The 16 Best Skirts of 2023 to Welcome Warmer Weather

Including mini skirts that show a lot of leg and maxis that harp on the never-ending cottagecore trend.

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Best Skirts

InStyle / Kristin Kempa

Skirts will always be in. The length and style may vary based on trends, but the garment itself deserves a place in every wardrobe, especially for anyone looking to lean into the flirty appeal of the piece. And with the warmer weather on the rise, we’re certain you’re ready to ditch the heavyweight pants and the constricting jeans to embrace a more freeing look and feel.  

But we didn’t want to just pick out a bunch of cute skirts for you to shop; we individually selected several pieces to try, and even visited a few stores to see the pieces in real life, so that we could base these recommendations on how they fit, feel, and look in person. We also tapped several style experts to provide their two cents on what’s trending and what to look out for in cute skirts. Hand in hand, we bring forth the ones you’ll want to live in.

Best Overall

J.Crew Gwyneth Slip Skirt

J.Crew Gwyneth Slip Skirt


What We Love: There’s a wide color and size range to choose from.

What We Don’t Love: The material shows stains rather easily.

If you could only have one skirt in your closet, let it be a midi slip skirt, preferably in black or in champagne, which will go with nearly everything else you own. The versatile piece is not only easy to style and breezy to wear, but also comfortable, given the elastic waistband and soft polyester material. This skirt sits just above your waistline, making it have a classic 90s slouch that we’ve seen come back on trend recently. J.Crew offers the trend in a wide size range and a number of colors to choose from. 

Because it’s not made from real silk (it just looks like it), you can machine wash it, instead of carefully doing so by hand or taking it to your dry cleaner.  And you’ll be thrilled about this feature, too, because if you opt for a light color, it stains easily. We suggest picking up one of the darker colors for that reason. 

Price at time of publish: $90

Material: Polyester | Colors: 7 | Size: XXS-3XL | Length: Midi

Best Budget

Topshop Floral Mesh Skirt

Topshop Floral Mesh Skirt


What We Love: The mesh fabric will keep it cool and breezy even when the temperatures are soaring. 

What We Don’t Love: It will be difficult to wash.

Now that the warm weather has hit, you’re likely thinking of ditching the dark and heavy winter attire for something with a little more pop. This nature-green floral skirt welcomes the life that’s blooming all around you in an abstract way. The lengthy skirt loosely hugs your legs down to your ankles, mildly flaring out in an endearing cut. You can saunter around and feel the breeze grazing your skin through the mesh fabric. With how graceful the design is, onlookers would never suspect that it’s under $60. We can only advise you to be careful with its wash. While the brand claims it’s machine-washable, based on our experience with this type of fabric, we recommend sticking to hand-washing. 

Price at time of publish: $51

Material: Polyester, elastane | Colors: 1 | Size: 2–12 | Length: Maxi

Best Splurge

Patou Pocket Midi Skirt

Patou Pocket Midi Skirt


What We Love: The skirt has pockets.

What We Don’t Love: You cannot machine-wash it.

This Patou midi skirt brings something fresh to the market. The design — with its wide side pockets, adjustable belt, and structured cut – is unlike any other look that’s currently trending. Instead, the minimalist beige skirt looks sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. Made of organic cotton at an atelier in Bulgaria, the skirt is carefully hand-crafted by designers and shipped directly to you. The brand, therefore, does recommend hand washing this piece, in order to maintain its pristine condition. With proper care, you’ll have a skirt that will surpass trends and decades, allowing you to dress it up with black pumps or down with white sneakers.

Price at time of publish: $795

Material: Organic cotton, viscose | Colors: 1 | Size: 34-44 | Length: Midi

Best Plus

Reformation Flounce Skirt Es

Flounce Skirt Es


There’s something so chic about little flowers printed on a mini skirt for the summer. This option, which comes in plus and standard sizes, cinches in the waist and extends out in a flare. It has a center back zipper for easy access, and is made of sustainably sourced viscose. The lightweight fabric drapes down loosely to around your mid-thigh, which is neither too short nor too long for you to wear casually around town. While we love the white-on-green color of this skirt — and the black shade it also comes in is, of course, a classic — we’re left wondering why the non-plus version offers more color options and patterns than the plus-size version. 

