Billie Lourd's Dress Paid Tribute to Carrie Fisher in the Sweetest Way

Fisher officially got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 4th.

Billie Lourd and Austen Rydell

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The stars aligned today, May the 4th, as the Hollywood Walk of Fame got its latest inductee: Carrie Fisher. The Star Wars legend, who played Princess Leia Organa, received her star on the famed boulevard and her daughter, Billie Lourd (her father is talent agent Bryan Lourd) honored the character by wearing a long dress featuring the screen icon on the front.

During the ceremony, Lourd was joined by her husband, Austen Rydell, and Fisher's Star Wars co-stars, C-3PO and R2-D2. Lourd's dress featured a sequin bodice and a photo of Leia with her signature space buns.

Prior to the event, Fisher's brother Todd and half-sisters Tricia Leigh and Joely sparked controversy when they claimed that they were being excluded from the ceremony. In a statement, Lourd clarified that she intentionally didn't invite her aunt and uncle because they had "capitalized" on her mother's death back in 2016.

“I have seen the postings and press release issued by my mother’s brother and sister,” Lourd said in a statement given to the Hollywood Reporter. “I apologize to anyone reading this for feeling the need to defend myself publicly from these family members. But unfortunately, because they publicly attacked me, I have to publicly respond. The truth is I did not invite them to this ceremony. They know why."

“Days after my mom died, her brother and her sister chose to process their grief publicly and capitalize on my mother’s death, by doing multiple interviews and selling individual books for a lot of money, with my Mom and my grandmother’s deaths as the subject,” she continued. “I found out they had done this through the press. They never consulted me or considered how this would affect our relationship.”

"This moment is about Carrie Fisher and all that she accomplished and what she meant to the world. I’m going to focus on that. May the 4th be with you," her statement finished.

Billie Lourd

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Joely Fisher published her memoir, Growing Up Fisher: Musings, Memories and Misadventures, less than a year after her half-sister’s death. Following that, in the summer of 2018, Carrie’s brother, Todd Fisher, published his own memoir, My Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and Debbie.

Todd Fisher told TMZ that it was “heartbreaking and shocking to me that I was intentionally omitted from attending this important legacy event for my sister.”

“Frankly, it’s a distressing situation and I don’t deserve to be put in this position,” he added. “As the only brother of Carrie Fisher, being omitted from this special day is truly hurtful.”

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