The Best Terry Clothes and Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

You’ll be lounging in the Faherty Cabana Towel Terry Romper for years to come

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Best Terry Clothes and Accessories

Béis / Andie

When you think of cozy essentials, terry cloth might not be top of mind, but I urge you to think again. Not only does terry feel like a plush towel after a long shower, it can be unexpectedly stylish (thank you, Juicy Couture tracksuits). While it’s been a while since those matching sets have reigned supreme, the ultra-soft fabric has evolved into a must-have once again — so much so that retailers have given the towel-esque fabric another chance — except this time, with a more modern twist. 

The trendy (and very absorbent) material has been incorporated into almost every form of clothing and accessory, from sweatshirts and sweatpants to hats and bags. Thankfully, this durable textile will last for years to come, so even super splurge-worthy pieces are a bit more justified. Finding those products worth your money can be tricky, though. To help you out, we compiled the best pieces to purchase in order to get in on the trend based on expert advice, personal experience, and staff picks. Sitting pretty at the top of your list should be the Faherty Cabana Towel Terry Romper and the Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat

Read on for the rest of the picks.

Best Romper

Faherty Cabana Towel Terry Romper

Faherty Cabana Towel Terry Romper


Terry has an old-school vibe, and if you’re game to go all in, do so with this vintage-inspired romper. According to InStyle’s Senior Beauty Commerce Editor, Shannon Bauer, who the brand kindly gifted the piece, it’s kind of like a gym uniform from the 1970’s but in the best way. “I wore it on a work from home day, to run errands, and for a long walk, and it was excellent for every situation,” she explains. “It would be an ideal swimsuit coverup too, just be sure to size up, like I did, to get that extra coverage.” 

You can expect the terry cloth material to be super soft. “I appreciated that the inside was brushed and even softer than the outside — it made the fabric feel nice against my skin and eliminated any chance of chafing,” Bauer adds. Plus, the romper comes with pockets, which she says are “big enough to actually be used.” 

You can go au naturale underneath, but you don’t have to — Bauer says that the romper has thick straps so you can hide the look of a normal bra. The overall silhouette has a cinched waist, so you can play around with it to find the sweet spot that accentuates your midsection, but it may fall a bit high on some people, so keep that in mind when selecting a size. If you’re in-between sizes or want a comfier fit, size up.

Price at time of publish: $168

Best Shirt

Year of Ours The Vacation Shirt

Year of Ours The Vacation Shirt

Year of Ours

If you wish you could wear your cozy pajama shirt out and about without getting weird stares, the Vacation Shirt from Year of Ours is a dream come true (and will quickly become your ‘everything’ top). “This has become my go-to for every activity — whether I’m lounging around, running errands, or even going out on the town,” says InStyle’s Commerce Editor Mary Honkus. “It’s so nice to have a comfy shirt that makes me feel fashion forward.” With snap closures along the front instead of buttons, the set feels effortless yet polished, and can be worn fully closed, or open with the matching terry bralette for a cool girl vibe. 

Price at time of publish: $138

Best Dress

Andie Bioko Dress

Andie Bioko Dress


You know that warm, cuddly feeling of wrapping yourself in a towel after getting out of freezing cold water? This dress from Andie, which has pockets and a hoodie, pretty much captures that sentiment in a garment — putting it on feels like a hug. It’s great for drying off post- beach, pool, and shower, but also works as a cozy lounge dress while you get ready. According to Vice President of Brand and Design at Andie Swim Michelle Copelman, the dress’s material looks refined and effortless at the same time. “The fabric offers a slight sheen and is lightweight enough that it doesn’t look like you’re draping a towel over yourself,” she adds. “This dress has been my go-to because I can easily take long beach walks and go to lunch without having to change.” 

Price at time of publish: $125

Best Sweatpants

A New Day French Terry Wide Leg Pants

A New Day French Terry Wide Leg Pants


Like most things at Target, these wide-leg terry sweatpants are a steal. For under $20, you can snag a pair of super comfy sweatpants that feel high-quality and will last forever. Whether you plan on wearing them around the house, to the beach or pool, or to run some errands, you’ll be doing so in style and comfort. InStyle’s Assistant Commerce Editor, Emily Cieslak, tried a pair, courtesy of the brand, and found them to be perfect for lounging. “It feels like I'm wearing a really comfy towel,” she says. “I love the colors and the way they feel, I’ll definitely be wearing these all the time.” 

