The 10 Best Overalls for Every Body and Budget

Gap’s Slouchy Overalls impressed us with its soft comfort and classic details

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Overalls have long been downgraded to utilitarian workwear, but this low-effort, high-impact garment deserves more. Whether you’re looking for the practicality and durability of old-school denim or a modern take on an old favorite, there’s truly an impressive variety to choose from. Gone are the days of exclusively choosing between denim and canvas. Leather? Check. Patterns? Check. Saturated, stand-out colors? Check. We have you covered (pun definitely intended). 

“You can dress them up and make them chic or keep them casual,” says Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe and author of Body Talk, who adds that the versatility of the garment is what makes them really shine. And the highly adjustable straps, side-closure buttons, and general customizable nature of the garment lend themselves to working for a wider range of bodies than most seasonal trends.

Because we know how overwhelming the choices can be, we researched and evaluated the best fits, styles, and price ranges to guide you towards the overalls we consider the best. Gap’s Slouchy Overalls with Washwell stood out to us the most for their adjustability, comfort, practicality, and versatility. 

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Without further ado, these are some of our current favorites.

Best Overall

GAP Slouchy Overalls with WashWell

GAP Slouchy Overalls with WashWell


What We Love: Everything we want in our overalls and nothing we don’t. 

What We Don’t Love: They have limited washes to choose from.

A true classic, these Gap overalls are the platonic ideal — medium wash denim with a little stretch, roomy pockets at the hips and bib, and racerback straps. Because the straps adjust more than other pairs we tried, the waist can sit high or convert into a drop-waist without sacrificing coverage at the chest. Side-closure buttons also create more shape when fastened. And while the overalls come cuffed, you can easily take it down or create a larger cuff for those looking for less length.

This pair has the durability of Gap’s premium denim with added WashWell, which will keep them in good condition even if you wash your denim often. They’re sturdy enough to be work-wear, but cute enough to be dressed up with a chunky bootie or heel.

Size Range: XS - XXL regular and petite | Wash: Medium Indigo | Details: Oversized, minimal stretch, tapered ankle-length leg

Best Splurge

Frame Classic Overall

Frame Classic Overall


What We Love: They have a Goldilocks fit: not too slouchy and not too fitted.

What We Don’t Love: They run long, so be prepared to tailor or cuff. 

The wash on Frame’s Classic Overall feels particularly upscale — which is good, considering the price tag. Although the denim has little to no stretch, Chloe Anello, senior commerce editor for InStyle, loves the already-broken-in feel and luxurious details, like the accommodating side-buttons and sturdy carpenter loops. The fit is slouchy enough to be comfortable, but fitted enough to be flattering. Two washes are available: the medium blue Pisces wash and the faded black Blackwater. And both use Frame’s technology PURE, which creates the washes we love but with virtually no water in their eco-conscious L.A. facilities, so even with the price tag, you can feel good about your purchase.

Size Range: XXS - XXL | Wash: Pisces (Medium Blue) | Details: A little slouchy, rigid denim, ankle-length  

Best Plus Size

Old Navy Slouchy Straight Ecru-Wash Workwear Jean Overalls

Old Navy Slouchy Straight Ecru-Wash Workwear Jean Overalls

Old Navy

What We Love: Seriously inclusive size range and very adjustable straps.

What We Don’t Love: A little stiff on the first wear.

The light, almost-eggshell ecru wash immediately sets these Old Navy overalls apart from traditional workwear. Despite that, the stitching feels durable and the fabric has some heft to it, which does make them feel a bit rigid at first. The straps are very adjustable, and the loose, straight leg and relaxed-fit top lend themselves to making these truly customizable overalls. No other brand we tested had anywhere near a size 30, not to mention that every size is also available in tall and petite. These worked just as well with a tank top as with a cardigan. And the price-point? Priceless. 

Size Range: 00 - 30 in regular, tall, and petite | Wash: Ecru | Details: Relaxed fit, rigid denim, ankle-length

Best Value

Everlane The Canvas Overalls

Everlane The Canvas Overalls


What We Love: The roomy hip pockets and classic silhouette. 

What We Don’t Love: Limited washes available.

Everlane’s The Canvas Overall is the classic painter’s overall, but better. Made of 100% cotton canvas, these feature classic utility details: the painter’s loop, big hip pockets, metallic enamel hardware, and sturdy, craftsman-inspired topstitching. Sure, they’re not the cheapest on this list, but the quality of the material and construction made them well worth our best value title. And with a relaxed fit, straight-leg, and easily cuffable hems, they’re just as comfortable as they are practical. 

