The 16 Best Stud Earrings of 2023 When You’re Tired of Hoops

We’ve got our eye on Ring Concierge’s Half Carat Mixed Shapes Diamond Studs.

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Best stud earrings

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Jewelry trends may come and go, but if there’s one style that will always stay, it’s the stud earring. “Diamond studs are classics that will never go out of style,” says Olivia Landau, fourth generation GIA certified gemologist & founder of The Clear Cut. “They’re statements on their own and can also be mixed and matched with ‘trendier’ pieces for everyday wear.” 

This isn’t to say that studs aren’t trendy — you can find plenty of crazy styles beyond the classic diamond, pearl, or metal studs. And beyond the fashion aspect, studs score highly in practicality. They don’t tug on your ears or get stuck in your hair, plus you can wear them in your workout class without worrying about them fluttering around. 

Still, if you pick the wrong metal or a low quality gem, a stud can irritate your ear and potentially break, which is why we spoke with several jewelry experts and tried out different styles to find the best studs. Coming in range of prices, these designs are worth the cost thanks to their high quality materials, comfortable fit, and the sheer number of compliments you’ll get. Because of how different all studs are, we didn’t pick a best overall, but we’re particularly excited about Ring Concierge, Kendra Scott, and more. 

So, whether you are looking for a traditional style you can pass down or a cheeky creation to wear in your cartilage, these are the best stud earrings.

Best Overall

Mejuri Diamond Flower Studs

Mejuri Flower Studs

What We Love: These are made with real and responsibly sourced diamonds.

What We Don’t Love: Considering the price, the packaging it comes in could be nicer.

For a set of real and responsibly sourced diamonds, these earrings retail at a much lower price point than average. And it’s not just one, but 14 diamonds across the set. On every single earring, you’ll find six diamonds wrapping around a center diamond, shaped into a flower. These gems are sourced from suppliers who follow strict conflict-free and responsible practices and are held together in solid 14k gold metal. Overall, the piece is six millimeters long in diameter, which is delicately small but impactful in sparkle still. To get a better understanding of the sizing, scroll down to see how past shoppers have styled the piece in their ears. Some did point out, however, that for how much they’re spending on these earrings, they wish they came in more elevated, luxury packaging that differed from their everyday collection jewelry. You still get a velvet bag and card, but nothing additional to what they typically offer. And if you want something a little less fancy, we recommend checking out the rest of Mejuri’s offerings, which really runs the gamut, from mini diamond studs to pearl earrings, outside of this pair.

Price at time of publish: $500

Metal: 14k solid gold | Stone: Diamonds | Single or Double: Double

Best Budget

Studs CZ Cluster Stud

Studs Cluster Stud

What We Love: It has an impressive sparkle to it despite not being a real diamond.

What We Don’t Love: It doesn’t come as a pair.

Studs makes it easy to outfit your entire ear without buying numerous sets of two earrings (especially when you only need one). Need something for your helix or tragus? The brand has got the piercing for just that. This piece in particular was found in the ‘conch’ section, which is the hole midway through your interior ear, but it can theoretically be worn in any hole of your choosing. The cluster stud features three cubic zirconia stones in a zig-zag shape, held up by a 14k gold-plated brass exterior. Reviewers exclaimed that the stones have an impressive sparkle to them, making them an ideal affordable alternative to a real diamond. Take note that it does not come in a pair, and instead is intended to work as a solo piece on one ear. 

Price at time of publish: $24

Metal: 14k gold plated brass | Stone: Cubic Zirconia | Single or Double: Single

Best Splurge

Gucci Interlocking G Butterfly Clasp Earrings

gucci studs

What We Love: The solid 18k gold will remain in perfect condition.

What We Don’t Love: The back clasp is a standard post-back closure, which you can lose easily.

For a non-diamond, luxury pair of earrings, these Gucci studs, with their classic and timeless appeal, will do the trick. They give you that designer flare thanks to the not-so-subtle logo on your ears, but they don’t feel too flashy — these are a little more subtle and versatile. The 18k gold combined with the minimalist design will give you the opportunity to wear them regularly (and for the rest of your life, too). Just note that the back clasp is a standard post-back closure, which we’re sure you’ve lost one too many times before. We wish it were something a bit more secure, but if you store these pieces properly each time, you should be safe from ever misplacing them.

