The 15 Best At-Home Waxing Kits of 2023

Gigi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit is effective, easy to use, and safe for all skin types and body parts.

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Best waxing kits

If there’s one thing we can’t live with, but also can’t live without, it’s body hair. While it protects skin and regulates the body’s overall temperature, body hair is more often a nuisance than a blessing. Plus, removing unwanted hair can be a huge hassle – in addition to being painful and expensive. Luckily, there are a handful of ways to get rid of undesired body hair, with waxing being one of the most common.

In terms of at-home hair removal, waxing can feel like a daunting task. Whether you're working on your face, bikini line, underarms, or legs, home waxing requires patience and precision so you don't end up with red, irritated skin. Thankfully, there are a number of great kits that make the hair removal process easy and safe. These products come with gentle wax as well as tools you might need (like wax warmers, spatulas, and more), so you’re able to remove every last strand.

To find the best at-home waxing kits, we put in the research — uncovering top-rated options, and consulting with estheticians and beauty professionals for their top-tier recommendations. Gigi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit secured the best overall spot due to its ability to gently remove coarse hair from any body part. It also offers professional-grade results at home thanks to its high-quality wax warmer and pre- and post-wax skin-protecting products, all of which are included.

From affordable drugstore finds to products that offer salon-quality results, keep reading for the 15 best at-home waxing kits.

Best Overall

Gigi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit


Sally beauty

What We Love: This kit comes with a post-wax cooling gel that calms skin and reduces redness and bumps.

What We Don’t Love: The wax can stick to the bottom of the heater if it’s not cleaned out properly.

If you’re looking for a one-and-done waxing kit, the Gigi Mini Pro has everything you need (like seriously, everything). It comes with an array of helpful tools, including a wax heater with an adjustable temperature, soft cream wax, pre- and post-waxing lotions that reduce inflammation, petite, small, and large spatulas that work for any body part, and more. Additionally, the wax is made with good-for-your-skin ingredients like honey, which prevents dryness, and chamomile, which works to soothe sensitive skin.

Plus, this kit is super easy to use. To get started, turn on the warmer to High and let the wax melt for about 20 minutes. Once the wax has a thin consistency, set the temperature to low. From there, wash the area of your body you want to wax with the Pre-Hon Cleanser. Pat dry with a tissue. When your skin is completely dry, apply a thin layer of Pre-Epilation Powder to the same area (this will help to absorb moisture and oil). From there, apply a thin layer of wax to skin in the direction of hair growth. Place an epilating strip over the wax and rub it firmly in the direction of hair growth. Hold the skin taut and pull off the strip with one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. Once the hair is gone, apply the Post-Wax Cooling Gel to skin. The whole process takes under an hour.

Pro tip: Use the Slow Grow lotion every day to maintain soft, smooth skin. Once you’re done with your waxing session, make sure to clean out the heater immediately to prevent any residual wax from sticking to the bottom.

Price at time of publish: $56

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Mini heater, Honee crème wax, Petite, small, and large spatulas, Small and large natural muslin strips, Face and body strips, Pre-hon antiseptic lotion, After wax cooling gel, Slow grow lotion | Treatments per Kit: 2-8

Best Drugstore

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit



What We Love: This wax is made with azulene finishing oil, which helps reduce redness after waxing.

What We Don’t Love: This wax kit is not good for removing hair from large areas.

Leave it to Sally Hansen to make affordable and effective at-home waxing strips. This handy kit comes with 34 pre-waxed strips that are pre-cut and specially made for the face and bikini line. The unique ridges on the strips allow hair to easily latch onto the wax, meaning it’s quickly and painlessly pulled from the root (no matter how coarse it might be).

To use this, warm up a wax strip by rubbing it in your hands. Once warmed, smooth the strip onto skin in the direction of hair growth. Then, quickly pull the strip off of skin. Once the hair is gone, you’ll notice your skin will feel smoother and softer than if you had shaved it — this is because the wax is infused with coconut and marulas oils, which hydrate skin from deep within.

Price at time of publish: $10

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Wax strips | Treatments per Kit: 34

Best for Beginners

Starpil Standard Hard Wax Kit


Starpil Wax

What We Love: This kit comes with a wax warmer that can hold up to one pound of wax.

