and conditioner are derived from 97 percent, so you can feel good about using it, too.

Briogeo Caffeine + Biotin Peptide Density Conditioner



Briogeo Destined for Density Peptide Hair Serum for Thicker, Fuller Hair



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Chloe Anello is the senior commerce editor for InStyle. Along with commerce editor Mary Honkus, she tested this product for six weeks, observing any changes in her hair daily in order to properly report on the results she noticed from using these products.

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