Price at time of publish: $750

Metal: Solid 18k gold | Stone: N/A | Single or Double: Double

Best Natural Diamond

Ring Concierge Half Carat Mixed Shapes Diamond Studs

Ring Concierge Half Carat Mixed Shapes Diamond Studs

Ring Concierge

What We Love: These ethical stones come in round, heart, pear, or emerald cut.

What We Don’t Love: You may have to save up for this investment piece.

Jewelry is all about feeling unique and special, and the Ring Concierge gives you that customization. With the brand’s natural diamond studs, you can choose between a round, heart, pear, or emerald shape, and each cut comes in a half carat size, which Landau says is a great foundational piece. “They are subtle enough to wear everyday but still make a statement,” she says. You can then choose whether the 14K solid gold comes in yellow, white, or rose. The diamonds are ethically sourced and come with a 60-day limited warranty — and if you ever need a repair past that point, simply contact the brand. 

Price at time of publish: $1198

Metal: 14K Yellow, White, Rose Gold | Stone: Natural Diamond | Single or Double: Double

Best Affordable Diamond

Wwake Small Brilliant Diamond Studs

wwake studs

What We Love: The recycled gold and diamond make these more sustainable and affordable.

What We Don’t Love: It’s very small and therefore easy to get lost if not properly stored away.

Diamonds may be more attainable than you may have previously believed. With options like lab-grown diamonds and recycled diamonds (like this piece from Wwake) widely available, you can rotate them into your everyday accessories much more easily than before. These miniature studs are two millimeters wide in diameter and feature 0.03 carats on one diamond. The rock is held up by a recycled 14k solid gold clasp that won’t wear or tear with time. It’s a subtle statement, suitable for everyday life, or an extension to a bigger diamond when worn in a second hole. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of wear out of these pieces, which makes the already fair price of $200 even more of a steal. Just make sure to store them in a dedicated box, as the small size will be easily misplaced. 

Price at time of publish: $200

Metal: Recycled solid 14k gold | Stone: Recycled diamond | Single or Double: Double

Best Moissanite

The Ring Pal Tristan Moissanite Oval Cut Studs

The Ring Pal Tristan Moissanite Oval Cut Studs

The Ring Pal

What We Love: The unique shape and rainbow reflection makes these stud earrings stand out.

What We Don’t Love: The oval shape will twist, so if you don’t like mismatching, go for another shape.

Considered a diamond simulant, moissanite is another gem that has a similar look to diamonds, according to Hillary Watson, Senior Director of Sales & Merchandising at Charles and Colvard. Because they are created in a lab and are softer than diamonds, they tend to be more affordable, and they also give off a rainbow light reflection unlike a diamond’s white shine.

As someone who doesn’t mind some color, I was happy to be gifted this pair from Ring Pal. I specifically chose the oval shape since I wanted something different from the traditional circle. The shape is elegant and fits my lobe very well — I honestly like when it twists to the side for a unique look. The backings are very sturdy, which is key when wearing a more valuable gemstone. And the gem itself is beautifully cut and has a great shine. Made in Los Angeles, the earrings come with a lifetime quality guarantee. With the option to choose different metals and carat sizes, your dream stud awaits.

Price at time of publish: $979+

Metal: 14K or 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold | Stone: Moissanite | Single or Double: Double

Best Fashion

Kendra Scott Ellie Gold Stud Earrings

Kendra Scott Ellie Gold Stud Earrings

Kendra Scott

What We Love: These fashionable stud earrings pack mega shine without weighing you or your wallet down.

What We Don’t Love: Multiple stone options make it hard to pick just one.

We all have those occasions when we want to dress like Princess Diana and don some huge rocks — without the royal price tag, that is. For a fun, fashionable earring, you can’t go wrong with these bold studs. They come in nearly 20 different gemstones, ranging from ruby to amethyst. I received a sample of the Iridescent Drusy, which is the natural formation of crystals on a rock surface. With my long hair, studs can often get lost, so the larger size and glittering sparkle is perfect when I want to make a statement. If you are a fan of layering dainty gold necklaces and crystals, the earthy vibe of these earrings fit right in, which isn’t always the case with diamond styles. Though they are the largest studs I own, I often forget I have them on. They are as light as a feather and the 14K gold plated brass doesn’t irritate my skin. 

