The 12 Best Scrunchies of 2023 to Instantly Elevate Your Hair Game

With materials like silk and velvet, colors from bold to neutral and styles ranging classic to contemporary, these 12 scrunchies have you covered.

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Best Scrunchies

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Over the past few years, it’s become abundantly clear that ‘90s and early ‘00s fashion and beauty trends are back and bigger than ever. One such trend is the scrunchie, which has seen a major resurgence, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Scrunchies are fabric-covered elastic hair ties that are generally larger and poofier than your everyday hair tie. Due to their exaggerated size, scrunchies are often worn to make a style statement, whereas ordinary elastics are designed to be unseen.

Best Overall

Blissy Scrunchies

Blissy Scrunchies
Blissy .

What We Love: They’re super soft, gentle on hair, and sold in 27 color combos. 

What We Don’t Love: They’re not sold individually. 

Silk scrunchies, like silk pillowcases, are thought to be the most gentle on strands. According to hairstylist Angelo David, owner of his eponymous salon, silk scrunchies reign supreme for their texture and versatility.

“Silk scrunchies can work well with a variety of hair types because of their smooth and soft texture,” he explains, touting the Blissy Silk Scrunchie as his top pick. Where silk scrunchies can help reduce frizz and retain  moisture in curly hair, David says that they’re particularly great for dry and damaged hair, since they can help reduce friction and help prevent breakage. 

“Silk scrunchies can help to keep thick hair in place without causing tangling or pulling,” he says. “And they can help reduce breakage and damage in fine hair, and can add a touch of volume without weighing it down.”

Price at time of publish: $50

Colors: 27 | Materials: Silk | Count: 3

Best Budget

Kitsch Scrunchies

Kitsch Scrunchies


What We Love: These packs of five are not only super cute, but a total steal as well.

What We Don’t Love: They’re on the smaller side. 

Kitsch understands that hair ties don’t have to cost an arm and a leg — and that most of us need more than one on hand. Their 5-piece vale pack is offered in 11 different colors and an array of materials, including silk and chiffon. However, the velvet is the best-seller. 

“Velvet scrunchies are great for preventing hair from slipping out of the tie, and they are gentle on the hair,” says David. “They are also a popular choice for people with thick hair.” This is due to the fact that velvet is a heavier material and can slide right off of fine or thin hair. 

Price at time of publish: $8

Colors: 11 | Materials: Velvet, satin, eucalyptus, textured, cotton | Count: 5

Best Silk

Crown Affair The Scrunchie No. 002

The Scrunchie No. 002

Crown Affair 

What We Love: They’re high quality and last for years.

What We Don’t Love: They’re sold individually.

Crown Affair’s The Scrunchie No. 002 is worth considering for your hair accessory collection. Celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein adores — and recommends — this option for its beautiful appearance and utility. “They’re chic but also probably the gentlest way to pull your hair back,” she says.

No matter your hair type, David assures us that silk scrunchies are worth adding to your routine. “Silk scrunchies are gentle on the hair and scalp, and can help to reduce friction and damage caused by regular hair ties,” he says. “They are also great for preventing breakage and promoting shine, and add a touch of elegance to any hairstyle.”

Price at time of publish: $25

Colors: 2 | Materials: Silk | Count: 1

Best Designer

Jennifer Behr Velvet Scrunchie

Velvet Scrunchie

Jennifer Behr

What We Love: The velvet looks and feels super luxe.

What We Don’t Love: You’ll need to wear it a lot to justify the price.

Looking to make your pulled-back hairstyle look downright regal? Rubenstein recommends velvet. “I love a velvet scrunchie for the way it looks and helps hold thicker hair because of the texture,” she shares, calling the Jennifer Behr Velvet Scrunchie her favorite.

That said, if you love the look of a velvet scrunchie but can’t get behind the high price of this Jennifer Behr option, the invisibobble Sprunchie Spiral Hair Ring is a popular choice. You’ll get two velvet scrunchies — they’re sold in black, baby pink, and leopard — per pack and the set is less than $5. 

Rubenstein isn’t the only fan of velvet scrunchies, though. Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, the mastermind behind The Beachwaver, is too. “I love a good velvet scrunchie in the winter,” she says. “The deep colors combined with the feel of the fabric create a nice tight ponytail that looks chic.”

Price at time of publish: $98

Colors: 1 | Materials: Velvet | Count: 1

Best for Wet Hair

Kitsch Towel Scrunchie

Towel Scrunchie


What We Love: The highly-absorbent scrunchies can be individually or in packs of up to four. 

What We Don’t Love: Given the thick material, the elastic can’t be wound as many times. 

