The 9 Best Ski Pants to Wear From The Slopes To Après Ski Drinks in 2023

Dope Snow Tigress Pants will keep you dry and stylish.

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Best Ski Pants

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We recently covered the best ski jackets for a perfect après ski moment, so it was only fitting to follow it up with a best ski pants story as well. Rather than highlighting skiwear that solely served to function, however, we made sure to layer in the key component of style, so you could have a fashionably forward ski vacation. With the help of professional snowboarders and a Canada-based fashion influencer, we pulled together a list of the absolute best ski pants for a stylish and warm trip to the mountains.

We found that the Dope Snow Tigress W Snowboard Pants, with their superior waterproofing capabilities and long hem, made for the ideal pants to wear on the slopes. However, if you’re here more for the après ski rather than the ski itself, the houndstooth-printed Perfect Moment Isola Racing Pants might be more for you. Keep reading to find the best ski pants for you.

Best Overall

Dope Snow Tigress W Snowboard Pants

Dope Snow Tigress W Snowboard Pants

Dope Snow

What We Love: These pants have double-layered dry tech and tapered seams for superior waterproofing.

What We Don’t Love: They’re not the warmest option, and the brand recommends layering up for colder weather.

Professional snowboarder Talia Komaike wears these Dope snowboard pants on her adventures in the snow and recommends them for their durability and stylish bootcut. The Canadian label is no stranger to extreme weather, which is why this one was crafted with high-performance materials, including double-layered dry tech and fully tapered seams for stronger durability and superior waterproofing. Blended with spandex, the material allows you to bend, flip, and twist in it without the pants resisting your movements — meanwhile, the zipped front and back pockets will keep all your valuables safe. Because these pants are considered a shell, you’ll need to layer for proper insulation — we recommend a pair of fleece-lined leggings to go underneath. If you indulge in extreme sports while on the slopes, then these breathable pants are right for you.

Price at time of publish: $161

Size:  XXS-XL | Colors: 3 | Material: N/A

Best Splurge

Canada Goose Tundra Cargo Pants

Canada Goose Tundra Cargo Pants

Canada Goose 

What We Love: They come with a lifetime warranty.

What We Don’t Love: It can be difficult to find the right sizing, as they run a little large.

These unique snow pants, with their large cargo pockets, wide legs, and logo-printed (removable) suspenders, simply look cool. But more than the aesthetics, these function exceptionally well in extreme weather conditions. With 625-fill power of responsibly sourced duck down and a water-resistant, durable exterior, these ski pants can withstand temperatures down to -25C / -15F. One reviewer shared that, when combined with another layer of wool pants, these ski pants kept him warm for hours whilst watching the northern lights in Norway. Just note that they are intended to be worn over additional layers of leggings or pants, and therefore come a little oversized. But that’s easy to look past because the best part? If they ever rip or arrive in a less-than-pristine condition, Canada Goose will repair or replace them free of charge, thanks to the lifetime warranty they guarantee.

Price at time of publish: $650

Size: 2XS - 2XL  | Colors: 1 | Material: Cotton, responsible duck down

Best Budget

Halfdays Emma Soft Shell Pants

Halfdays Emma Soft Shell Pants


What We Love: The hems of these pants can be zipped open to better slip into boots.

What We Don’t Love: The temperature range is not listed.

Founded by an Olympian, a product designer, and fashion visionaries, Halfdays caters to women who seek function, style, and comfort in their skiwear. Not only that, but they’re one of the few brands with a more inclusive size range, offering up to double extra large in waist sizing and regular and short pant lengths. (For reference, the shorter version is recommended for people five-foot-four and shorter.) You’ll find that the Emma soft shell pants come with four-way stretch fabric that clings onto your figure at the top, while extra-long pants bunch up at the bottom. With a zippered hem, too, you can easily slip in and out of ski or snowboard boots. On top of all the functional details, they’re available in five modern neutral colors, all with the same water-resistant finish, aquaguard zippers, and a fitted waistband. While reviewers claim that these fleece-lined pants kept them very warm, the brand doesn’t actually list the temperature range you can expect to wear them in.

Price at time of publish: $275

Size: XS-2XL  | Colors: 5 | Material: Nylon, spandex, recycled polyester

Best Slim

Cordova Saint Moritz Ski Pants

Cordova Saint Moritz Ski Pants


What We Love: You can wear them outside of the ski resort as well.

