The Nail Color Each Sign Should Be Wearing During Libra Season

According to an expert astrologer.

Libra Nails Lead

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Welcome to fall and Libra season! From September 22 to October 22, we’ll be looking for peace, beauty, harmony, and all around positive energy in everything that we do. The same applies to our beauty routine and manicure game. 

Anything goes this season — especially decadent jewel tones and vibrant primary colors with a pearlescent twist. After all, Libras are creative and artistic, so they urge us to embrace the colors that transcend our emotional nature. 

With that sentiment in mind, it’s important to connect with each color and manifest your monthly intentions as you paint your nails. Think of a goal you wish to achieve and meditate on it while polishing your nails to ensure it comes to life. 

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Libra Nails Libra

Green is one of the two colors that are aligned with Venus (the other is pink), the planetary ruler of your sun sign, which is why you’ll be flaunting your nails all month long in hopes of attaining abundance. Now, you can bring in prosperity and wealth on your birthday with Cirque Colors' Wonderland shade.

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Libra Nails Scorpio

A rich and deep chocolate brown, like Licia Florio's Bean polish, will keep your nails nice and toasty in the new season. Not only that, but you’ll be able to match this hue with most of your fall wardrobe, making it a win-win for you to adorn your stingers with for the upcoming weeks.

To shop: $23;

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Libra Nails Sagittarius

You don’t shy away from being noticed and essie's Aruba Blue will ensure you stay relevant in the mix. Wearing this shade will get you the attention you want, as well as a set of fine looking nails to kick off the new season.

To shop: $15;

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Libra Nails Capricorn

This is your time to make a statement with the world and get the adoration you deserve from others. Therefore, painting your nails with Sally Hansen's Pomegrante Punch is a smooth move to get the publicity and recognition that you want. Red nails will prove your power and popularity to everyone you know. 

To shop: $8;

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Libra Nail Polish

Lolli Polish

Right now, you’re taking a step back and focusing on yourself. As you go through this transformative state, it’ll do you good to wear nail polish that can protect you from negativity and bad vibes — such as this dark grey hue that has a dash of glitter in it. 

To shop: $12;

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Libra Nails Pisces

As the visionary of the zodiac, you’re one who leans into their innate creativity instincts for inspiration and motivation. This month is a wonderful time to embrace all of your dreams and to make them happen in real life. With ILNP's Downtown, a pearly lavender hue, on your nails, you can manifest exactly what you want — and quick.

To shop: $10;

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Libra Nails Aries

Londontown's Cactus Coral is the perfect shade for you this season. It embodies your vigor and fiery spirit, but with an autumnal spirit. This burnt hue will remind you of your tenacious spirit in the weeks ahead, as well as bringing you an extreme amount of confidence (more of it, anyway). 

To shop: $16;

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LIbra Nails Taurus

A plum, berry combination is the fall color you need to heighten your energy and get your blood pumping every morning. Mersi's New Provence polish is sophisticated and sensual. Plus, it looks perfect with the luxurious and rich fabrics and styles (or makeup) that you will be wearing this fall.  

To shop: $13;

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Libra Nails Gemini

Soft blue is an amazing hue to adorn your nails with during the first days of fall, as it’ll put your mind at ease while you breeze through Libra season. Also, you can always add some glitter on top of 10 Free Chemistry's Smooth Sailing if you decide to go out for a party with friends. 

To shop: $12;

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Libra Nails Cancer

A creamy beige color is the updated nail look from summer’s milky white vibe. Fortunately, you will relish this shade due to the fact that it’s reminiscent of the moonlight in fall. And, being that you’re a moon child, you will totally agree by adorning your nails with Orly's Almond Milk.  

To shop: $11;

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Libra Nails Leo

No one knows you’re a superstar more than you, which is why ella + mila's Golden Fairy is perfect for your feline claws. Embrace your fabulousness and brag about your amazingness — after all, it’s true — don’t shy away from being the diva that you are in the season ahead. 

To shop: $11;

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Libra Nails Virgo

You’re usually bashful when people compliment you. Therefore, a rosy hue on your nails will match your cheeks whenever others honor and value you for the great person that you are (this of course includes yourself). Own your confidence and lean into your awesomeness with Nails.Inc's Uptown. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

To shop: $15;

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