Beyonce and Blue Ivy
Credit: Instagram/beyonce

It's confirmed: Beyoncé has the most beautiful family ever, and she isn't afraid to share it.

The "Flawless" singer took to Instagram on Sunday to post several photos of herself and husband Jay Z with 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy—and they're downright adorable. One shot captures a sweet mommy-daughter moment between Bey and Blue (above): The mom hugs the little one (whose hair is adorned with two serious bows) towards her while she sits in a chair.

In another snap, Jay Z gets in on the family fun while outside in the grass (below). His sweet girl—who is dressed in a pink skirt and a black top and leggings—runs towards her smiling dad who has his arms spread out for her.

We also see Beyoncé and Blue Ivy taking time to stop and smell the roses in a sprawling garden (that looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland) under a bright blue sky (below). Mom captioned the snap, "Happy Sunday." Indeed it was for this family!

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