Price at time of publish: $70

Metal: 14K Gold Plated Brass| Stone: 19 | Single or Double: Double

Best Pearl

Nishi Pearls 14K Gold Midi Studs

Nishi Pearls 14K Gold Midi Studs

Nishi Pearls

What We Love: These classic pearl studs come from sustainable farms and ethical practices.

What We Don’t Love: They don’t come in silver.

These aren’t your grandmother’s pearl earrings. Coming from a brand aiming to reinvent the gemstone, these studs use freshwater pearls cultured from sustainable farms and made under ethical conditions and wages. While pearls are currently all the rage, and you can experiment with eclectic designs, everyone should have a classic round stud in their collection. You can dress it up or down and pair it with other earrings. This mid-size option won’t swallow up your entire ear, but it’s still large enough to be noticeable on Zoom (side note: earrings make you look instantly polished on camera). And if you are more into Barbiecore than Coastal Grandmother Chic, the naturally pink pearl is a must have.

Price at time of publish: $135

Metal: 14K Gold | Stone: Pink or White Freshwater Pearls | Single or Double: Double

Best for Cartilage

Studs Starburst Stud

Studs Starburst Stud


What We Love: The brand offers many high-quality designs that are cartilage friendly.

What We Don’t Love: You can't wear it in the shower.

When it comes to finding a stud for your cartilage, you have to make sure the post is long enough and that the earring won’t irritate the more sensitive part of your ear, according to Laura Mirabent, CEO and founder of jewelry website Gold Lovin Girl. That’s why Madison San Miguel, contributing writer for InStyle, adores these studs. “Because my ears become irritated with some metals, I love how the earring is safe enough to use for even the most sensitive ears,” says Miguel. “I have a snake bite piercing on my left ear, and it has never bothered me even during the beginning stages of when my piercing was healing.” Lifestyle Commerce Editor Christie Calucchia is also a big fan of the brand when it comes to building out her ear stack. “I've showered and slept with these earrings in place, and there hasn't been a speck of greenish-blue residue in sight,” says Calucchia. Miguel adores her star-studded design, but the brand offers kitschy styles and collaborations, like one dedicated to the New York City metro. You can't wear them in the shower, though, so it may be best to skip these if your piercing is fresh since you'll need to take them in and out of your ear.

Price at time of publish: $44

Metal: 14K Gold Plated Brass | Stone: Cubic Zirconia | Single or Double: Both

Best Crystal

Jennifer Behr Shiloh Stud Earrings

Shiloh Stud Earrings

What We Love: The post is made of surgical steel.

What We Don’t Love: They might be heavy.

If you have sensitive ears, you’re going to want to look for something that’s nickel-free, the material that causes allergic reactions on your skin. These Jennifer Behr Shiloh earrings are made with a surgical steel post, which won't irritate your skin in any way. But of course, the more notable detail on these pieces are the two big emerald cut crystals, available in five different colors, including clear, black, gold, pink, and blue. The stud is a whopping half-inch long, which is quite large and will possibly feel heavy when dangled on the ear. You can get an idea of the sizing on the pictured model. 

Price at time of publish: $148

Metal: Surgical steel | Stone: Emerald | Single or Double: Double

Best Evil Eye

Baublebar Imena 18K Gold Earrings

Baublebar Imena 18K Gold Earrings


What We Love: You can say goodbye to bad vibes and hello to compliments.

What We Don’t Love: A silver version would be great.

Ward off bad energy and attract a whole lot of compliments with these evil eye studs. I’m always looking for eccentric yet affordable jewelry, so when I saw these years ago, I knew I had to have them. There’s a lot of evil eye jewelry out there, but how many have lashes? As someone with long lashes, I felt a natural affinity. There’s been times where I’ve worn them days on end, even while sleeping, and the 18K gold plated sterling silver doesn’t bother my ears. Likewise, the cubic zirconia stones haven’t fallen out or lost their shine. People always comment when I wear them, so I can’t help but think they attract good vibes. 