Size Range: 00 - 16 | Wash: Canvas | Details: Relaxed fit, little-to-no stretch, ankle-length 

Best Updated Classic

Free People Ziggy Denim Overall

Free People Ziggy Denim Overall

Free People

What We Love: The 90’s overalls you remember with updated details. 

What We Don’t Love: The hip pockets could be roomier.

These are the overalls you remember, with a few very important changes. You’ll recognize the slouchy silhouette, tapered legs, classic blue-jean wash, and bib pockets. What’s new? Exaggerated hip pockets for a twist (and practicality), a third bib pocket, and a very narrow criss-cross back, which shows off a little more of whatever you’ve got underneath. Those details, coupled with the big cuffs and instant wearability right out of the package, had us reaching for these over and over again. 

Size Range: XS - XXL in regular and short | Wash: Sapphire Blue | Details: Slouchy, soft denim, ankle-length with cuffs

Best Oversized

Madewell Denim Oversized Carpenter Overalls

Madewell Denim Oversized Carpenter Overalls


What We Love: The oversize fit that doesn’t sacrifice shape. 

What We Don’t Love: They come in one wash. 

Madewell’s aptly named Denim Oversize Carpenter Overalls walk that fine line between oversized comfort and not looking like you’re wearing a potato sack. How do they do it? The high waist has side-closure buttons that cut in just the right amount to give you shape without being form-fitting. The wide legs and exaggerated, square hip pockets add dimension and keep these overalls balanced, and the carpenter loop and roomy bib pockets keep them practical. Cuffed or uncuffed, our researchers loved these oversized overalls. 

Size Range: XXS - XXL | Wash: Bretton (light blue) | Details: Oversized, little stretch, ankle-length

Best Fitted

Madewell Straight Leg Overalls

Madewell Straight Leg Overalls


What We Love: The subtly sexy fit and the soft black wash.

What We Don’t Love: The denim has zero stretch. 

We never thought we’d feel sexy in overalls. But enter Madewell’s Straight Leg Overalls in Lunar Wash — the leg-lengthening, just-fitted-enough, holds-everything-in pair that changed our minds. With racerback straps and adjustable side-closure buttons, they have all the hallmarks of classic overalls, but the cut makes them worthy of date-night. Wear them with something silky underneath and minimalist gold jewelry or a plain T-shirt and sneakers for a more utilitarian look.

Size Range: XXS - XXL | Wash: Lunar (black) | Details: Fitted, no stretch, ankle-length

Best Workwear

Wrangler Casey Jones Straight Leg Bib Overalls

Wrangler Casey Jones Straight Leg Bib Overalls


What We Love: The durability and the fit.

What We Don’t Love: Limited size range.

These classic overalls from Wrangler prove why they’ve been a household name for workwear since 1904. The thicker fabric and topstitching immediately designate these as durable, and the 70 percent cotton mixed with 30 percent hemp denim will make sure these last a long time, whether you’re working or relaxing in them. But, they look so good on the body that we’d wear them out, too. They have a broken-in feel and a cut that hugs the waist just enough to provide shape, while the wide-legs add balance. The Casey Jones Overall is all about doing your work and looking good doing it. Enough said. 

Size Range: XS - XL | Wash: Summertime (medium blue) | Details: A little slouchy, a little stretch, ankle-length

Best Organic Cotton

Outerknown Voyage Overalls

Outerknown Voyage Overalls


What We Love: Made out of organic cotton, these are the most sustainable choice on this list.

What We Don’t Love: Limited size range.

These overalls are the antidote to fast fashion: not only are they made in a Fair Trade Certified facility, but they’re also created from 90 percent organic cotton and 10 percent recycled cotton with no synthetic chemicals added. You can feel great about the impact (or lack thereof) you’re making on the environment. And on top of that, they fit perfectly.

The lightweight denim with utility pockets and smart details hangs just right, while a button-closure bib pocket and a lower criss-crossed back make them feel a bit more modern, even as the soft-wash fabric gives them a pre-worn touch. 

Size Range: XS - L | Wash: Faded Indigo (light blue) | Details: Relaxed fit, a little stretch, ankle-length

Best Coveralls

Wildfang The Essential Sleeveless High Waisted Coverall

Wildfang The Essential Sleeveless High Waisted Coverall


What We Love: The patterns and the looks-good-on-everyone fit. 

