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It’s fun to go shopping and add beautiful new pieces to your wardrobe, but it can also be a frustrating experience — especially for those who wear plus-size clothing. Let’s face it. Some stores claim to be size-inclusive, but only offer one or two styles in extra sizes. Others may even have the plus-size items tucked away on a rack in the back of the store. Worse still, the limited options tend to be low quality or out of date, instead of something stylish and modern

Plus-size clothing subscription boxes transform the typical (frustration-riddled) shopping experience into something magical. With brands tailored specifically to plus-sized people (instead of companies that add plus-size items as an afterthought), you can head to your mailbox each month and find stylish, trendy pieces that fit your unique body and style. To help you pick the one for you, we’ve rounded up seven of the best plus-size clothing subscription boxes — offering everything from workwear to workout clothes — in an effort to help you transform your regular shopping experience.

Best Plus-Size Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2023

Best Overall: Dia & Co

dia and co best online styling services

Key Specs

  • Base Price: $18 per quarter
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 10 to 32
  • Personal stylist curates each box

  • Different plans based on desired number of items

  • Impeccable customer service, including live chats with a stylist

  • Thorough personal style quiz with body-type-focused questions

  • Difficult to preview individual item prices before subscribing

Why It's a Top Pick

Dia & Co earns our pick as the best plus-size clothing subscription box because it offers an affordable way to enjoy personal styling and to try curated styles before you buy. The company considers itself “the premiere style destination for sizes 10 to 32,” and for good reason. Dia & Co offers a subscription box for plus-sized people that are fully customized by your own personal stylist. First, you take the company’s thorough style quiz, which includes questions that help identify your perfect sizing. The quiz’s specificity helps your stylist pick items that fit your unique body type, taking into account the fact that most of us wear different sizes in tops than we do in bottoms. 

After taking the style quiz, you’ll receive a stylist-crafted box each month (free shipping, exchanges, and returns included!). Try on the items to see what you love, then purchase only those items and return the rest. The more clothing you buy, the more you save on your purchase. 

Dia & Co offers three subscription box plans: 

  • Three items per month for $18, billed quarterly
  • Five items per month for $24, billed quarterly
  • Seven items per month for $30, billed quarterly

Best on a Budget: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Maternity

Stitch Fix Maternity

Key Specs

  • Base Price: $20 per month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: XS to 3X and 14W to 24W
  • Team of fit experts collects client feedback

  • Plus-size pieces for every price range

  • No price markups on plus sizes

  • Good variety of brands and item types

  • No option to upload photos of yourself

  • Item pricing varies drastically

Why It's a Top Pick

Stitch Fix is one of the most well-known clothing subscription boxes, and for plus-size shoppers, it’s an amazing option. The company carries a variety of size-inclusive styles from popular brands and exclusive Stitch Fix labels alike. 

Like Dia & Co, your experience at Stitch Fix begins with a style quiz. We love the “Style Shuffle” feature of the quiz, where you swipe through different looks and vote yes or no, depending on your preferences. This helps your stylist identify your unique personal style through visual examples right off the bat. 

Choose how often you’d like to receive your box (in the Stitch Fix world, it’s called a “fix”): every two to three weeks, every month, or every two to three months. Each box comes with a $20 styling fee that then becomes a credit toward the items you purchase from your box. If you end up loving and keeping all five items, you’ll also get a 25% discount. Lastly, you can shop individual plus-size styles anytime, and no subscription is required.

Best Dresses: Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage

Key Specs

  • Base Price: $50 per month
  • Free Shipping? Only on orders above $150
  • Size Range: XS to 5X (plus sizing in 18 to 26)
  • Vintage-inspired fashion for every body type

  • Diverse and size-inclusive brand

  • Ongoing support for women’s, animal, and LGBTQ+ charitable partners

  • Offers “Dress of the Month” club subscription

  • No personalization options

Why It's a Top Pick

CEO and founder Katie Echeverry is passionate about curating iconic designs with a blend of vintage inspiration and contemporary feels. And she does so for everybody — not just one body type. Unique Vintage truly is a diverse and inclusive company, and it feels that way throughout every element of the shopping experience (especially product photography). 

Unique Vintage offers sizes ranging from XS up to 5X, with separate XL and 1X sizes (a rare treat). The website itself offers everything from workwear to swimwear, but the company really shines in its dress selection. With unique pieces that stand out, the collections feel totally fresh and not at all reminiscent of that gross “plus size rack is in the back” vibe. 