Price at time of publish: $98

Material: Viscose | Colors: 2 | Size: 0 - 24 | Length: Mini

Best Denim

Asos Denim Midi Skirt

Denim Midi Skirt


What We Love: They come with belt loops

What We Don’t Love: They run a little large, so it may be worth sizing down.

Denim maxi skirts are coming into trends in full swing, which is why stylists like Lara Betiku can’t get enough of them. “I love how versatile they are,” she says. “My favorite way to style them with is a white shirt and a cropped bomber jacket, which make your legs look very long.” With a slit down the front, belt loops (something many skirts don’t usually come with), and light-medium wash, this option makes an ideal standard denim option to include into your rotation. It’s made of 100 percent cotton and can be machine washed. As a maxi skirt, the style graces your ankles delightfully, looking superb with ankle boots, sneakers, and heels. According to the reviews, the skirt runs a little large, so it might be safe to size down if you’re stuck between two options.

Price at time of publish: $42

Material: Cotton | Colors: 1 | Size: 4 - 18 | Length: Maxi

Best Cotton

Closed Long Cotton Skirt

Long Cotton Skirt


What We Love: Not only does the sustainable cotton feel like quality, but the cut of the skirt is uniquely beautiful and makes your strides look very elegant. 

What We Don’t Love: It runs quite large.

Sustainability has been at the forefront of Closed since its founding in 1978. While the brand mainly produces delightful denim pieces, what caught writer of this story Bianca Kratky’s attention was this midi cotton skirt. Upon testing the item – courtesy of the team at Closed – all of her expectations proved true. The flowy piece is delicately soft, with a mildly textured surface to add a visual distinguisher. It features two large pockets and two slits on either side of your legs, which make your strides look very elegant. The ecru color is also exactly as pictured on the model, and feels fresh and gentle on a summer’s backdrop. And though it looks rather sheer on the model, it actually is not. Kratky personally loves how the skirt extends out into an A-line, giving her body some shape. The only recommendation she hopes you head is to size down. Kratky ordered a size small, which typically fits just right, but this one feels almost two sizes too large. 

Price at time of publish: $320

Material: Cotton | Colors: 2 | Size: XXS-XL | Length: Midi

Best Knit

Hanifa Amelia Layered Tassel Skirt

Hanifa Amelia Layered Tassel Skirt


The details on this knit skirt have us in awe. From the tassels at the hem to the two additional straps around the waist to the intentional asymmetry in the lines wrapping the body, this option stands out as a one-of-a-kind beauty. It comes in a cream with black piping or black with blue stitching color combinations, both of which feature a heavy knit composed of nylon and acrylic. While both colors are impeccable, only the blue version has a matching top for a cohesive outfit (though we also recommend wearing it with a sleeveless turtleneck or bralette top in the summer, too). 

You probably noticed the maxi length on this skirt, which makes it a standout piece for sure, but you’ll most likely need a pair of heels to go with it as the tassels will certainly graze the floor, especially if you’re on the shorter side, and you’ll want to avoid stepping on them. The brand also recommends sizing down, as the fabric is quite stretchy. 

Price at time of publish: $229

Material: Acrylic, nylon | Colors: 2 | Size: XS - 3XL| Length: Maxi

Best Mini

Filippa K Cargo Skirt

Filippa K Cargo Skirt

Filippa K

What We Love: It comes with two large cargo pockets.

What We Don’t Love: We wish it came with belt loops.

Giving us Miu Miu vibes, this cargo skirt, also available in midi length, borders between a mini and a micro skirt. The itty bitty style became popular in the last few years, and we love to see it remain a fun and flirty look to prance around in. Made of organic cotton, the cut into pleats that fall in a straight silhouette. You’ll find two cargo pockets, closed by a button, on your left and right thigh. We definitely suggest reserving this piece for warmer days, but the beige color makes it easy to style with just about anything when the temperature is right. We only wish it came with belt loops so you could have the option to style it further by accessorizing. 