Price at time of publish: $44

Metal: 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver | Stone: Cubic Zirconia | Single or Double: Double

Best Bar

Uncommon James Bar Stud Earrings

Uncommon James Bar Stud Earrings

Uncommon James

What We Love: These simple bars add some gold without being over the top.

What We Don’t Love: The shape and color make them easy to lose in your jewelry collection.

Sometimes you want a simple gold earring that isn’t a hoop. In those cases, reach for these bar earrings. I kindly received a sample from the brand, and they fill a void in my jewelry collection. We all have those days when we want to keep our ears lowkey — this minimalistic design gives you some gold without all the drama. They come in clutch when I’m wearing a chunky necklace and bracelets and want to take it easy on top, or if I’m headed to the gym and want a pair that’s sleek and light enough not to bother me. They also pair well with other designs if you have numerous piercings. Like a stud, you can twist both or one of them for some variety in your ears. My only warning is that due to the slim shape, they can be easy to lose, so store them carefully.

Price at time of publish: $38

Metal: 14K Gold Plated Brass | Stone: None | Single or Double: Double

Best Silver

Sterling Forever Textured Knot Mesh Earrings

Sterling Forever Textured Knot Mesh Earrings

Sterling Forever

What We Love: They offer a nautical twist to a simple silver stud earring.

What We Don’t Love: Sterling silver can tarnish with time.

Who says you need a gemstone to sparkle? With these knotted studs, the metal attracts enough light and shine, especially in the sterling silver shade. Like the gold bar studs above, these are my go-to when I’m wearing a bold necklace below and want a subtle silver accent in my ear. Knotted ropes form the stud, creating a spin on the basic silver ball. The sterling silver is great for sensitive ears, though it can tarnish, so avoid water and chemicals.

Price at time of publish: $36

Metal: Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver | Stone: None | Single or Double: Double

Best Opal

Gorjana Opal Heart Studs

Gorjana Opal Heart Studs


What We Love: These dainty earrings add a nostalgic flair to your ears.

What We Don’t Love: They may be too small for some preferences.

If you want to tap into Y2K styles, fashion blogger Cassandra Stone recommends an opal stud, like these from Gorjana, as a daintier take on the trend. The heart shape and tiny size instantly took me back to getting my ears pierced at Claire’s — which by the way, is cool again. I received a pair as a sample, and while they are much smaller than the earrings I usually wear, there’s something alluring about channeling my inner tween. Plus, I can’t stop staring at the holographic effect. They make a great addition to your ear stack if you have other piercings, and you can buy the style individually if you’d like. Similar to a tiny heart tattoo, they are a nice way to infuse the message of love into your life.

Price at time of publish: $150

Metal: 14K Solid Gold | Stone: Opal | Single or Double: Both

Best Gold

Mercii Simple Love Studs

Mercii studs

What We Love: They are long-lasting and durable.

What We Don’t Love: They’re quite large, as seen on the model.

For a longer-lasting gold stud, opt for 18k (rather than 14k) gold plating over a durable material, like sterling silver. InStyle writer Bianca Kratky owns one of Mercii’s necklaces, made with the same materials, which is still in the same exact condition as when she got it two years ago. Not only has it withstood hot showers and lie-downs in the sun, but it keeps up with general everyday wear with no fading. While we can’t theoretically recommend ever wearing your jewelry in the shower, it’s safe to say this gold stud won’t deteriorate at its first encounter with moisture. The heart-shaped earring is handmade and finished with a matte brush to give it a unique, elegant texture. They are quite big, however, covering the entire ear lobe — we hope they add a smaller version to the shop soon for those who would like less of a statement.

Price at time of publish: $54

Metal: Sterling silver | Stone: N/A | Single or Double: Double

Best Birthstone

Quince 14k Gold Birthstone Studs

quince studs

What We Love: It’s set in a pure 14k gold frame, which won’t fade or oxidize over time.

What We Don’t Love: It’s very small.

