The One Nail Polish Color Each Sign Should Wear for Capricorn Season

The next 30 days will have endless possibilities and opportunities.

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

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Welcome to Capricorn season and the winter months.

Dec. 21 not only brought us into the constellation of the sea-goat, but this date moved us towards a new season. That means the next 30 days will have endless possibilities and opportunities, which is why you should adorn your nails with some fabulous holiday nail polishes to embrace the fun-filled sentiments, and the joy coming your way.

Step out of your comfort zone — lean into sparkles, glitter, metallics, and bright hues to get into the seasonal spirit.

Discover the best nail polish for your zodiac sign to wear during Capricorn season, ahead.

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Capricorn: Smith & Cult in Kundalini Hustle

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season


To shop: $18;

A bright red nail polish will entice you to have a lot of fun during your birthday month and the upcoming seasonal festivities. You can wear this color at the boardroom, happy hour, and holiday parties to completely embrace Christmas vibes.

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Aquarius: essie expressie in Pearlescent Iced Out Top Coat

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season


To shop: $10;

You are known for your peaceful nature, which is why this opalescent nail polish speaks to your heart right now. You’ll be able to use this glimmering hue to bring positive energy to those you love — as well as yourself. Embrace the good energy that is coming your way.

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Pisces: People of Color Nail Polish in Masquerade

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

People of Color

To shop: $12;

You are wanting to fully embrace your power this month. What better way to do so than to paint your fins in a rich purple color. Now, you can use your magical sea-witchy ways to lean into your ambitions and create the world you want, with your imagination and dreams.

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Aries: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Hyp-nautical

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season


To shop: $8;

A two tone blue-green nail polish is helping you embrace the changes that are coming your way this month. The nail polish is helping you grow and evolve in all areas like work and relationships. Lean into the transformative vibe that Capricorn season offers. Plus, it is holiday chic, too.

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Taurus: 10+ Free in Tis the Season to Sparkle

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

10+ Free

To shop: $12;

Your current nail polish vibe is black. Not only does it match every item in your wardrobe and every color lipstick you have, but it serves as a type of shield from all the Scrooges and Grinches in your life this holiday season. It’s the best defense for your nails.  

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Gemini: Butter London in Royal Emerald

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

Butter London

To shop: $18;

It’s time to plant the seeds for the future — although you may be too caught up in the present to think about what’s coming next. Green nail polish will bring in prosperity and abundance. Ya know, all the brilliant, wonderful things you need and want to attain. 

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Cancer: ILNP in Full Moon

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season


To shop: $10;

Being that your planetary ruler is the moon, this full moon color will raise your intuition and allow you to see all matters clearly. Plus, it’ll look lovely on your nails as well as offer you peace of mind due to your clairvoyance, sentimentality, and luminescence like the lunar phases.

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Leo: Olive & June in Obsessed

 Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

Olive & June

To shop: $9;

A dark red nail polish is ideal for your blood thirsty paws — especially since you are using them to claw your way to the top. Also, they’ll help you embrace your passions in the days ahead — even though Mercury and Mars retrograde is putting a damper on them. 

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Virgo: ella+mila in Champagne Pop

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

Ella + Mila

To shop: $11;

The month ahead is asking to embrace your creativity, which means that a soft rose gold nail polish will give you the push in the right artistic direction. Plus, it’ll help in attracting romance and love into your life as well. All these sentiments will heighten your happiness and talents.

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Libra: Deborah Lippmann in Genie in a Bottle

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

Neiman Marcus

To shop: $20;

Indulge your Venusian spirit with a vibrant purple nail polish to make you feel like the diva that you are. Adorn your nails with this spirited color to create the perfect blend of regal elegance in your life. If you wear it on your nails, it’ll become reality.

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Scorpio: sundays in No.32

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season

Dear Sunday

To shop: $18;

Although you rarely speak your mind (you’re a water sign and use your intuition to make noise), a dark gray polish offers you peace and protection from saying harsh words as well as being the recipient of unruly communication. Use this on your stingers to ensure you don’t hurt others.

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Sagittarius: OPI in I Pink It’s Snowing

Nail Polish for Capricorn Season


To shop: $14;

Since you have an over-the-top personality, you’ll want to adorn your nails with a bright, festive color to embrace the holidays. Not only does the hue align with your vibe, but the sparkles and glitter give you the chance to be seen which will help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

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