Price at time of publish: $19

Best Sweatshirt

Outerknown Women’s High Tide Hoodie

Outerknown Women’s High Tide Hoodie


This sweatshirt —  a plush blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and a terry toweling fabric — is one you’ll never want to take off. It feels like your favorite towel and is a fantastic companion for movie nights on the couch, a trip to the beach, or basically anything in between. It’s lightweight, so you won’t get sweaty (and if you do, the material will soak it all up), but it’ll keep you warm on breezy nights. I always pack mine with me when I’ll be spending time on the water because it offers that subtle cozy embrace I crave when the wind picks up. 

Thankfully, the sweatshirt is available in only dark colors — making it less likely to see a stain — but if you do stain it, be sure to care for it properly. According to laundry professional Patric Richardson, the key is to use a very soft brush like horsehair to scrub so you don't damage the fabric. When it comes to washing, use a minimal amount of detergent or soap (no fabric softener or dryer sheets) and put the item in a garment bag so it doesn’t get stuck on anything. “Don’t put it in the dryer. But, if you must, use a short warm cycle,” he advises.

Price at time of publish: $128

Best Shorts

Dandy Del Mar Santorini Shorts

Dandy Del Mar Santorini Shorts

Dandy Del Mar

No one does terry cloth quite like Dandy Del Mar. The fabric is thick and comforting (kind of like a warm blanket), and comes in retro colors and patterns that are hard not to love. Although the brand offers a ton of different terry pieces, (there’s quite the variety of t-shirts, bralettes, sweatpants, and more), it’s the Santorini Shorts that really stand out. They’re incredibly comfortable and don’t ride up or suffocate your bottom like other thick sweatshorts do. Despite having a loose fit for maximum comfort, a drawstring around the waist keeps everything nice and fitted around the tummy. I love the Burnt Sienna color, which was gifted to me by the brand, but each piece also comes in a couple of groovy chevron patterns for those in search of something a little more nostalgic. 

Stylist and designer Mugzy McFly is a huge fan of terry shorts. “Terry shorts carry warmth and a strong shape, which make it stand out against other kinds of shorts,” he explains. “Terry speaks loudly,” he says, so you can pair the shorts with “something calm” or a matching terry top.

Price at time of publish: $69

Best Bag

Béis Terry Tote

Béis Terry Tote


I was skeptical of terry accessories until I got my hands on this tote from Béis (which was gifted to me by the brand). Can you blame me? I just wasn’t sure how the thick fabric would feel on a bag. But after taking it with me on a quick grocery run, this large tote (which has a ton of interior pockets and two separate handles, by the way), convinced me that terry is the way to go. Even when my frozen berries started to thaw on my walk home from the store, the terry material quickly sopped up any liquid and the bag still looked good as new. It’s worth mentioning that the bag felt super soft against my body, even filled to the brim with fruits, veggies, and a carton of milk. The Béis Terry Towel Tote, a similar bag by the brand, is a lot less structured than this one and actually has a built-in towel — making it the perfect beach bag.

Price at time of publish: $128

Best Hat

Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat

Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat

Lack of Color

Forget the name — the Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat is anything but boring. Recommended to InStyle time and time again (it won our Best Overall pick for Best Bucket Hats, and the Best Bucket Hat winner in the Best Packable Sun Hats), it was a no brainer to suggest once again. L.A.-based influencer Alyssa May previously told us that although she owns most of the bucket hats by the brand, the Green Wave Bucket is her favorite. “It’s such a great pop of color and perfect for color-blocking your outfits,” she says. The hat comes in 16 hues, including two different animal prints. While you might shy away from wearing the towel-like material on your head in the summer (hello, heat), it’ll actually wick any and all sweat that starts to form, not to mention help dry ocean-drenched hair. 

Price at time of publish: $99

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