The Dress of the Month subscription box offers the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe each month on a budget. For just $50 per month (which is up to 70% off original dress prices), you’ll receive a unique vintage dress in your size. If it doesn’t fit, or you don’t love it, simply send it back for a full refund. 

Best Trendy Styles: Fashion to Figure Closet

FTF Closet Logo

FTF Closet

Key Specs

  • Base Price: $55 per month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 12 to 28 (XL to 3XL)
  • Offers only plus-size clothing with plus-size product photos

  • Ability to rate items for better suggestions

  • You choose what’s in your box

  • Option to include both clothing and accessories

  • If items are damaged before you return them, you’re responsible

  • No personalized stylist recommendations 

Why It's a Top Pick

Fashion to Figure Closet offers trendy, plus-size fashion exclusively designed and meticulously fit to celebrate your curves. It’s a rental clothing box subscription, which means you select monthly pieces for your box, and then wear them as many times as you like before returning them the following month. Anything you want to keep from your box can be purchased for up to 50% off the retail price. 

Fashion to Figure offers two membership plans starting at $55 per month: one with three items of clothing per month, and the other with three items of clothing and two accessories per month. If something happens to the clothes while you’re wearing them — like a rip or permanent stain — you’re responsible, but the company offers a 5-a-month insurance plan that covers all repairable damages, like non permanent stains and missing buttons. 

We love that all of the models are plus-sized and that the company collects feedback and reviews on every item to help provide tailored recommendations for sizing and styles.

Best Clothing Rentals: Rent the Runway

Rent The Runway logo

Key Specs

  • Base Price: $94 per month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 0 to 22
  • 800+ brands to choose from

  • No commitment required (change plans or cancel any time)

  • Stress-free styling with shipping and dry-cleaning included

  • Three subscription plans to choose from

  • No option to buy items if you love them

Why It's a Top Pick

Rent the Runway offers a monthly style refresh tailored to the events on your social calendar. It’s like having access to the world’s largest designer closet, with styles ranging from size 00 to 22. This company offers one of the best ways to rent stylish plus-size clothing (with tens of thousands of designer styles to choose from), without paying designer prices. 

First, you pick the items for your box. Next, you decide when you want to return them. Finally, you swap out your items and repeat. Each of Rent the Runway’s plans gives you four items at a time, and you choose how many shipments you want (some people do once a month, while others opt for shipments every single week). 

When you join Rent the Runway, you’ll also get access to personalized fit tools and members-only sales for exclusive discounts. 

The company offers three subscription plans: 

  • Four designer items per month: $69 trial month, and $94 per month after that
  • Eight items per month in two shipments: $99 per month for two months, and $144 per month after that
  • Sixteen items per month in four shipments: $169 per month for two months, and $235 per month after that

Rent the Runway is one of the best plus-size clothing subscription options, particularly for those looking to style a specific event. Items arrive ready to wear, with shipping and dry-cleaning included, and you can even order an item in two sizes if you’re worried about the perfect fit for your event. 

Best Styled-For-You Box: Stylogic

Stylogic Logo


Key Specs

  • Base Price: $20 per month
  • Free Shipping? No
  • Size Range: 12 to 36 (L to 6X)
  • Stylist-curated outfits for a perfect fit

  • Extremely size-inclusive, up to 6X

  • Apparel and accessory items included in your box

  • Fairly priced; no markup for plus sizing

  • Item pricing varies drastically between $25 and $250

  • No option to shop without subscribing

Why It's a Top Pick

Stylogic provides a personal stylist experience from the comfort of your home, without the high prices. After you create your fashion profile, the company handpicks complete outfits for you, called “Stylogic sets.” Once you receive a set, you can try it on, buy what you’d like, and return what you don’t. 

Typically, an outfit set includes clothing, shoes, a bag, and accessories. Like Stitch Fix and other similar styling services, Stylogic charges a $20 styling fee per set, which is credited toward your purchase. If you decide to keep all five items in a set, you’ll score an additional 20% off. Keep in mind, you have seven days to try everything and decide what (if anything) you’d like to keep. 

With Stylogic, you set your budget preferences and outline your style and lifestyle needs. That way, your stylist can craft the perfect outfits for you, no matter your sizing. The company offers apparel up to a 6X, or 36. 

