The One Nail Color Your Zodiac Sign Should Wear for Scorpio Season

Believe it or not, this will help you manifest your desires.

Nails for Scorpio Season

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We’ve made it to mid-fall, which means Scorpio season is here.

The weeks ahead are going to be rich with autumnal vibes, pumpkin lattes, and intensified with deep emotions. Therefore, our nail polish choices should reflect the cosmic forces that are changing and upgrading our personal lives.

The nail polish colors below are perfectly aligned with each zodiac sign to help them enhance and manifest their desires. After all, Scorpio season is a month full of transformation and growth. Let’s embrace the new vibes with open arms. 

Discover yours, ahead.

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Scorpio: Smith & Cult Ponies Dancing in the Snow

Nails for Scorpio Season

Smith and Cult

To shop: $18;

Although you normally wear darker colors on your nails, this month is urging you to detoxify your venomous pincers in favor of a more subdued look. Your tender heart is growing and it’s reflected in all that you do — even the nail polish that you are choosing to wear. 

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Sagittarius: Manucurist Green Pale Rose

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $14;

We all have our moments where we hide our sentiments because we are afraid — but now is the time to heal. The moment has come for you to embrace your softer side with the help of this lovely hue on your nails. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

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Capricorn: Nails.INC Magnum Ice Cream Double Chocolate

Nails for Scorpio Season

Nails Inc.

To shop: $8;

A dark brown nail polish is the perfect shade to demand respect in the boardroom and cut loose with during happy hour. This color matches your seasonal wardrobe, which is why it’s a safe and lovely bet to wear in the weeks ahead. It’s trendy, but still elegant and classy. 

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Aquarius: Orly Freudian Flip

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $11;

You want to be seen! Hence the desire to wear a nail polish color that vibrates positivity and isn’t for the shy of heart. For the first time in a while, you’re stepping out of hibernation and putting yourself into the social mix. It’s time for you to have fun! 

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Pisces: CND Vinylux Dark Dahlia

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $8;

Scorpio season motivates you towards embracing your higher mind. This means taking classes that make you think about different philosophies. Your heart and spirit are opening as a result, and plum is the color aligned with soulful knowledge. Give it a whirl for luck and success in your impending studies.

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Aries: Côte No. 34 Cardinal Red Nail Polish

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $18;

You’re one powerful person! The weeks ahead are going to intensify your charisma, intuition, vigor, and strength. You now have the desire and incentive to win at everything that you do — even more so than before. Adorning your nails in red polish will intensify and deepen these current sentiments.

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Taurus: Death Valley Nail Polish in Crocodilia

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $18;

You’re planting the seeds and setting the intention to call in healthy relationships and friendships. Doing so will allow you to manifest the ideal partnership that you wish to commit to. Therefore, a green nail polish is an ideal color for calling in dynamic people who’ll love you for you.

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Gemini: Butter London Brolly

Nails for Scorpio Season

Butter London

To shop: $18;

A navy hue is ideal for aiding in communication this month. After all, with Mars retrograde on your sun sign, a lot of words and sentiments could get misinterpreted now. Wearing this color is the safest bet in protecting your energy in the days ahead. You’ll be thankful you did!

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Cancer: Cirque Colors Rose Kaolin

Nails for Scorpio Season

Cirque Colors

To shop: $13;

You’re in the mood for romance and fun, which is why your pincers could use a little softening up. Wearing a rosy hue on your nails will bring in the tender feels that you’re longing for — it’ll even bring in a new crush or deepen an existing partnership. Ooh-la-la! 

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Leo: ILNP Black Magic

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $10;

Rather than wearing a bright nail polish to attract attention, you’re now opting for a darker color to embrace your edgier sentiments. Truth be told, you’re not wanting to be in the limelight as much as you are craving alone time or quiet moments with your loved ones at home.

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Virgo: Loud Lacquer Madison

Nails for Scorpio Season

Loud Nails

To shop: $13;

The month ahead encourages you to express yourself creatively. A bronze nail polish gives you the push needed to assert your goals and visions into the world. You will feel as though the future is bright and that your artistry is on fire when adorning your nails with this color.

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Libra: sundays No.28

Nails for Scorpio Season


To shop: $18;

In case you’re feeling off-balanced this month, a medium gray nail polish is a great hue to help find your equilibrium and footing. Not only that, but this neutral shade of gray will allow you to make sound choices that can help in moving you forward throughout the weeks ahead.

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