Blooming Gel Is a New Way to Upgrade Your Manicure

This unique nail polish can elevate any look.

What Is Blooming Gel—and How Can It Upgrade Your Manicure?

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Nail art can be pure magic — and no other manicure better fits that description than blooming gel nails. A mix of swirls and colors, this type of nail art is both mesmerizing and dreamy, not to mention relatively easy to DIY.

While blooming gel nails aren't necessarily new in the nail-art world, they're rising in popularity thanks to its unique blooming effect that's effectively impossible to replicate with regular polish and — taking social media by storm. "It also allows for a great deal of creativity and customization, as the blooming effect can be varied depending on the application technique and color choices," says Mazz Hana, nail artist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood. "Blooming gel also makes it easier to recreate trends such as aura nails, tortoiseshell nails, and marble nails."

Intrigued? We know we are. Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about blooming gel nails below. We're willing to bet that this will become your new nail fave.

What Is Blooming Gel?

Blooming gel is a special base gel coat that causes any colored polish to disperse once applied. Hana says that it works by expanding or giving polish that "blooming" effect (think like a flower in the process of opening up and going into full bloom) to create a unique pattern of color.

How Do You Use Blooming Gel?

First, you want to prep your nails so that the polish has a smooth base. File and buff nails like you normally would for a regular manicure and apply a base coat so that your nail look is locked in, says Hana. Next, paint on the blooming gel; you only need a thin layer to get the desired effect. Then, you'll paint on your color on top and you'll start to see the gel work to give it that blooming effect.

Once you're satisfied with the look of how the color bloomed, then use an LED lamp to cure the nail, says Hana. You can repeat the process with additional layers of blooming gel until you get your desired results. Then, seal it all in with a top coat.

What You Need to Do Blooming Gel Nails

This look solely depends on a blooming gel nail polish, so it's integral to find one that can specifically give you that effect if you want this nail, such as Red Carpet Manicure Blooming Gel Nail Art Special Effect Coat or Gelish Mini Blooming Gel Polish. "You cannot easily achieve the same blooming effect with regular nail polish because the chemical reaction between the pigment and base gel layer is required to create the expansion and blooming effect," Hana explains.

Once you've secured the blooming gel nail, you can use your go-to base and top coat along with whatever nail color you want. You'll also want to use a LED lamp to cure the nail and you're good to go.

So if you're looking for a fun way to experiment with some of your favorite shades, blooming gel is an easy way to do just that. With so many ways to wear them, we're predicting this trend will soon be a staple for years to come.

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