What We Don’t Love: The wax can crack if it is not heated properly.

Take full-body hair removal into your own hands with the help of this complete waxing kit. It comes with an easy-to-use wax warmer, your choice of hard wax (pink, blue, or black film beads), pre- and post-wax care products, and 100 wooden spatulas. This kit is ideal for beginners since it comes with all the tools needed to wax any (and every!) inch of your body. Additionally, the wax warmer is easy to adjust, and the pre- and post-wax gels and oils help to protect skin. We will note that if the wax is heated for too long or at too high of a temperature, it can dry out and crack, leading to a less-than-perfect waxing experience. To avoid this, we suggest setting the wax warmer temperature to about 175 degrees and keeping an eye on the wax while it melts. Once the wax has a honey-like consistency, it will be ready to use.

“I recommend the brand Starpil [for beginners],” says Amelia Bolten, a licensed beauty professional and CEO and founder of Mealz Beauty. “Be sure to purchase the Blue Film Beads to go with it – they give the user a better consistency when melting and make the process seamless when applying to the skin.”

Price at time of publish: $198

Type of Wax: Hard | Includes: Pre- and post-wax care bundle, Hard wax warmer, Wooden spatulas | Treatments per Kit: 100+

Best for Coarse Hair

Wax Bare Coconut Wax


Wax Bare

What We Love: This wax is made to bond quickly to hair (not skin), meaning it’s suitable for sensitive areas.

What We Don’t Love: This product only comes with wax and not additional tools like a wax warmer or strips.

Want to say goodbye to thick, unwanted hair for weeks on end? The WaxBare Coconut Wax is just the thing you need. “For coarse hair, I recommend the brand WaxBare. The coconut wax really gets into those stubborn hairs and gives you a nice, clean, painless result,” says Bolten. This wax is specifically formulated with thick hair and sensitive skin in mind, meaning you can use it on every part of your body.

The only downside of this product is that the wax is sold alone, so you’ll have to buy a wax warmer and other tools. (Luckily, you can find wax warmers for about $20 online.) Because this wax is so effective and gentle on sensitive skin – and the one-pound bag should last you multiple uses – it’s totally worth it.

Price at time of publish: $23

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Wax | Treatments per Kit: 100+

Best for Bikini Line

Nair Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini

Nair Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini


What We Love: These strips were made for short, coarse hair.

What We Don’t Love: The kit only comes with four post-care wipes.

When it comes to hair removal, we trust Nair. The drugstore brand has been around forever, and consistently debuts new hair-removing innovations that save us both time and money. One of the brand’s best products is the Wax Ready Strips, which come in a pack of 40 easy-to-use treatments. These wax strips don’t require any warm-up at all (no rubbing, heating, or microwaving), so all you have to do is apply one directly onto the area you want to remove hair and pull.

Ideal for bikini lines, this product was made to target short, coarse strands, which means you don’t have to fully grow out your hair. It will also keep the area smooth for up to four weeks, so you don’t have to do any maintenance in between. Plus, you can use these strips for other small areas like your armpits or upper lip. While there are 40 wax strips per kit, there are only four post-care wipes, so make sure to have a soothing lotion on hand once you run out.

Price at time of publish: $7

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Wax strips, Post-care wipes | Treatments per Kit: 40

Best for Legs

Flamingo Body Wax Kit



What We Love: This soft-gel wax removes short, spiky hair right from the root.

What We Don’t Love: Despite coming with 28 waxing strips, the kit only comes with six post-care cloths.

Not to be dramatic, but spiky leg hair is the bane of my existence. There’s nothing worse than shaving in the shower, only to get goosebumps the second I hop out. To avoid this, I use the Flamingo Body Wax Kit. It comes with 28 ready-to-use soft gel-wax strips that are ideal for large areas like legs, arms, and the stomach. Each wax strip is good for at least two pulls, which means I can get every last hair, even the really short ones.

Additionally, each wax strip is made with castor seed oil and beeswax, which helps to keep skin nourished, even after pulling out the hair. On top of that, the post-wax cloths are infused with almond oil, which helps to gently remove any leftover wax — I do wish the kit came with more post-care cloths, though. Regardless, the kit is a steal at just $10.

