The One Nail Color Each Sign Should Wear for Sagittarius Season

Capricorns will need something chill.

Nov. 21 ushered in the last few weeks of autumn, and the beginning of Sagittarius season.

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

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So as we saunder through the days ahead, we will be inspired and motivated to embrace life to the fullest and revel in the days before the stresses of the holidays appear. Therefore, we should find a new look for our nails that infuses vibrant colors with our innate passions.

The days of playing it safe with nail polish colors is over — have fun and pick a shade that ignites your current inner spirit and desires. 

That said, go ahead and discover the best nail polish for you zodiac sign, below.

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Sagittarius: 10 Free Chemistry Quicksilver

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

10+ Free

To shop: $12;

You never run out of excuses to celebrate life. But now you have the opportunity to honor yourself during your birthday month. And this multicolored sparkle explosion of joy will set you in the right direction by getting the party started — and swiftly. You’ll be joyful and happy as a result.

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Capricorn: NCLA Late Checkout

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $16;

Believe it or not, you’re taking a break to chill out this month. A soft pink nail polish will remind you to put your needs first, by resting and relaxing in the days ahead. After all, you work extremely hard and could use time off from work to fully decompress.

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Aquarius: Mersi Margerie Breathable Nail Polish

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $7;

You always wear your hopes on your sleeves and share your aspirations with others. You’re beginning to see that some of your dreams should remain a secret until they come to fruition, which is why gray nails will be the best option to protect your visions from others.  

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Pisces: Côte No.91

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $18;

With work matters weighing heavily on your shoulders, it’s no wonder you’re stressing out over the future. Adorning your nails with a grape nail color will induce peacefulness when anxious, as well as bringing abundance and power to you — all of which is totally needed for you to succeed now. 

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Aries: Emilie Heathe Public Nail Artist Polish

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

Emilie Heathe

To shop: $30;

Burnt orange nails will inspire you to take chances in life and to live freely without limits. The world is your oyster, which is why you should embrace all the sentiments being brought and offered to you. Say “yes” more often than “no” to exciting propositions.

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Taurus: Beauty Pie Black Cherry Bomb

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

Beauty Pie

To shop: $20;

The month ahead is revitalizing your energy, making you reach new levels and creating endless opportunities. A dark cherry red nail polish will act as a motivator to reclaim your position as the leader and creative director you were born to be. You have the determination to 100% succeed. 

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Gemini: Trust Fund Beauty I Kaled It

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

Trust Fund Beauty

To shop: $15;

Right now, your mind is focused on manifesting money before the holiday season commences in order to give to others. You can set an intention for abundance and prosperity while painting your nails in a rich green color that can attract such desires and boost your bank account in the process.

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Cancer: Manicurist Poppy Red

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $14;

Bright poppy red pincers give you the strength and determination to take on the mundane with gusto — even though you would rather skip work and sleep in (who wouldn’t?). However, you’ll be full of energy most days and wanting to embrace all the merriments and benefits that life has to offer. 

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Leo: ILNP Juliette

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $10;

A rush of gold — on your sweet claws and paws — can help motivate you to take more risks in life and win big in all that you do. Before you know it, you’ll be embracing life with champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

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Virgo: Puttisu Twinkle White

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $15;

In an effort to be low key, you are exchanging your classic autumnal nail colors for a creamy and pearly white hue. This will help bring more balance to all aspects of your life and give you a chance to find your center in an effort to be at peace. 

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Libra: Cirque Colors Succulent Garden

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

Cirque Colors

To shop: $15;

A light shimmery and shiny green hue mixed with other colors will evoke your romantic feelings for another and heighten your confidence. Wear this gorgeous nail polish when you need a boost or are going out on a date to bring in love, and more importantly, self-love to your life. 

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Scorpio: J.Hannah Blue Nudes

Sagittarius Season Nail Polish

J. Hannah

To shop: $22;

You are currently looking and searching for new ways to help heal the past and transcend into personal greatness. A dark blue nail polish is a lovely way to heighten one’s emotional intelligence, while bringing serenity and compassion to your heart — allowing you to grow with ease and release old wounds. 

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