Brie Larson Calls This $16 Face Depuffing Tool Her “Favorite”— and Sydney Sweeney Is a Fan, Too

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Brie Larson Calls This $16 Face Depuffing Tool Her “Favorite”— and Sydney Sweeney Is a Fan, Too

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Over the past week, Brie Larson has let us in on a number of her go-to hacks. She kicked it off by sharing what bra she was wearing in “The Marvels” newest trailer, which almost immediately went as viral as the original screengrab. A few days later she continued on her mission of demystifying Hollywood glamour when she shared with Vogue that the product she relies on for puffy skin is one you can grab for less than $20 at Amazon.

In the Beauty Secrets video, the actress followed her cleanser and eye mask with Esarora’s ice roller — a tool we’ve previously seen used by Sydney Sweeney — which is designed to calm and depuff skin. As Larson rolled the cooling tool across her face, focusing on her forehead before moving to her cheeks, she declared it “heaven to me,” naming the ice roller one of her “favorite things.” And right now, you can grab that exact, celebrity-loved tool at Amazon where it’s on sale for just $16.

Esarora Ice Roller


Shop now: $16 (Originally $19);

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal, ice is a cheap and effective way to soothe and tighten skin at home. “Icing has been popular for decades in many cultures to tighten skin, reduce redness, and reduce inflammation, which contributes to facial swelling," he previously told InStyle, adding that ice rollers specifically, “work quickly and effectively at reducing swelling, pore size, and redness.”

While there are a number of ice rollers on the market (our beauty editor is obsessed with this one), Larson’s go-to is one of the cheapest ones you can grab for quick cooling and depuffing results. The tool, which can be stored in your fridge, features a large roller that allows for quick and easy coverage. Where other popular tools like jade rollers cover smaller surface areas and require a bit more meticulous massaging, this tool’s size and simplicity allows it to be a quick one-minute-and-done part of your skincare routine.

While celebrities keep gravitating towards Esarora’s ice roller, so do shoppers. At Amazon, the depuffing tool boasts more than 16,000 five-star ratings, with customers thrilled (and shocked) by the results. One person, who wrote that they wake up every morning with a puffy face, said they love how this tool “depuffs” their skin “so effectively.” Another shopper was so impressed, they opted to use it on their wedding morning, and said that it not only defined their face, but was also “super calming.” And a final shopper who uses the tool every morning said they “actually see a difference” in puffiness.

Sometimes, Hollywood’s best-kept secrets aren’t really that much of a secret. For calmer, less inflamed skin, grab the ice roller loved by Brie Larson and thousands of Amazon shoppers while it’s on sale for just $16.

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