Price at time of publish: $260

Material: Organic cotton | Colors: 1 | Size: 0 - 12 | Length: Mini

Best Midi

Reiss Ruby Occasion Skirt

Reiss Ruby Occasion Skirt


What We Love: The double-layered skirt keeps it from being see-through.

What We Don’t Love: It can crinkle if you sit on it for too long.

If you love how this skirt looks in the image, we can assure you it looks even better in real life. Kratky waltzed into the Reiss store in Manhattan to see how it looked and felt in person, and it exceeded all expectations. While it’s difficult to see on the model, this skirt is actually hiding two side pockets(!). Thanks to the superior craftsmanship, high-quality fabric that’s double-layered with a silky soft viscose exterior and polyester lining, the fabric feels decently heavy in the hands, ensuring it won’t be see-through. 

Beyond the quality of the material, Kratky appreciated how the soft waistband sat on the waist, hugging the stomach deliciously and accentuating the hips. As a fashion writer who comes across many articles of clothing, there aren’t many pieces that get her heart racing, but this one surely did, which is why the Reiss team kindly sent her home with the skirt in a bag. Prancing around her room, she did find that the skirt can wrinkle if sat on for too long, but letting it dangle on a hanger for a few hours immediately got the crinkles out again. 

Price at time of publish: $330

Material: Viscose, polyester | Colors: 3 | Size: 0 - 14 | Length: Midi

Best Maxi

Nia Cora Skirt

Nia Cora Skirt


What We Love: There are drawstrings for you to adjust snugness around the waist.

What We Don’t Love: We wish there was a larger size range.

While recent years saw many sleek and form-fitting skirts, this flowy maxi skirt is a fresh change to the trends. It has three tiers, each expanding into a larger diameter and ending in a big opening. It’s intended to be worn as a high-waisted skirt, but you can adjust the snugness with the provided drawstrings and wear it lower or higher along the belly as well. You’ll find the 100 percent cotton skirt available in white, too, along with a matching top. It’s hard not to love the endearing set, but unfortunately it’s only offered in sizes XS to L, and might not fit all bodies.

Price at time of publish: $98

Material: Cotton | Colors: 2 | Size: XS - L | Length: Maxi

Best Pleated

Aritzia Wilfred Twirl Midi Skirt

Wilfred Twirl Midi Skirt


What We Love: It’s extremely lightweight, making it ideal for the summer.

What We Don’t Love: It’s slightly see-through.

Kratky tested this pleated skirt, courtesy of the team at Aritzia, and fell in love with the frilly new addition to her wardrobe. It’s the perfect balance between minimal and eye-catching, as the drapey fabric graces your legs in a beautiful way without outshining any top you pair with it. The lightweight fabric made the skirt an ideal piece to wear during her tropical vacation in Turks and Caicos. The pleats also maintained intact through sweat, hours of sitting down, and machine washing. The only drawback is that it’s slightly see-through. You definitely have to consider what to wear underneath it if you don’t want to give the public a free show — or keep it for a bathing suit cover-up

Price at time of publish: $150

Material: Polyester | Colors: 7 | Size: 2XS - 2XL| Length: Midi

Best Slip

Quince Washable Silk Skirt

Quince Washable Silk Skirt


What We Love: You can machine wash this mulberry silk.

What We Don’t Love: It wrinkles easily.

Quince’s direct-to-consumer model brings honest prices to their pieces, so even this 100 percent mulberry silk satin skirt becomes affordable. Not only that, but the brand promises that its machine-wash safe, which is quite unusual for anything made of silk. That being said, it’s not immune to wrinkling, as all things silky are. The midi skirt drapes down naturally without any frills or fun cuts. Instead, it offers a simple and elegant piece that’s easy to style and turn to for just about any occasion. It comes in nine earthy colors, and has an elastic waistband that stretches for comfort.  

