Shoppers Say This Bethenny Frankel-Loved Tool “Works Wonders” on Stubborn Acne — and It’s 35% Off

She swears it makes her feel “like an actual facialist.”

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If you’ve gotten a facial in the last couple of years, you may already be familiar with high-frequency wands. The first time I encountered one was pretty unsettling initially. The static sound and the slight tingling sensation it left on my face made me flinch. Afterwards, however, I had to admit that I was being a baby: The treatment was completely painless and, as it turns out, beneficial for my acne-prone skin

"High frequency uses small currents to oxygenate the skin," esthetician Kerry Benjamin previously explained to Byrdie. Because oxygen kills off acne-causing bacteria, it’s believed that the treatment might slow — or even stop — a breakout, while simultaneously reducing inflammation

It turns out that Real Housewives of New York legend, Bethenny Frankel, is also well-acquainted with the technology. “This thing makes me feel like I’m an actual facialist,” she told TikTok followers in April while using the Tumakou High Frequency Wand. The TV star explains that, like me, she was introduced to the tool through an esthetician. “Being on the cover of Forbes Magazine did not make me feel rich. This thing makes me feel rich. I love it,” she added. 

While it might make you feel rich, the wand set in question is far more affordable than other celeb-loved facial tools. In fact, it’s currently on sale for $37. The sleek, lightweight base comes with four attachable ends. The “mushroom tube” attachment, which Frankel uses in her tutorial, targets large areas of skin, while the “bent tube” and “tongue tube” attachment allow for more targeted precision. The set also includes a brush-like tube for hair — some users have even seen scalp-thickening results after applying high-frequency to their hair lines. 

High Frequency Facial Machine


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Best of all, shoppers say the device lives up to its promises. “This works wonders,” wrote one user, who noted that their pimples diminished after “only one use.” Another reviewer, who struggled with ‘maskne’ for months, added that it “honestly has helped clear [their] skin and take away a lot of [their] red scarring.” A third raved that they have “zero acne” after using the wand for a week.

Anyone who deals with acne knows there’s no “magic wand” for banishing blemishes, but an effective tool can certainly help. Shop this celeb-loved device while it’s still 35 percent off on Amazon.

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