You know how microfiber hair towels are designed to dry and protect wet strands? Now, microfiber scrunchies exist, too. “Kitsch makes a microfiber scrunchie that is awesome for wet hair — it’s super absorbent and cuts down on drying time,” says Rubenstein. 

The Kitsch Towel Scrunchie is sold in seven colors and prints, including serene tie-dye and bold leopard patterns, which can be bought individually or in bundles. 

Price at time of publish: $18

Colors: 7 | Materials: Microfiber | Count: Offered in packs of 1 and 4

Best Oversized

Kitsch Dinner Scrunchie

Dinner Scrunchie


What We Love: The oversized silhouette instantly elevates any updo. 

What We Don’t Love: They’re only sold in two colors. 

Kitsch doesn’t only make stellar Towel Scrunchies — their Dinner Scrunchie is a popular favorite for its chic, oversized chiffon silhouette. According to Rubenstein, this style looks great with all hair types, especially those with long lengths. The ultra-lightweight scrunchies add an air of elegance to any outfit, and since they’re so sheer, they work just as well on fine hair as they do thick.

Price at time of publish: $14

Colors: 2 | Materials: Chiffon | Count: 1

Best for Fine Hair

Slip Skinnies

What We Love: They’re made of high quality silk and are thin enough to wrap around thin and fine hair several times. 

What We Don’t Love: They can stretch out over time.

Slip might be best known for their stunning (and oh-so-comfy) silk pillowcases, but their hair ties shouldn’t be slept on (pun intended). 

Slip offers hair ties in a variety of sizes, but their Small Scrunchies are ideal for fine hair. Their smaller size ensures that the tie will stay firmly in place, even on fine or thin hair. 

NYC-based IGK stylist Olya Ludina points out that they also work well for holding thick hair too, since they can be wound tightly. And, even if you do tie them tighter, the silk design ensures that your strands won’t be damaged

Price at time of publish: $39

Colors: 5 | Materials: Silk | Count: 6

Best for Workouts

Scünci Rolled-Edge Elastics

Scünci Rolled-Edge Elastics

What We Love: The seamless design is gentle on hair and doesn’t snag.

What We Don’t Love: There aren’t any fun color options.

While you can technically wear any scrunchie to workout, Ludina says that opting for one that’s designed to stay put as you run, bike or bounce around, is key. Scünchi is a tried-and-true drugstore brand that we rely on for times when we need a firm hold that one budge an inch, despite how many burpees we do. 

They’re made with a soft, flexible nylon that will expand to accommodate thick or curly hair, but won’t stretch out over time. And although the twisted design looks like a cute detail, it offers a legitimate purpose  — it reduces the amount of tension placed on hair to avoid a crease. 

Price at time of publish: $4

Colors: 1 | Materials: Nylon | Count: 6

Best for Running at Night

Lululemon Skinny Reflective Scrunchies

Skinny Reflective Scrunchies


What We Love: They have reflective edges that glow in oncoming lights. 

What We Don’t Love: They’re only sold in two color combo packs. 

If you’re a night runner, it’s a good idea to wear all the reflective gear you can to remain safe — scrunchie included. These unique scrunchies from Lululemon are designed with reflective trims that shine brightly in oncoming light. 

According to Ludina, these scrunchies are particularly great for all hair types, even fine and thin hair, as the elastic is on the smaller side. As much as we love them, we do wish that they came in more color options, or even in sets of all black. Still, given their unique design, they’re a must if you spend time outdoors in the dark. 

Price at time of publish: $32

Colors: 2 | Materials: Polyester and elastane | Count: 3

Best Pattern

Beachwaver Oversized Scrunchie

Oversized Scrunchie


What We Love: The Beachwaver Scrunchies are made with the prettiest colors and prints.

What We Don’t Love: They’re made in small batches and are incredibly popular, so they sell out quickly. 

If you’re hoping to make your messy bun, low bun, or high pony really pop, you’ll want a  scrunchie that does more than just pull your hair back. That’s where Beachwaver comes into play. While most scrunchie brands sell solid colors and basic prints, like florals and leopard, Beachwaver goes all out with special-edition collabs and ultra-unique prints (we’re still swooning over the Baked by Melissa Oversized Scrunchie). 

The only issue? They’re so good looking that they sell out fast. 

Price at time of publish: $12

Colors: 12 | Materials: Silk | Count: 1

Best for Thick Hair

GIMME Thick Fit Hair Bands

GIMME Bands Thick Fit Hair Ties


What We Love: They’re sold in a wide range of colors, including a fun electric combo. 