Price at time of publish: $60

Material: Mulberry silk | Colors: 9 | Size: XS - XL | Length: Midi

Best Floral

Abercrombie & Fitch Chiffon Column Midi Skirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Chiffon Column Midi Skirt

Abercrombie & Fitch

What We Love: It has a mild flare that flatters curves.

What We Don’t Love: The material might not last for decades to come.

Upon slipping into the piece, which she received courtesy of the brand, Kratky fell in love with this skirt, actually noticing a few additional perks to it that are otherwise not visible on the retail image. The fabric around the hips extends out ever-so-slightly, accentuating your natural curves. We also love that the hem gently flares out, rather than shooting straight down, which not only looks good but gives your legs a little more room to move. The double-lined skirt feels easy and breezy, making it a perfect summer option – further brought to life by the pop of color and floral prints. 

Kratky would say, though, that the quality matches its pricing. While it feels sturdy, and it’s not see-through in any way, she doesn’t believe it’s something that will last for decades. For the next few seasons, however, you are going to have a blast prancing around in this fun and flirty option.

Price at time of publish: $53

Material: Viscose, polyester | Colors: 2 | Size: XXS - XL | Length: Midi

Best Pattern

Tuckernuck Cypress Toile Mallory Skirt

Tuckernuck Cypress Toile Mallory Skirt


What We Love: The sophisticated design can be worn in multiple seasons.

What We Don’t Love: You can’t adjust the sizing or snugness in any way.

The gorgeous nature-inspired toile is a work of art on its own. But combined with the A-line silhouette and navy blue color, this skirt truly stands out from the bunch. The eye-catching piece comes with an elastic waistband to keep from sliding down, while the drapey fabric conceals a side zip for easy slip-on and off. Unfortunately you can’t adjust snugness in any way, however, so it’s essential you shop for the right size. 

It’s a sophisticated and mature design, but can easily be dressed down with some leather white sneakers or sandals. While the lightweight fabric makes it ideal for summer, the darker hue and longer hem allow you to stretch its wear through fall as well. However you choose to style it, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of wear (and compliments) out of it. 

Price at time of publish: $298

Material: Cotton, spandex | Colors: 1 | Size: XXS - 3XL | Length: Midi

Best Skort

Dynamite Peyton Asymmetric Skort

Dynamite Peyton Asymmetric Skort

Dynamite Clothing

What We Love: The spandex in the fabric makes them stretchy and comfortable.

What We Don’t Love: Reviewers say that the beige version is slightly see-through.

Skorts have made an impressive comeback from their glory days in the early 2000s. The two-in-one piece typically features a skirt in the front and shorts in the back, like this pick from Dynamite does. The Peyton skort has an asymmetrical fold across the front, and sits around your stomach in a high waist. You’ll find a side zip for easy slip-on and off access, and be pleased to know that the seven percent spandex included in the make-up of the skirt makes it a little stretchy and comfortable as well — but don’t worry, it won’t look like an athletic one you might wear to, say, a tennis match. 

It comes in six different colors, including some neutral tones like white and black, as well as some fun pops of color, like green and pink. Reviewers however noted that the beige version does seem to be a little see-through. Make sure to wear the right underwear to go with it if you choose this color. 

Price at time of publish: $50

Material: Polyester, rayon, spandex | Colors: 6 | Size: 00 - 14 | Length: Mini

Best Plaid

NBD Daffi Mini Skirt

NBD Daffi Mini Skirt


What We Love: It can be worn across several seasons if styled right. 

What We Don’t Love: It’s extremely short, so you may want to wear something underneath for additional security.

In need of something that you can turn to year after year? Then fashion content creator Aarica Nichole suggests going for a plaid skirt. “Plaid skirts are a piece of clothing that I would consider a timeless staple to have in your wardrobe. When styled appropriately, you can wear them year-round,” she explains. This option from NBD has the mini length for the summer but the auburn colors for the fall. The plaid pattern is stitched onto a polyester and elastane fabric, which is fully lined and closed with a side wrap button. The midweight tweed fabric even has a matching bustier top, which would look stellar with a blazer and some loafers

Just be aware that this is quite the mini skirt, so you may or may not be required to wear something underneath if you want to have some additional security. 

