The 10 Best Ski Jackets for a Perfect Après Ski Moment in 2023

Rudask serves style and functionality on the slopes.

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Best Ski Jackets

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I have to admit: despite being Austrian and visiting the ski slopes in the Alps almost every year, I never fully enjoyed skiing. What I did enjoy, however, was the time spent in the wooden hut eating kaspressknödel, drinking glühwein, and cozying up with good company afterward. This, we now call the glorious time of après ski.

You can imagine my excitement as a fashion writer, therefore, when après ski fashion started to trend. Finally, we get to embrace the ski trails as our own personal runways and show off some serious slope style. But of course, a good ski jacket has to do more than just look cute, it needs to serve several functions as well. Professional snowboarder Talia Komaike chimes in that a jacket with “nowhere to put your pass and pockets that don’t zip serve no use and can be annoying.” That’s why we set out to find the ten best ski jackets that fit the après ski style and provide purpose to your many winter needs. The Rudask Claudia Metallic Fitted Ski Parka, with its impressive warmth and stylish details, captured our attention as the best all-around ski jacket to shop this season.

Best Overall

Rudsak Klaudia Metallic Fitted Ski Parka

Rudsak Claudia Metallic Fitted Ski Parka


What We Love: There are a plethora of functional properties that allow this jacket to be worn in -25 degree celsius temperatures.

What We Don’t Love: The belt, while stylish, might restrict your movements a little.

Influencer Tania Motuzas highly recommends this ski jacket, and as a resident of brisk Toronto, Canada is no stranger to unforgiving cold weather and weekends on the slopes. Living in the intersection of fashion and frosty temperatures, Motuzas appreciates that Rudsak offers pieces that “never give up functionality for fashion” and vice versa. This option has some impressive details that allow it to be worn in temperatures down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees celsius), like a weather-resistant shell, an interior insulated with PrimaLoft filling (a thermal microfiber that brings warmth without weight), an extra padded back for double protection, and an inner waist snow guard to keep you dry. When it gets too hot (you are exercising after all), the underarm vents can be opened to allow for some airflow.

These fantastic features come wrapped in a trendy metallic finish that not only looks good but makes you highly reflective and therefore easy to spot on the slopes. Visually, the belt adds a stylish detail, but we could imagine it to get a little restrictive in your movements. Luckily, it is removable.

Price at time of publish: $700

Size: XS-XL  | Colors: 3 | Material: Polyester, recycled nylon, primaloft, recycled polyester, recycled leather | Temperature Range: -25C / -13F

Best Splurge

Mackage Elita Down Ski Jacket

Mackage Elita Down Ski Jacket


What We Love: The shearling hoodies and powder skirts are removable.

What We Don’t Love: It runs small, and the brand recommends sizing up.

The Mackage Elita jacket has a unique (albeit removable) 360-degree shearling trim around the hood that elevates the overall jacket, but also serves to protect you from excessive winds. We also appreciate the functional powder skirt on the inside of the jacket, an elastic waistband that blocks out snow from entering the interior. Combined with the weather-proof outer, these details make this jacket a fully functioning performance piece, not just pretty eye candy.

But the perks really don’t end there — you’ll find a hidden sleeve pocket (ideal for lift tickets), underarm vents, thumb loops, and even complementary goggle cleaners and key holders. And should a hefty encounter with a tree occur (no judgment — accidents happen), Mackage offers complimentary repairs to the jacket as well. It’s no surprise, therefore, that it’s another one of Motuza’s favorites when it comes to skiwear. The brand does recommend sizing down, however, as it looks to run a little large.

Price at time of publish: $1,290

Size: XXS-2XL | Colors: 3 | Material: Nylon, elastane, sheep skin, duck down, duck feathers| Temperature Range: -20C / -4F

Best Budget

North Face Superlu Jacket

North Face Superlu Jacket

The North Face

What We Love: It comes with all the functional qualities of a ski jacket at a lower price.

What We Don’t Love: It’s not extremely warm.

North Face is no stranger to crafting performance outerwear at a relatively affordable price. The ski jacket is waterproof, breathable, and heat-eco insulated. It also comes with underarm vents (zip open for a breather), a powder skirt, and sleeve pockets, making this an overall functional ski jacket. That being said, it’s a rather lightweight jacket — some customers say they prefer to reserve this coat for warmer days, rather than bitter cold ones. The brand doesn’t specify the exact temperature range this jacket withstands, but according to North Face’s warmth-o-meter, this isn’t as warm as, say, its classic puffer. You will definitely need to layer some thick sweaters underneath. Or if you’re someone who finds themselves exerting a lot of physical strength during skiing or snowboarding, then a lightweight jacket might be exactly what you want, in which case this jacket is ideal for you. For everyone else that prefers to be kept cozy, let’s move on to the next product.

Price at time of publish: $199

Size: XS-XL  | Colors: 1 | Material: Recycled polyester | Temperature Range: Not listed

Best Everyday

Reformation x Canada Goose Mila Puffer

Reformation x Canada Goose Mila Puffer


What We Love: It’s reversible, allowing you to have two looks in one jacket.