Price at time of publish: $19

Type of Wax: Soft-gel | Includes: Post-wax wipes | Treatments per Kit: 28

Best for Arms

Happy Waxing At-Home Kit


Happy Waxing

What We Love: This cruelty-free wax is made with safe ingredients including beeswax.

What We Don’t Love: The wax warmer can be hard to clean out if you have too much wax in it.

For a salon-quality waxing experience at home, there’s nothing quite like the Happy Waxing kit. It comes with a hot-pink wax heater, two bags of pink hard wax beads, nourishing oil to prep skin, purifying lotion to clean skin, a set of vinyl gloves, a protective sheet to cover surfaces, multiple disposable face and body applicators, and two measuring cups. On top of that, the wax heater is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about the wax getting too hot or cold.

This wax kit can also be used to remove hair on other body parts, not just arms. We suggest trying it on other large areas like legs and the back (if you have a helper). The best part: This cruelty-free wax is free from harmful ingredients, meaning skin will be safe, nourished, and hair-free.

Price at time of publish: $60

Type of Wax: Hard | Includes: Wax heater, Clean purifying lotion, Prepare nourishing oil, Vinyl gloves, Disposable face and body applicators, Small and large measuring cups | Treatments per Kit: 100+

Best for Armpits

Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home Hair Removal Kit

Bliss Waxing Kit


What We Love: This cruelty-free wax is infused with chamomile oil, which works to keep skin soft.

What We Don’t Love: The wax is blue, making it more prone to staining.

Easily remove armpit hair in minutes with this cruelty-free wax kit from Bliss. The wax itself is made with chamomile flower oil, which soothes skin, apricot oil, which provides moisture, and Roman chamomile oil, which is an essential flower oil that lightly hydrates. The kit also comes with a pre- and post-waxing oil to help skin stay comfortable and protected during the waxing process. Additionally, it comes with a large microwavable waxing cup as well as a long spatula that can be used for countless waxes.

To use, place the waxing cup in the microwave and heat in 30-second intervals. (A full cup of wax usually takes five to six 30-second intervals to thoroughly heat.) Make sure the wax has the same consistency as thick honey. Then, apply wax to skin. Once the wax is dry (read: not tacky), remove it by pressing down on the entire patch, and quickly pulling it off. Be sure to apply the post-wax oil to skin after. Also, we recommend laying down towels on your working area beforehand to ensure the wax doesn’t get on anything important as it’s prone to staining.

Price at time of publish: $25

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Waxing cup, Reusable spatula, Pre- and post-waxing oil | Treatments per Kit: 4 to 8

Best for Eyebrows

Joy Glee Face Wax Strips



What We Love: These strips offer precise results, so you won’t need to tweeze after.

What We Don’t Love: They are scented, which can sometimes irritate skin.

Keeping your eyebrows in tip-top shape is hard work (trust us, we know). The hairs seem to grow quicker than most, leaving expertly-shaped arches looking uneven and bushy. Luckily, there’s a fix for that – and believe us when we say it’s quick. These Glee wax strips offer speedy, efficient, and sharp results, meaning your eyebrows can be cleaned up in no time.

The vegan formula is safe for sensitive skin, providing long-lasting results for even the most unruly brows. You also don’t have to warm up the wax, so all you need to do is apply the strip to the unwanted hairs, and pull. Be aware that these strips do have a raspberry scent which we think is delightful, but could be irritating for those with extra sensitive skin.

Price at time of publish: $11

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Finishing wipes | Treatments per Kit: 24

Best for Face

Nad's Facial Wax Strips



What We Love: These hypoallergenic and fragrance-free wax strips are safe for sensitive skin.

What We Don’t Love: If hair is really thick, you might have to wax it twice.

Peach fuzz doesn’t stand a chance against Nad’s Facial Wax Strips. This waxing kit comes with 20 treatments that are ideal for small areas like the upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows, and even toes. What makes these strips stand out from others is that they have flexible waxing papers that easily contour to the skin, meaning no hair is overlooked, no matter how small it may be.

This product is made with beeswax, which works overtime to cling to tough hairs. The hypoallergenic formula is safe for all skin types and sensitive areas like the upper lip and eyebrows. While it’s great for peach fuzz, if you have thicker hair in one area, you might need two passes to get every last bit.

