How to Wear Every Shade of Brightly Colored Jeans This Summer

Blue jeans are just the beginning.

A woman wears colored jeans with a matching knit bag and pink shoes.

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Brightly colored jeans come in and out of fashion, and right now, they're firmly back at the top of the denim pyramid. No shade to blue, but brands are finally offering a wide range of colors, from vivid hues to softly saturated pastel jeans — and we're living for the options. Whether you live out loud in technicolor or prefer your wardrobe whisper instead of roar, there's no reason not to try on a pair of anything-but-blue colored jeans on for size.

One of the best things about fun-colored jeans is that they serve maximum fashion with minimal effort on your part — all you have to do is put on pants. That said, they're also surprisingly simple to tone down — or amp up! — with wardrobe basics or statement pieces you likely already have in your closet. Ahead, read on for 10 outfit ideas to inspire your colorful summer outfits.

With a Graphic Tee

A person wears brightly colored jeans and a graphic tee.

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Pairing colorful jeans with a faded graphic tee is a great way to dip your toe into this vibrant trend without diving headfirst into making a saturated statement shade. White sneakers and a deep-toned handbag also add depth to the color palette.

With a Neutral Crop Top

A woman wears colored jeans with a neutral crop top.

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Yes, even minimalist fashionistas can wear brightly colored jeans. For a streamlined look, look no further than a ribbed tank in a neutral tone. A shoulder bag in a similarly soft neutral will balance out even the most technicolor of high-waisted jeans.

With a Matching Jean Jacket

A woman wears pink colored jeans and a pink colored jean jacket.

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If you love a bold look, you'll likely be asking yourself why you don't already own a brightly colored Canadian tuxedo set, but don't beat yourself up. Instead, start planning how you'll style it with a neon patterned clash-on-purpose handbag.

With a Denim Bra

A woman wears green colored jeans and a statement top

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One way to mitigate how overwhelming a matching colorful denim set can be is to simply put together an outfit with less fabric like this lime green jean and denim bra get up. If shade-matching isn't your strong point, don't worry. A complementary color works just as well.

Colorblock with a Crop Top

A woman wears multi-colored jeans and a crop top.

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A bold approach to brightly colored jeans, colorblock denim makes a major statement that benefits from a quieter neutral top.

With a Striped Top

A woman wears red colored jeans with a striped jacket

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For a look that's a bit punk and a lot rock, pair jeans in a moody red or deep purple with a top that features a racing stripe. If you're opting for a jacket, we recommend keeping things simple underneath with a black cami.

With a Colorblock Button-Down

A woman wears pink jeans and a color block buttoned down.

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Another way to diffuse the impact of colorful jeans without diluting their fashion power is to colorblock on top. Grab an oversized button-down that features similar levels of saturation — rather than an exact shade match — for a look that's cohesive without being overwhelming.

With a Sheer, Patterned Top

A woman wears purple and pink colored jeans with a sheer patterned top.

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If true colorblock jeans feel a shade too adventurous (so to speak) try their toned-down style twin: a pair of watercolor-washed jeans. Rather than highly saturated and contrasting colors, watercolor-blocking creates a softer, ombré effect by blending similar shades together. It's a perfect pant to wear with a vibrant, patterned top.

With Contrasting Heels

A woman wears green colored jeans and blue bow shoes.

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Elevate a pair of straight-leg colored jeans by wearing them with a pair of romantic bow-tipped low heels. The blend of street style and elegance is a fashion match made in heaven.

With an Oversized Blazer

A woman wears purple colored jeans with an oversized blazer.

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Aim for a close but not true match with everyone's favorite piece of XXL outerwear — the oversized blazer. Since the outfit itself is such a statement, feel free to keep accessories like bags and sneakers neutral.

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