What We Don’t Love: They’re not as practical in extremely cold weather.

Canada-based content creator Tania Motuzas recommends these Cordova Saint Moritz ski pants as a fashionably forward and functional pair of pants to turn to on the slopes. Unlike the typical chunky ski pants, these ones fit slim along the length of your legs for a more flattering fit. But don’t be fooled by the stylish appearance — they’re still just as functional: The four-way stretch fabric makes them ideal for rigorous movements on the slopes, while a water-repellent and fleece-lined shell keep you protected from the snow. The brand does mention that they’re more for warmer ski days, however, so perhaps have a backup option available for harsher weather conditions.

Price at time of publish: $590

Size: P-XL  | Colors: 4 | Material: Polyester, nylon, elastane

Best Suspenders

Perfect Moment Isola Racing Pants

Perfect Moment Isola Racing Pants

Perfect Moment

What We Love: They have unique knee pads attached to the pants.

What We Don’t Love: The print might go out of style with the years.

Motuzas finds that “style plays a huge part in skiing, especially if you are skiing at places like Aspen or the Alps,” so you can say she understands “those that ski regularly and would never give up functionality for fashion. Luckily, with the Perfect Moment ski pants, you definitely don’t have to either. These bib-style overall ski pants are more than just a cute look — they offer a waterproofing exterior, a thermal fleece lining, and an internal boot cuff to block out incoming snow. While you’ll find many other classic ski pants features, like zippable pockets and four-way stretch fabric, the most notable difference is the attached knee pads that cushion your landings. The stylish suspenders can be adjusted in length, which helps you to adjust the size to your height a little better. Just make sure you really love the Houndstooth print, as there is a possibility you might outgrow the look over the years.

Price at time of publish: $690

Size: XS-XL  | Colors: 2 | Material: Polyester, nylon

Best Printed

FP Movement Bunny Slope Printed Ski Pants

 Free People Bunny Slope Printed Ski Pants

 Free People

What We Love: There are adjustable waist straps.

What We Don’t Love: They run small, so size up for a better fit.

These straight-leg, high-waisted ski pants have a beautiful and intricate print covering the entirety of the pants, consisting of abstract flowers, plants, and waves — it may not be as flashy as Perfect Moment’s houndstooth, but it will be eye-catching enough on the slopes. Print aside, though, the pants feature details like adjustable waist straps, boot gaiters, and a wind and water-resistant exterior that make this more than just a fashion statement. While FP Movement doesn’t state the actual temperature range this can be worn in, they do state that it’s made for “the coldest ski trips,” which the ultra-warm insulated interior and generous width for layering seem to support. One commenter does recommend sizing up, however, as these tend to run a little small.

Price at time of publish: $298

Size:  XS-XL | Colors: 1 | Material: Polyester, polyamide

Best Water-repellent

The North Face Summit Series Chamlang Futurelight Pants

 The North Face Summit Series Chamlang Futurelight Pants

 The North Face

What We Love: They come in short, regular, and long lengths as well.

What We Don’t Love: They’re not that warm.

These waterproof ski pants were made using North Face’s Futurelight technology, which allows for better ventilation and breathability without sacrificing waterproofness. Intended for high-intensity training, they, unfortunately, lack warmth, but don’t worry,  they pack in mobility, durability, and stretch. The pants also cover an additional layer of boot gaiters, which are easily accessible through the zipped hem. We’re happy to report that they’re offered in a short, regular, and tall lengths, to help you customize your fit as much as possible.

Price at time of publish: $400

Size: XS-2XL, short, regular, tall  | Colors: 2 | Material: Recycled polyester, nylon

Best Sport

Aztech Mountain Hayden Ski Pants

Aztech Mountain Hayden Ski Pants


What We Love: They offer a matching jacket.

What We Don’t Love: They are very long, which might not fit petite women well.