Best Activewear & Workout Clothing: Fabletics

Fabletics Logo


Key Specs

  • Base Price: $59.95 per month
  • Free Shipping? On orders over $49.95
  • Size Range: XXS to 4XL (2 to 24)
  • 20% to 50% off all styles for members 

  • Free members-only access to the Fabletics FIT app (on-demand workouts)

  • Monthly membership fee includes a redeemable credit 

  • Membership perks also apply to Lizzo’s activewear brand, Yitty

  • If you forget to skip a month before the deadline, you’ll still be charged

Why It's a Top Pick

Fabletics has established itself as one of the best plus-size subscription services for women on the go (particularly after its partnership with Lizzo). The company offers leggings, shorts, bras, loungewear, jackets, and matching sets in sizes XXS to 4XL, or sizes 2 to 24. You can shop anytime without being a member, but joining the Fabletics VIP member experience helps you unlock extra savings. 

To become a member, simply pay a $59.95 per month fee for unique perks, including: 

  • A promotional credit, which can be redeemed for any two-piece outfit or item up to $100 (on Fabletics or
  • 20% to 50% off everything, including weekly new arrivals 
  • Free access to the Fabletics FIT app, complete with trainer-led, on-demand workouts
  • Loyalty points ($1 = 1 point) to redeem for cash rewards and free products

Member credits are valid for 12 months, so you don’t have to use them right away. You can also skip a month or two at any time (there’s no limit to the number of months you can skip). You also get free shipping on orders over $49.95, and free returns and exchanges, always. 

Best Work Clothes: Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee

Key Specs

  • Base Price: $49 per month
  • Free Shipping? Yes
  • Size Range: 0 to 32
  • Unlimited free returns on rental items

  • Rent and return, or buy your favorite pieces for less-than-retail pricing

  • Free trial period 

  • Variety of plans and price points to fit your unique needs

  • No petite or tall sizing available

  • More expensive than other rental services

Why It's a Top Pick

Gwynnie Bee started by serving only plus-sized people (sizes 10 to 32) but has now expanded to include sizes 0 to 32. It’s a rent-to-own service that allows you to choose the number of pieces you’d like to rent at a time. You can also purchase the pieces you like, or simply return them (no cleaning required prior to returning). 

We love that Gwynnie Bee offers a huge variety of trendy items from top brands and curated collections, with new styles launching weekly. The company does not specifically offer petite or tall sizing but puts together curated collections for members under 5 foot 3 inches or over 5 foot 9 inches tall.

The company also offers a variety of subscription plans to fit any budget:

  • One item for $49 per month
  • Two items for $69 per month
  • Three items for $95 per month
  • Five items for $139 per month
  • Seven items for $179 per month
  • 10 items for $199 per month

Final Verdict

Dia & Co earns our top pick as the best plus-size clothing subscription box due to its personalized, stylist-crafted plans for sizes 1XL to 5XL (or 10 to 32). The service starts with a thorough style quiz which helps your stylist understand your wardrobe preferences. You can also take advantage of a premade-themed box for a quick closet upgrade. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Outfits Do You Get in a Plus-Size Clothing Subscription Box?

    Plus-size clothing subscription boxes offer different plans with a set amount of items per month. Many include four to seven items, but pricier services, including rental sites, start with just one item per month. Others allow you an unlimited number of items per month, depending on your budget.

  • What Sizes Do Plus-Size Clothing Subscription Boxes Offer?

    Sizing varies per subscription service, but most offer up to at least size 3X. Some companies, like Dia & Co and Unique Vintage, offer up to 5X, while Stylogic offers up to 6X.

  • What Age Group Do Plus-Size Clothing Subscription Boxes Target?

    All ages can successfully shop plus-size clothing subscription boxes. However, it’s important to browse websites, price points, and brands and styles to first see what company best matches your style and needs.

  • How Often Can You Get a Plus-Size Clothing Subscription Box?

    Typically, plus-size clothing boxes ship monthly, but some offer on-demand or weekly offerings. In most instances, you can choose the frequency that works best for your lifestyle.

  • What Brands Are Best for Plus-Size Clothing?

    Size-inclusive brands should offer a full range of plus-size clothing in all styles. Brands like Fabletics and Unique Vintage craft pieces in all sizes for every body type, while offering diverse styles that follow trends, instead of leaving you feeling outdated.


To find the best plus-size subscription boxes, we researched several clothing subscription companies. We rated and ranked each company based on the following criteria:

  • Size range
  • Subscription price
  • Number of items per box
  • Shipping costs
  • Discount availability
  • Brand variety
  • Rental time

Subscriptions that offered plus-size clothing options and an accessible price range were ranked highly. Companies that also offered low or free shipping costs, discounts, and flexible try-on periods were also given precedence over other competitors. Any companies that didn’t make an impact in any of the aforementioned criteria didn’t make it past our initial round of research.

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