What We Don’t Love: People with longer torsos may need to size up.

We’re skeptical about some cult-loved brands — are most of them really worth the hype? — but Wildfang lives up to everything we’ve heard and then some. They’re just plain good. The fabric is buttery-soft. The forgiving yet flattering fit can be customized. And oh, the color options! (Olive? Denim? Vintage bird, anyone?) The sleeveless option makes it a year-round staple, with sandals in the summer and a sweater or jacket over it in the winter. The elastic back provides maximum comfort and the two-button adjustable waist tab lets you cinch or relax the fit, depending on your mood. It zips up to a collar that keeps its shape and snaps closed. Sometimes things are truly worth the hype. 

Size Range: XS - 3X | Wash: Navy, Denim, Vintage Bird, Olive, Chambray | Details: Fitted, stretchy soft, ankle-length with a knee seam

What to Keep in Mind


Since overalls are experiencing a bit of a renaissance, you can find pretty much every cut and fit you could ever imagine. Most overalls, however, will fall into one of two camps: fitted or oversized. If searching for fitted, the overalls will hug your body shape, while oversized will be intentionally roomy. It’s all about preference, but read the measurements to make sure you won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of fabric (or lack thereof).


We typically think of denim when we think overalls, but the world is really your oyster as far as fabrics. There are leather overalls, linen overalls, velvet overalls, and the list goes on. Most of the overalls we found, however, are one of three things: canvas, rigid denim, or stretch denim.

Canvas, which is traditionally made from cotton (and sometimes linen), is known for being sturdy and durable. Some come blended with synthetics to create a water-resistant material great for workwear, but they tend to have much less give and, if any, stretch. Rigid denim works the same way — it has no stretch — so if that’s an important element to you, opt for something with a tiny bit of spandex. But be warned, they may not last quite as long as rigid denim because synthetic materials deteriorate faster over time.

Your Questions, Answered

What's the best shirt to wear under overalls?  

Despite their work-wear reputation, overalls are surprisingly versatile. Celebrity fashion stylist and costume designer Tyler Minor says, “You can’t go wrong with a simple white T,” but “stripes and patterns are a fun way to be flirty with your fashion sense,” either under the overalls or on the garment itself. Diana Tsui, NYC-based consultant, stylist, and writer, also gravitates towards basics for underneath overalls: “For me, there’s nothing that doesn’t work with a black turtleneck,” she writes, “It always pulls everything together and lends an elegant, minimal vibe.” For warmer weather, keep things casual with a tank or even a swimsuit top underneath. As the temperature drops, a sweatshirt or sweater either under or over the overalls is on-trend, as is a button-down like this Jacquemus combo

How do you wash overalls? 

It depends on the fabric. If the overalls are denim, Tyler Minor writes, “I suggest caring for them the same way you care for your jeans. Wash them inside out with cold water, and only wash them when needed. You don't have to wash denim after every wear.” For other fabrics, follow the instructions on the garment tags. One of our favorite parts about overalls, however, is that they are typically meant to be durable. “For regular denim and workwear, I don’t treat it too preciously, just toss in the washer and let it do its thing,” writes Diana Tsui.

What shoes do I wear with overalls? 

Despite the versatility of overalls, one thing our stylists all agree on: you’ll want a chunky shoe. “The great thing about overalls is that you can keep it super casual with a sneaker or elevate your look with a heel or boot. Try a cute sensible heel or a cool chunky bootie,” writes Tyler Minor. 

And Diana Tsui agrees: move towards volume when choosing shoes, but that doesn’t have to mean heels. “Since overalls are so casual, you want to stick to flat or flatform shoes. I’m a huge fan of cool clogs like these by Simon Miller or Suicoke,” Tsui writes. And in the summer, “Birkenstocks or Tevas are great in the summer but if you’re looking for something a little trendier, fisherman sandals are the way to go. The Row makes an incredible pair but if that’s out of your budget then these ones by Everlane are similar.” 

As far as what to avoid, Tsui writes: “this isn’t the moment for Stan Smiths or Converse All-Stars, you’ll want something bigger.” And if you’re truly trying to keep it simple, Sturino says that one of her personal favorite ways to wear overalls is to keep them “country casual with just a T-shirt and Crocs.” 

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