Price at time of publish: $6

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Post-wax calming wipes | Treatments per Kit: 20

Best for a Brazilian

KoulaWax Waxing Kit



What We Love: This kit comes with three different waxes, each specifically made to target certain areas.

What We Don’t Love: The wax can become thin if it is heated for too long.

Giving yourself an at-home Brazilian wax might seem unsettling, but with the right kit it’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been doing it sooner. The KoulaWax Kit has all the tools you need to get rid of hair down there. You’ll be equipped with a wax warmer, 10 large and 10 small applicators (so you can get the hard-to-reach places), a pre-wax oil that cleanses skin, a post-wax spray that hydrates the area, and three waxes that are suited for different body parts (the Bikini Babe for Brazilians and underarms, the Best Loved for all hair types, and the Bare Faced for sensitive areas). Be sure to set the wax warmer to a medium heat setting when warming up the beads. This specific wax can melt quickly, so check on it while you’re warming it. (The wax warmer has a clear lid, which makes it easy to see how quickly the wax is melting.) For best results, warm the wax for about 10 to 12 minutes, getting it to a thick, honey-like consistency.

The Bikini Babe wax targets coarse, thick hair and can remove strands that are as short as one-fourth of an inch long. Additionally, the pre-wax oil gets sensitive skin ready to be waxed, while the post-wax treatment provides hydration and soothing benefits to the area. To ensure ingrown hairs don’t pop up, use an ingrown hair serum once the post-wax treatment has dried.

Price at time of publish: $55

Type of Wax: Hard | Includes: Wax warmer, Silicone bowl, Pre-wax oil, Post-wax spray, Spatulas | Treatments per Kit: 20

Best for Lip

No Mo-Stache Lip Wax


No Mo-Stache

What We Love: This waxing kit is portable, convenient, and easy to use.

What We Don’t Love: The wax can get sticky if the container is left somewhere sunny or hot.

Picture this: You just got ready, you’re in the car, and you’re en route to your destination. Just as you pull up to your stop, you look in the mirror to double-check that your makeup is on point. To your horror, you notice that while, yes, your makeup looks incredible, there are a few mustache hairs that must’ve sprouted during your drive over. But, no fear. With the tiny, portable No Mo-Stache Lip Wax Kit, you can fix this in no time.

This pack of 24 lip waxing strips makes hair removal on the go easier than ever. Just warm up a strip in your hands for 20 seconds, apply it to your skin, and pull off the hair. It also comes with post-wax aloe cream that will instantly soothe and hydrate skin.

Price at time of publish: $12

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Post-wax aloe cream | Treatments per Kit: 24

Best Wax Strips

Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips & Wipes



What We Love: These three-in-one strips are enriched with moisturizing shea butter.

What We Don’t Love: The kit only comes with four finishing wipes.

For a quick, no-fuss, hassle-free wax, you can’t go wrong with Veet. These Ready-to-Use Wax Strips are about as easy as it gets since all you have to do is apply the wax strip to skin, pull it off, and give the area a once-over with the soothing finishing wipes. What we especially like about this formula is that it's infused with shea butter, which keeps skin deeply hydrated and soft.

These effective strips can be used on any part of your body — from your toes to your nose. If you want to wax a small area like your upper lip, we suggest cutting the waxing strip in half. This way you’ll have two strips in one as well as more control over the area you are waxing. Despite having 40 waxing strips, the kit only comes with four finishing wipes which is pretty inconvenient.

Price at time of publish: $11

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Finishing wipes | Treatments per Kit: 40

Best for Sensitive Skin

Honeycomb Wax Co. Smooth Nectar Wax Kit


Honey Comb Wax Co.

What We Love: The smooth nectar wax is made with a gentle hydrating formula that exfoliates the top layer of skin while preserving the skin’s barrier.

What We Don’t Love: This kit is better for seasoned waxers rather than beginners.

Give your skin the TLC it needs with this gentle at-home wax kit. Complete with a super cute electric “honey pot” (aka wax warmer), smooth nectar hard wax that is all natural and vegan, a pre- and post-wax cleanser that caters to skin, and a special post-wax oil, even the most sensitive skin is sure to be protected during a wax.