Similar to Canada Goose’s cargo pants, this option comes with two large front pockets and two zippered pockets. You can even fully zip open the length of the pants on both legs in case you need to air out on a relatively warm day (just make sure to wear a protective layer underneath).  The rest of the pants, with their breathable and waterproof material, sits loosely around you in a straight cut. You’ll find adjustable waist straps around the mid-rise opening, which will give you a little customization in size. If you’re on the petite side, however, you might find the extra-long pants a bit too much. The model pictured here is five foot ten, wearing an extra small, and the pants still bunch up around her feet.

Price at time of publish: $695

Size: 3XS-M  | Colors: 1 | Material: Polyamide, elastane, polyester

Best Quilted

Rudask Aril Quilted Pants

Rudask Aril Quilted Pants


What We Love: You can wear these on and off the slopes.

What We Don’t Love: Only the front portion is quilted.

Quilted ski pants are not very common, which is why we felt it necessary to highlight these from Rudask. Designed into a slim fit, the high-gloss and waterproof pants can be worn on and off the slopes. While the front of the pants features a quilted material, stuffed with premium sustainable sorona fill, the back portion actually has a stretchy neoprene fabric — a synthetic rubber material, commonly used in wetsuits that resists water, oil, and impressively retains heat. Rudask recommends these for lighter winter days, but I actually think you could slip these underneath bulkier ski pants, like the Dope Snow Tigree W Snowboard Pants, for a little more versatility. When you’re done skiing and indulging in some après ski time, you can take the shell off and show off your quilted style.

Price at time of publish: $295

Size: XS-XL  | Colors: 2 | Material: Recycled nylon, neoprene, polyester, elastane, sorona

What to Keep in Mind


Snow, as we all learned in elementary school, is essentially just water, so you’re definitely going to require ski pants that have some protection against it. Water-resistance, water-repellent, and waterproof are all viable options to look for but come with different properties worth noting. The first is able to resist water penetration to some degree, but not completely. Given that you are encountering snow and not direct water, this is typically enough protection in skiwear. You’ll find options like the Free People Bunny Slope Printed Ski Pants and Canada Goose Tundra Cargo Pants that have water-resistant coatings. Water-repellent, like in the Cordova Saint Moritz Ski Pants, has an additional layer of protection, putting up a strong fight against leakage through the fabric. Waterproof offers the strongest protection, allowing you to fully submerge your fabric underwater without it being affected. The North Face Summit Series Chamlang Futurelight Pants are the only ones on this list that are waterproof and are really only necessary if you find yourself repeatedly skiing through deep powder snow.


On top of having a water-resistant layer, you want to make sure the fabric itself is warm, durable, and insulating. Almost all of the options listed here are made of either polyester, nylon, or a mix of both. That’s because both of these fabrics are excellent abrasion resisters, making them popular materials in sportswear. Nylon, found in the Halfdays Emma Soft Shell Pants, Perfect Moment Isola Racing Pants, and The North Face Summit Series Chamlang Futurelight Pants, also has great stretch and elasticity recovery, retaining its shape for years to come. Other options come insulated with a filling. The Canada Goose Tundra Cargo Pants for example are filled with responsible duck down, while the Rudask Aril Quilted Pants have a sorona fill, which is an eco-efficient performance fiber and retains warmth with less filling and weight.

Your Questions, Answered

What is best to wear under ski pants?

Ski pants will always require you to wear something underneath. Motuzas turns to jumpsuits for additional warmth (she recommends the Anodra set from Cordova as well as the merino wool jumpsuit from Perfect Moment). I have been skiing almost every year since I could walk, and have always preferred high-waisted leggings, as the extra material around your lower abdomen becomes extremely helpful in blocking out wind that seeps between your jacket and ski pants. Well-insulated materials, such as wool or polyester, are great materials to choose from as well.

What are the best ski pants for powder skiing?

There are a few things to consider when shopping for powder snow ski pants. The first is that you will encounter a lot of snow attempting to creep under your pants and into your shoes. You’re going to need long pants with boot gaiters to help keep those out. Second, more snow equals more wetness, so opt for pants that are waterproof or water-repellent, rather than just water-resistant. Lastly, powder skiing requires much more physical rigor than slope skiing, so you’ll actually want to look for a lightweight shell that’s more breathable, rather than thick and insulating ones. The ski pants that check off on all three points here are the Dope Snow Tigree W Snowboard Pants, The North Face Summit Series Chamlang Futurelight Pants, and Aztech Mountain Hayden Ski Pants.

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