What We Don’t Love: It’s a little short, which might not be ideal for extremely cold winter days.

Reformation and Canada Goose’s collab was the biggest talk of the town this winter, offering functionally warm winter jackets in classic Reformation style — aesthetic, sustainable, and made to last. Their line of parkas, puffers, and vests feature eye-catching designs intended to make a splash on the slopes, with the most notable feature being that they are reversible, giving you two style options in one jacket.

They tested these lightweight puffers on numerous influencers in the dead of winter in Aspen, Colorado, and not only did everyone stay cozy and warm but also superbly stylish. Made of recycled feather-light ripstop and chevron quilting, this jacket features many practical details, like a hidden drawstring on the interior lining of the hem that lets you block out some of the cold seeping in from the bottom. While the shorter hem might not make it ideal for extreme weather conditions, it’s perfect for wearing out in your everyday life as well.

Price at time of publish: $1,150

Size: XS-XL | Colors: 2 | Material: Recycled nylon, duck down | Temperature Range: -15C / -5F

Best Water-repellent

We Norwegians Myrken Lavalan Jacket

We Norwegians Myrken Lavalan Jacket

We Norwegians

What We Love: The wool-filling will stay dry and warm.

What We Don’t Love: The sleeves are a little short.

Stepping into the We Norwegians store in Soho, I was perplexed to find that their winter jackets were so lightweight. Does this really keep you warm in a snowstorm? The salesperson, with a proud Norwegian accent, confirmed that the laval filling (thick wool) and water-repellent fabric protects you even from Nordic winters. Wool naturally repels water and does not absorb moisture like other fabrics do, which makes it the ideal material to keep you warm even when you find yourself kissing the snowy bed too many times. Of course, the lack of a hood and the somewhat short sleeves might not make it suitable for extreme winds, however. Just keep that in mind as you shop.

Price at time of publish: $649

Size: XS-L | Colors: 1 | Material: Polyester, viscose, lavalan | Temperature Range: Not listed

Best Sport

Dope Puffer

Dope Puffer


What We Love: It comes with a multitude of features, like side zips, large pockets, and a heavily insulated interior, that makes this perfect for snowy adventures.

What We Don’t Love: It’s recommended to size up if you wish to layer underneath.

Professional snowboarder and content creator Talia Komaike has a wide range of experience with snow gear, and finds this Dope Puffer to be the warmest option of them all. “Despite being in the snow almost every day, I’m a baby in the cold. I’ve worn the Dopesnow puffer in -40C (-40F) and been fine.” This jacket was truly crafted with warmth and functionality in mind — it’s one of their most heavily insulated jackets and has double water-repellent technology. You’ll find a storm guard hood that fits over helmets, underarm vents, large front pocket to fit a multitude of essentials, elasticated snow skirt, zipped pockets on the sleeves, and a soft micro-fleece chin guard. More notable however is the zipper that goes all the way up the right side of the jacket, allowing for a little extra movement or a breather when it gets too hot. Needless to say, this piece is made for some serious adventure on the slopes. Komaike does however recommend sizing up if you enjoy layering thick sweaters underneath.

Price at time of publish: $285

Size: XXS-XL | Colors: 3 | Material: N/A | Temperature Range: -40C / -40F

Best Hood

Cordova Monterosa

Cordova Monterosa


What We Love: The puffer hood and turtleneck give you great coverage around your face.

What We Don’t Love: It’s not specified whether a powder skirt is included.

Cordova’s Monterosa jacket feeds into the après-ski fashion immaculately without sacrificing functionality, which is why it’s another one of Motuzas favorites. The oversized (and detachable) puffer hood covers your entire frame and works hand in hand with the puffer turtleneck to keep you snug. With a heavy duck down filling, water-resistant shell, and waterproof zippers, you’ll find all the classic needs, including nice-to-haves, like sleeve gaiters and zipped interior pockets, that make a ski jacket functional as well. (Although it is not specified whether a powder skirt is included or not.) Style is not forgotten either, as the belt works to give your waist a cinched-in look. If you find your movements restricted by it, however, you can always remove it.

Price at time of publish: $1,120

Size: XS-L  | Colors: 3 | Material: Polyester, polyamide, duck down, duck feathers | Temperature Range: N/A

Best Short

Perfect Moment Houndstooth Polar Flare Down Jacket

Perfect Moment Houndstooth Polar Flare Down Jacket

Perfect Moment

What We Love: They offer matching pants.

What We Don’t Love: It doesn’t have thumb sleeves.

For all things après-ski fashion, Perfect Moment has what you need. This houndstooth jacket is just one example of their collection of slope-styles, giving you fun prints and stylishly flared sleeves. They of course offer matching pants, both of which have this slopes-meet-street design to them. The jacket is filled with 700-fill power goose down and feathers, and the high-neck collar comes with an adjustable hood. While the hem is slightly cropped, it’s smartly hiding a powder skirt, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too breezy from underneath. It unfortunately doesn’t come with thumb sleeves, however, which invites snow to trickle in if you ever fall on your hands. But the zippered pockets will at least keep your valuables safe from falling out when you do.

