The French Brand Behind This Famous Beauty Product Makes a Moisturizing Mask I’m Obsessed With

It manages to keep my skin dewy all day.

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Bioderma Face Mask

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Come February, absolutely nothing can quench my skin's thirst. It slurps up every liquid that comes near it like a sponge, yet still manages to look and feel like I’ve spent a week at a music festival in the desert without a lick of skincare products. In reality, I give it everything it wants: A gentle wash with a hydrating, milky cleanser. Globs of hyaluronic acid. A slathering of rich, moisturizing cream. A dunk in Vaseline at night. And still, by the end of each day, my complexion is dry, flaky, and void of life. I haven’t been able to figure out what it wants, until I tried Bioderma's Sensibio Face Mask.

Maybe you haven’t heard of the product, but you’re certainly familiar with the brand. Bioderma is responsible for arguably one of the most popular skincare products in everyone’s arsenal (judging by pretty much every beauty how-to video ever made), known for its clear packaging and pink translucent lid. The Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is adored for its unreplicable ability to remove eye makeup with a swift swipe of a cotton pad. But it turns out the brand has many other standout stars in its product lineup, particularly in the moisturizer category for face and body. And I’d argue that come winter, the Sensibio Mask deserves to be the brand’s hero product. 

Bioderma Sensibio Face Mask


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The mask comes in a 2.5-ounce plastic bottle and is meant to be applied in a thick layer onto the skin, and wiped off after 10 minutes — but that’s not enough for my demanding skin. Instead, I rub it in and treat it like a sleep mask, not taking it off until I wash my face in the morning. The result? My skin is super hydrated, but not greasy, and retains the moisture all day long; by dinner time, I’m not sporting flaky makeup but a dewy, dare I say radiant glow that doesn’t demand a midday re-application of moisturizer.

How does it do it? Its formula includes seaweed extract, which has hydrating and exfoliating benefits, licorice root, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that soothes irritation, and glycyrrhetinic acid to calm and soften. The TL;DR? It strengthens the skin barrier while keeping moisture in and irritation away. These ingredients make the mask a good option for anyone, like me, who has super temperamental (read: sensitive) skin — and many people share my love for it.

“It’s the perfect thing to soothe the skin [after] a resurfacing treatment, and the perfect thing to hydrate the skin well after [cleaning] out the pores — without reclogging them,” one Amazon shopper raved. “I put this under my eyes and everywhere, using about a tablespoon. What a value.” Another person said that their skin is “more moist and less irritated” for several days after using the mask.

Ready to give your dry skin what it’s been begging for? Scoop up Bioderma’s Sensibio Mask for $30 at Amazon now.

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