Price at time of publish: $168

Material: Polyester, elastane | Colors: 1 | Size: XXS - XL | Length: Mini

What to Keep in Mind

Type of Skirt

Pleated, denim, cargo, and slip – skirts come in a variety of styles for you to enjoy, which makes the shopping decision process equal parts enjoyable and confusing. Betiku finds the most versatility in denim and silk skirts, like the Asos Denim Midi Skirt  and the J.Crew Gwyneth Slip Skirt. They are more ephemeral than trendy pieces like the Filippa K Cargo Skirt, believes Nichole as well. “I have been loving white linen or thin cotton skirts,” she continues, as you’ll likely find tons of wear out of them. 


Skirts come in three major lengths, namely mini, midi, and maxi. Recently, micro skirts have been trending as well, but we focused on the first three categories in this article because in our opinion, they’re the most wearable. Each style serves its own purpose, but can be worn by all ages and all seasons. The mini skirt, like the Reformation Flounce Skirt Es or the Filippa K Cargo Skirt, is typically between ten and twenty inches long. It’s the most obvious choice for the summer, as the absence of more fabric allows your legs to feel breezy and cool. They can, however, be paired with boots during the fall as well. 

Midi skirts fall between your knees and your ankles, and first became popular in the 40s and 50s when Christian Dior introduced them as part of his “New Look” collection. They have a charming appeal to them, particularly when paired with pumps or boots of any height. Options like the Patou Pocket Midi Skirt and the Reiss Rubi Occasion Skirt are multi-seasonal, allowing you to prance around in them in the spring, summer, fall, and even winter, if worn with tights underneath. 

Maxi skirts on the other hand go all the way to the floor. While they’re typically reserved for the cooler seasons, like spring, fall, and winter, depending on the material you can easily wear them in the summer as well. Take the Nia Cora Skirt for example, the wide diameter allows for ample amounts of airflow to keep you cool in the summer. The Hanifa Amelia Layered Tassel Skirt, on the other hand, suits colder weather more appropriately.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you style a skirt?

Well, this depends on its length, fabric, and type, but with so many different options and seasons to wear them in, there’s truly an endless amount of ways to wear a skirt. When it comes to maxi skirts on casual occasions, Eagle recommends “pairing it with a white baby tee, a cropped leather jacket, and some sneakers.” To go from day to night, simply switch to a “fitted top, gold jewelry, and slingback kitten heels.” 

For mini skirts, on the other hand, Eagle would pair it with “an oversized blazer or button-up, loafers, and high socks for a chic and put-together look.” You can do this with the NBD Daffi Mini Skirt or the Dynamite Clothing Peyton Asymmetric Skort

Midi skirts can be styled with “a pair of ankle boots or knee-high boots,” for more put together looks or white sneakers for a casual look, says Betiku. 

What kind of skirts are trending?

“I’m currently loving the denim maxi skirt trend, so I may start wearing more denim skirts this spring and summer,” says Eagle, and it’s a sentiment echoed by Betiku as well. The Asos Denim Midi Skirt, recommended by Betiku, allows you to embrace this stylish trend as well. Nichole finds the cargo skirt to be a cute trendy piece. While she doesn’t believe such styles will last forever, it’s currently a trending piece that a lot of stylists, influencers, and celebrities are seen in. Filippa K Cargo Skirt offers the popular look that everyone is jumping on now. 

Why Shop With Us?

Bianca Kratky is a commerce writer for InStyle with over two years of experience covering fashion, lifestyle, and beauty products. In order to write this article, she tried on several of the mentioned skirts herself, by either receiving samples or visiting their respective stores, so that she may provide first-hand experience in her recommendations. She also consulted stylists and content creators Lara Betiku, Aaria Nichole, and Erin Eagle, who is also the founder of A Style Set, to get insider tips on what’s trending, how to style, and what best to look out for in skirts.

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