Price at time of publish: $660

Size: XS-XL | Colors: 2 | Material: Polyester, goose down, goose feathers | Temperature Range: N/A

Best Print

Farm Rio Cachos de Banana Ski Jacket

Farm Rio Cachos de Banana Ski Jacket

Saks Fifth Avenue

What We Love: The bold banana prints can’t be missed while on the slopes.

What We Don’t Love: At -10C minimum temperature wear, it’s not the warmest option on the list.

The Brazilian brand, which claims they are powered by sunshine and happiness, never fails to brighten your wardrobe with pops of colors and fun prints. This puffer isn’t just here to add a splash of color onto a white backdrop, but to protect you from the breeze with its windproof and waterproof exterior as well. The buckle belt can be removed if desired, but it adds that cinched-in look that’s trending in ski wear right now. The interior has a soft polyester lining that will keep you comfortably warm down to -10C / 14F, which is enough warmth for most outdoor activities but may fall short during extreme weather.

Price at time of publish: $465

Size: XS-XL | Colors: 1 | Material: Polyester | Temperature Range: -10C / 14F

Best Cinched

Free People All Prepped Ski Jacket

Free People All Prepped Ski Jacket

Free People

What We Love: The hood is big enough to cover a ski helmet.

What We Don’t Love: The colors don’t always match what’s pictured, according to the reviews.

The two design elements worth mentioning here are the quilted design and the cinched-in adjustable waistband. Visually, this piece stands out from the bunch, but functionally, it has all the same beloved features like a powder skirt, underarm vents, waterproof outer, and primaloft insulation. It also comes with an impressive number of zipped pockets — three on the interior and four on the exterior, to be exact. The hood, which is also detachable, is big enough to cover a helmet as well. Aside from being eye candy, it does a great job at keeping you warm, according to the reviews. That being said, some have pointed out that certain colors don’t look the same in real life, especially the orange one, which looks extra bright.

Price at time of publish: $428

Size: XS-XL  | Colors: 6 | Material: Polyester, nylon, primaloft | Temperature Range: N/A

What to Keep in Mind


If you find yourself on top of a mountain in the dead of winter, you want to make sure you’re protected by the right fabrics. While almost all jackets will come with some level of water protection (be it water-repellent, waterproof, or water-resistant) you want to make sure that the fabric itself is strong against wind, rain, and harsh temperatures. You’ll find that nearly all options listed, with the exception of the Reformation x Canada Goose Mila Puffer and Mackage Elita Down Ski Jacket, are made of polyester. That’s because this material is strong, resistant to ripping and stretching, durable, and quick to try. You’ll find it commonly used in both outerwear and athleisure, which ski jackets are both.


If the ski jacket you opt for is a puffer, then you want to consider what it is filled with. Most commonly you’ll find duck down, like in Cordova Monterosa and Reformation x Canada Goose Mila Puffer, or goose down, like in the Perfect Moment Houndstooth Polar Flare Down Jacket. The goose down is generally considered to be slightly warmer, simply due to their cluster size. Others have a primaloft filling, like the Rudask Claudia Metallic Fitted Ski Parka or the Free People All Prepped Ski Jacket, which is a synthetic insulator made of polyester microfibers. Compared to down, it’s not as warm, but it’s much more water resistant.

Temperature Range

We asked several habitual skiers and snowboarders what the most important component of a ski jacket is, and they all answered “its warmth”. Most retailers list the temperature range each jacket can be worn in. The warmest option in this list, working down to -40C / -40F is the Dope Puffer, which was recommended by Komaike. The Rudask Claudia Metallic Fitted Ski Parka, which can be worn at -=-25C / -13F, and the Mackage Elita Down Ski Jacket which goes down to -20C / -4F, come in second and third in warmth.

Your Questions, Answered

When is the best time to buy ski jackets?

Let’s be honest, skiing is not a cheap hobby. Especially with après ski fashion trending right now, it’s hard to get your hands on cute yet functional ski wear at an affordable price. The best time to buy skiwear, therefore, is in the pre and post seasons — that’s fall (around September and October) and spring (March and April). That being said, only those that were left behind will be discounted for sale. If you see anything you absolutely can’t live without, then we recommend not waiting around too long.

What type of ski jacket is best for me?

Depending on where you are, the weather conditions will require different kinds of jackets. “Some places are cold and dry in which you will need an insulated or puffy jacket,” explains Motuzas. Options like the Dope Puffer or the Cordova Monterosa are great for these conditions. “Others are warmer and wetter, and will require better waterproofing and perhaps just a shell jacket.” she continues. The North Face Superlu Jacket, Farm Rio Cachos de Banana Ski Jacket and the We Norwegians Myrken Lavalan Jacket make excellent options for this.

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Bianca Kratky is a commerce writer for InStyle with two years of experience covering fashion and lifestyle products. She started skiing at the age of three, having spent many winters in her hometown between the Alps of Austria. In order to write this article, she consulted several snowboard and ski experts (Talia Komaike, Tania Motuzas ), to get an inside scoop on what to consider when shopping for the best ski jackets.

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