“If you have sensitive skin, I recommend Honeycomb Wax company. They make a smooth nectar hard wax that is vegan but also adheres to your hair, so it is beneficial for sensitive skin,” says Bolten. The wax itself is formulated to tightly wrap around each hair follicle, removing even the shortest, coarsest, and most stubborn strands from the root. The best part: Skin will feel smooth for weeks. While the kit is relatively easy to use, we recommend beginners to try something that’s a little bit more straightforward. 

Price at time of publish: $176

Type of Wax: Hard | Includes: Small wax warmer, Metal insert with handle, 1 lb hard wax, Full-size BeeClean pre/post cleanser, BeeSmooth post oil | Treatments per Kit: 10+

Best Wax Warmer

Waxup Roll-On Wax Warmer + Honey Roll-On Wax Cartridges


Wax Up

What We Love: There’s no messy cleanup that needs to be done with this little device.

What We Don’t Love: You have to buy the wax cartridges separately.

Wax on, wax off. This little device gets the job done in no time, thanks to its no-fuss design. Just insert a wax cartridge into the wax warmer, apply wax to skin, and peel it off with a waxing sheet. Hair will painlessly be removed, leaving skin feeling soft and silky. What makes this wax warmer stand out from the rest is that it does not leave a huge mess behind. You don’t have to clean out a big pot or discard unwanted wax – you just have to pop in a cartridge, use as much or as little as you want, and voilà, you’re done!

“This roller is convenient and avoids a mess every time. Make sure when you are using it at home that you are holding the skin taut or you could bruise the skin,” says Nidah Barber-Raymond, a licensed esthetician and founder of the Peel Connection.

Price at time of publish: $60

Type of Wax: Soft | Includes: Wax warmer | Treatments per Kit: 4

What to Keep in Mind

Wax Type

Hard and soft waxes are the two main wax types that are used when it comes to at-home kits. (Soft wax is sometimes referred to as cream wax.) To determine what kind of wax is best for you, consider a few things: First, is your hair thin, medium, or coarse? Next, which area are you looking to wax? Is it a small area like your upper lip or is it a big area like your legs? Once you have that narrowed down, finding the right type of wax will be a breeze. If you have thin hair and are looking to wax a small area, it’s best to use soft wax. This kind of wax often comes on pre-waxed strips that are made for areas on the face, like Glee Face Wax Strips. On the other hand, if you have thick, coarse hair and want to wax an area like your legs, it’s recommended to use hard wax since it wraps about the hair follicles at a cooler temperature, which can be gentler when removing stubborn hair. For this, a waxing kit (like KoulaWax Hard Wax Kit) is best since you can use temperature-controlled wax. Not to mention, you can also use hard wax on the same area multiple times, if needed.

Skin Sensitivity

Be aware of how sensitive your skin is before waxing it. While at-home waxing is convenient and more affordable than going to a salon, sometimes it’s best to see a professional if your skin is extremely sensitive. “Waxing can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is basically hyperpigmentation caused by trauma,” says Barber-Raymond. To avoid this, look for waxes with safe, nourishing ingredients like castor seed or almond oils. Our top pick for those with sensitive skin is Honeycomb Wax Co. Smooth Nectar Wax Kit because it has a gentle, hydrating formula.

It’s also important to prepare your skin properly before waxing. This can include exfoliating and cleansing the area, and ensuring skin is dry. Once skin has been waxed, it’s equally important to take care of it. Use an aftercare product like aloe vera, which acts as an antibacterial lotion that closes and cleans the pores. Some waxing kits come with post-wax creams, like No Mo-Stache Lip Wax which includes an aloe-infused cream. Additionally, be sure to avoid exfoliating skin for at least 24 hours after waxing. It’s also suggested not to use saunas, steam rooms, or hot baths following a wax since these activities can irritate the skin.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you use a waxing kit at home?

While using a wax kit at home might sound intimidating, it’s not as hard as you might think. First, find the right kind of kit for your needs. If you need to wax a small area, opt for wax strips. (One of our favorites is the Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips and Wipes.)  If you want to tackle a bigger area, go with a kit that has wax and a wax heater, like our best overall pick Gigi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit. From there, you can get to work.