What We Don’t Love: They don’t work as well with fine or thin hair. 

The GIMME Thick Fit Hair Bands don’t quite look like your classic scrunchie, but David still recommends them as the best option for thick tresses. “Scrunchies with a wider band or made of stretchy fabric are best for thick hair, as they can accommodate more hair and prevent breakage,” he says, adding that the GIMME Bands work especially well. 

These thick hair ties are sold in 10 different packs, including single color and multicolor assortments.

Price at time of publish: $12

Colors: 11 | Materials: Microfiber elastic | Count: 6

Best for Sleeping

The Sleepie Tie Original Sleepy Tie

Original Sleepy Tie

The Sleepie Tie

What We Love: It’s specifically designed for protecting blowouts. 

What We Don’t Love: It’s a bit tricky to learn how to use. 

Extending the life of a blowout is a delicate dance, often ruined by too-tight hair ties. The Sleepy Tie was specifically designed to wear on silky, blow-dried hair to help maintain its soft, crease-free appearance. You can wear these ties to bed without needing to worry about what your hair will look like in the morning. 

Plus, the silk material makes them a dream to sleep on. “Silk scrunchies are so good for overnight wear,” Potempa agrees. “The material protects your styles for gorgeous, smooth day-two hair.”

Price at time of publish: $30

Colors: 5 | Material: Satin | Count: 1

What to Keep in Mind


“The best scrunchie fabric choice will depend on personal preference and the type of hair you have,” Davis says. 

Satin and silk scrunchies are beloved for their lightweight feel that doesn’t cause creasing. They’re easy for all hair types to wear. 

Velvet is a trendier option. It looks fancy, but the heavier material makes it best for those with thick or curly hair. 

Jersey and cotton scrunchies are light and quite stretchy, making them especially comfortable to wear, no matter your hair type.  


Scrunchies are available in a variety of sizes, from extra small to oversized. When selecting a scrunchie, consider your hair type first. Typically, those with thicker hair can wear larger or heavier scrunchies than those with thin or fine hair. 

However, you can’t look at size alone, as the material used matters, too. Oversized chiffon scrunchies can be worn by all hair types without weighing the ponytail down, as chiffon is an airy fabric, while jumbo-sized velvet options are likely too heavy, unless your hair is dense or curly.

Your Questions, Answered

What is the purpose of a scrunchie?

Scrunchies are a type of hair tie designed to pull hair back. “I love that the scrunchie was created by a nightclub performer inspired by the waistband of her sweatpants,” says Potempa. “Scrunchies were first designed in the 1980s as an alternative to pulling your hair back with an elastic. The purpose was to minimize the damage caused by elastics in hair by creating a protective fabric layer between the hair and the elastic.” 

Are scrunchies or regular elastics better for hair?

Scrunchies tend to be better to keep hair healthy. While both scrunchies and classic hair ties are made with elastic, scrunchies are safer because the elastic band — the element that tugs hair, which can lead to breakage — is wrapped in fabric, which prevents the elastic from pulling.

“Some other amazing benefits of using scrunchies over a standard hair elastic is that the extra fabric helps allow you to secure your hair without twisting the scrunchie too tightly,” says Potempa. “This can help prevent soreness, headaches, and hair loss over regular use.”

Additionally, Potempa says the scrunchies are less likely to crease your hair, so you can throw your hair up without fear of how it will look when you let it down in a few hours. 

What fabric is best for scrunchies?

“Smooth, silky materials, like satin and silk, have been trending throughout the haircare game from pillowcases, heatless curlers, and — yes — scrunchies,” says Potempa. “This is because silkier materials don’t grab the hair like other fabrics, like cotton, do. Your hair is able to glide over silky fabrics with significantly less pulling and ripping than other fabrics.”

Silky scrunchies won’t cause creases within hair, which can help prolong blowouts or styled strands, and they’[re easy to sleep in. When Potempa wants to extend a hairstyle, she “creates a loose twist or braid and secures it with a silky oversized scrunchie overnight.”

She says this trick “keeps my waves intact without pulling or creasing overnight.”

Are scrunchies back in style?

Scrunchies are everywhere and you can spot everyone, from celebrities and influencers, to people at your local coffee shop, sporting one. Social media is even on fire with jokes about wearing an emotional support scrunchie on your wrist just in case you have to pull your hair up quickly. 

While many scrunchies look reserved for athleisure, Ludina is quick to point out that luxury scrunchies from brands like Versace, Ganni, Jacquemus, Prada, and Marc Jacobs exist, too. Suffice to say, she says that scrunchies can be incorporated into any outfit, not just lounge ensembles.

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