The One Nail Polish Color Every Sign Should Wear for Aquarius Season

It's time to embrace our uniqueness and individuality.

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

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From Jan. 20 to Feb. 18, we’ll be flying high through the motivational and spiritual days of Aquarius season. The month ahead urges us to embrace our uniqueness and individuality, as well as our faith in humankind. So when it comes to our nail polish colors, we may opt to take a walk on the wild side and experiment.

After all, it’s the time to play around with colors and manifest our visions. Wearing certain hues can help us bring our hopes and goals to fruition, which is part of Aquarius’s idealistic nature. 

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Aquarius: Tenoverten Coney Island Nail Polish

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Ten over Ten

To shop: $12;

This magical nail polish is ideal for your birthday celebration. Every star highlights the many aspects of your fun personality and reminds others that you are a breath of fresh air. It also reminds you to kick back and enjoy the good times as they come during your solar return.

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Pisces: Dazzle Dry Ying Yang

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Dazzle Dry

To shop: $22;

Nothing but blue skies are coming your way during Aquarius season, which is why you’ll want to paint your nails in a color that matches the overall vibe. Embrace the positivity in your life with shiny periwinkle nails to keep the optimism alive. It’ll help you manifest fabulousness this month.

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Aries: 786 Dubai

Aquarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $13;

A soft, muted gold color will allow you attain your hopes and goals this month as it radiates power and helps boost your self-esteem. Not only that, but you’ll be able to create the personal world that you want (on your own terms) and add dollars to your bank account.

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Taurus: sundays x tara Stiles Create

Aquarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $18;

Fuschia is an interesting color because it has many different properties to it. The color represents unconditional love, creativity, control, and liveliness. You’ll stand out in a crowd by wearing this vibrant color on your nails, making you a trendsetter amongst your peers and a force to be reckoned with. 

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Gemini: Color Dept. Kiwi

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Color Dept.

To shop: $10;

It’s been hard to find your footing over the past few months due to the planetary retrogrades aspecting your sun sign. Luckily, this fun green color will help you to ground your energy and to find a calm center. You can destress and relax with this popular nail polish color.

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Cancer: Orly All Dahlia’d Up

Pink Nail Polish Aquarius Season

To shop: $11;

Prepare to get intimate with others in the days ahead. With your heart ready to give TLC to everyone that you know, you’ll want to wear a few coats of rosy pink nail polish on your pincers to give love to those you adore (avoid pinching them to get attention). 

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Leo: ella + mila My Fantasy

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Ella + Mila

To shop: $11;

In order to maintain balance in your life this month, you should wear a soft hue such as this light pearly pink color to remind you to stay in your equilibrium at all times and to soften your roar when off-center. Peace of mind and calm vibes are important now. 

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Virgo: Londontown Skyline Reflect

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Lakur Londontown

To shop: $16;

The month ahead is urging you to take charge of your mundane tasks and errands. No one knows more than you how important organization is, which is why wearing a glittery metallic black on your nails serves as the ultimate protection against distractions in the upcoming days. Stay focused, Virgo!

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Libra: Dream Within a Dream

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Cirque Colors

To shop: $15;

This magnificent metallic dark purple nail polish transcends amazingness due to the rainbow sheen that lies within it. The beautiful array of colors adds a lot of excitement and joie de vivre to your life in the days ahead, while serving as inspiration for you to manifest greatness this month. 

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Scorpio: J.Hannah Jewelry Pewter

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

J. Hannah

To shop: $22;

Being that you are keeping a low profile this month, you’ll want to wear a grey nail polish that focuses on bringing tranquil vibes to your personal life. This hue will teach you to not stress the small stuff and to find moments of calm energy in your daily activities.

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Sagittarius: ILNP Ski Lodge

Aquarius Season Nail Polish


To shop: $10;

Your adventurous spirit will enjoy wearing this dark forest green color, as it reminds you of ski trips, snowfall, and wintery travels. Make a cup of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows to accompany the seasonal hue worn on your nails. It’ll push you to fully experience the current winter vibe.

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Capricorn: Emilie Heathe Public Nail Artist Polish

Aquarius Season Nail Polish

Emilie Heathe

To shop: $30;

A burnt orange nail polish will boost your artistic abilities and nature, due to its energetic and uplifting energy. Wearing this polish on your nails can push you to be more open-minded and take risks in the art that you create, allowing your talents to shine and to be seen.

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