“Depending upon the size of the pot and the size of the area being waxed, you can eyeball how much wax you’d like to pour into your preheated pot,” Bolten says. “For this process, you want to turn the heat up as far as you can. You can mix the [wax] beads around to ensure your product is melting evenly. Once the beads are completely melted, you can turn the pot down to 50-70 degrees. After letting that cool, check the consistency by picking some wax up with a stick and twirling it like you would with spaghetti on a fork. If it falls off the stick instantly it’s too hot. If you can twirl it and it moves with your motion, you’re ready to wax.”

Before waxing, test an area of your skin to make sure you are not allergic. Once you’ve done that, prep the area you want to wax. You can do this by washing the area with soap and water or by using a pre-wax treatment if your kit came with one. Once skin is dry, apply the wax to the area. “Always apply wax with the direction of hair growth,” says Page Buldini, an esthetician and founder of Page Aesthetics Skincare. “Hold the skin tight and remove. This should be one fluid motion.”

Once hair is removed, apply a post-care lotion or oil. Natural remedies like aloe vera or tea tree oil can reduce inflammation, while products that contain glycolic and salicylic acid can help to prevent dreaded ingrown hairs.

What is the difference between hard and soft wax?

Hard and soft wax are not drastically different from each other, but they do offer unique features that might make you more inclined to use one over the other. “Hard wax tends to be the more painless wax method,” explains Bolten. “It’s less mess and clean up, however it requires a pot to melt the beads or blocks down. In my opinion, you get a better wax [with hard wax] because it really sticks to the hairs and doesn’t leave wax behind.”

On the other hand, soft wax is better to use if you need a quick fix. “Soft wax works great if you’re looking for more convenience – for instance, if you’re in a time crunch and need a fast wax. It can only be applied to the same area of the body once, but it does have great consistency making spreading easier, which means [you can get] larger areas in less time. This wax also works well on all hair types but not necessarily on all skin types, so be careful when using,” adds Bolten.

As a rule of thumb, soft wax works better on skin that is dry as opposed to skin that is oily. This is because the oils in the skin can make it harder for the soft wax to grip to hairs. With that being said, it’s always important to cleanse the dry the area you are waxing prior to waxing it, which should help remove any oils. Since most soft wax formulas are gentle enough for all skin types, only people with extremely sensitive skin should avoid using soft wax, unless they have talked to their dermatologist beforehand.

How should you prepare your skin for a wax?

“When preparing your skin for a wax you want to make sure you have a good cleanser to clean the area of any oils, lotions, or makeup,” says Bolten. “I advise my clients that if they are on any medications, they should be checking with their doctor before placing any product on their skin. If the area being waxed tends to have moisture, always apply talc-free powder or cornstarch powder to ensure the wax is sticking. After, just put on a calming lotion and enjoy your results.”

How should you care for your skin following a wax?

After waxing, take the necessary steps to keep your hair-free skin soft, smooth, and healthy. “Be mindful of sensitivity — hold off on working out, hot yoga, swimming, hot tubs, spray tan, [and] sex for 24 hours,” advises Buldini. “Always hydrate and exfoliate waxed skin. You can use your favorite body lotion or oil.” Additionally, if you are waxing an area on your face, be sure to use sunscreen to keep the area protected.

How do you clean out a wax warmer?

To get the best results from at-home waxing, it is recommended to clean your wax warmer after each use. Luckily, cleaning out a wax warmer is quick and easy. First, melt any leftover wax that is still in the warmer. (It’s much easier to clean out liquid wax than it is to clean out hardened wax.) Once the wax has been melted, unplug the warmer and let the wax cool for a few minutes. Then, transport the melted wax into a heat-resistant container (you can do this by using a silicone spatula to scrape out the wax). If you want to reuse the wax, we suggest storing it in a tin container. On the other hand, if you want to discard the leftover wax, it’s best to pour it into a heat-resistant container and then throw that away.

Once the wax has been removed from the warmer and the warmer is completely cool, wipe down the inside of the it with a wet paper towel. To clean out stubborn wax, dampen a paper towel or cloth with isopropyl alcohol and rub the inside of the warmer. Then let it dry.

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