We love adding personalized jewelry pieces to our vanity, and a birthstone stud represents just the right amount of you without needing to go into customizations — or initials. Quince, the direct-to-consumer retailer that brings transparency to prices, recently launched a line of affordable jewelry, and this birthstone stud stood out the most to us. You can choose the stone that represents your birth month (conveniently laid out in order from left to right), which will then be set in a pure 14k solid gold frame. The materials won’t fade or oxidize over time, so you truly have a forever piece at your hands (or should I say ears). The stud is quite tiny, however, with an overall diameter of four millimeters, and could be hard to spot if you ever were to lose it.  

Price at time of publish: $120

Metal: Solid 14k gold | Stone: Birthstones | Single or Double: Double

What to Keep in Mind


If you have sensitive ears, you’ll want to stick to pure metals like platinum or sterling silver, like Sterling Forever Textured Knot Mesh Earrings. Gold is another good option, but depending on the karat, it can have other metals mixed in that can possibly irritate your skin. 

“A lower karat gold like the 14K and 10K has a large percentage of other metals such as nickel, which is known to cause allergic reactions such as rashes and skin swelling,” says Sandy Ip, gemologist and founder and designer of jewelry brand Sevun. “If you are easily allergic to jewelry, we suggest wearing at least 18K gold, 24K gold, and platinum.” 

If it’s gold-plated or gold-filled, double check the base metal underneath, since gold can wear down over time and expose you to the underlying irritating metals. Though pure gold and platinum are more pricey, you have the peace of mind knowing they won’t tarnish.


To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to invest in stones that won’t deteriorate over time. “Natural, untreated diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are the hardest gemstones and are less prone to damage from constant wear,” says Landau. “They also hold the most value and are the rarest throughout history.” 

Ip says you should always ask for the color, clarity, and cut grade before investing in diamonds. Though it’s harder for the untrained eye to tell if a gemstone is authentic or not, she has some tips.

“When buying a good quality diamond, you should make sure there are no eye-visible inclusions, color tints, and any oily or milky appearances. If a colored gemstone looks too perfect, too clean, and has a low price, it is usually a red flag,” says Ip. 

If you are buying a significant piece of jewelry, she recommends asking for certification of the gemstone from a reputable laboratory. For diamonds, ask for certificates from GIA or AGS; and for colored gemstones, ask for GRS, Gubelin or SSEF.


For an everyday diamond stud, Landau recommends having a half-carat in each ear. Around is her personal favorite because even if the earrings are in your ears, the pair will always look symmetrical. If you don’t mind having your earrings mismatched as they twirl around, you can play around with different shapes.

Your Questions, Answered

What’s the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds?

If you’ve been following the jewelry world, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around natural versus lab-grown diamonds. While natural diamonds are mined from the earth, lab-grown are man-made in a lab.

“From their chemical, physical, and optical properties, lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable to mined diamonds. The only difference is their origin,” says Watson. “Not even the most trained gemologist or high-tech loupe can tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond.”

So what do you choose? It all comes down to your priorities. Some people like Landau only work with natural diamonds because she prefers the rarity and inherent value that comes with. If you are on a tighter budget, lab-grown diamonds like Brilliant Earth Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings give you the same look for a fraction of the price.

Can I wear stud earrings further up my cartilage? 

Nowadays, a lot of studs are sold either as singles or doubles, like Studs Starburst Stud, giving you the option to wear a single one further up your ear. If you are unsure if a stud can be worn in your cartilage, follow Mirabent’s tips.

If you want to wear a stud in cartilage, you have to make sure the stud post is long enough to go through your ear and still have space left over on the back,” says Mirabent. “Cartilage piercings are very sensitive, and you can get a keloid if your earring is too tight. Make sure you give your ear piercing enough room to swell.”

How do I take care of my studs?

Because stud earrings are less likely to get stuck on things like your hair or sheets, Landau says it’s safe to sleep with them, though some may feel more comfortable without them. If they are made from fine metal like pure gold or platinum, you also can keep them on while showering and sweating. Other metals will tarnish with time. 

To clean fine jewelry, Landau recommends soaking your pieces in a solution of warm water and a pea-sized drop of dish soap. After 15 minutes, use a toothbrush to gently brush off any remaining dirt, then rinse and pat dry your piece with a paper towel or a jewelry cloth

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