The 9 Best Headbands of 2023 For Every Style

We’re channeling Blair Waldorf with Hill House Home’s black velvet headband.

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Best Headbands of 2022 For Every Style


No matter your hair type, style, or length, you can count on a solid headband to simultaneously keep pesky strands out of your face and pull your outfit together. Founder of Soho Blondes, Giselle Luza likes to think of headbands as jewelry but for your hair. Any headband on the market falls somewhere on the scale from functional (sweat-wicking and stretchy) to fancy (bedazzled and blingy) — no accessory closet is complete without a little bit of both.  

To help narrow down your choices to the ones actually worth buying, we chatted with professional hairstylists and fashion stylists about their favorite headbands on the market. For days when even your go-to tools can’t tame the mane (if you are in the market for some new ones, we rounded up the best here), these headbands promise good hair days even on the bad ones.

Read on to see which ones made our list. 

Best Overall

Hill House Home Alice Headband in Black

Black Velvet Headband

Hill House Home

What We Love: This ultra classic option matches most things in your closet. 

What We Don’t Love: The padding makes for a more comfortable fit, but we wish that the band were more flexible. 

Every headband collection needs a sophisticated and simple number that delivers classic elegance. Luza calls this one from Hill House Home “a staple piece” because it “has a medium amount of padding that isn’t overly trendy and a timeless look that you can style during any season.” Place at the crown of your head and push back for a slicked-back look or set it on top of your style for some preppy flair.

We love the black velvet, but it also comes in a ribbon-like fabric with a floral print or navy blue coloring.

Size: Medium | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None

Best Value

Scunci Wide Woven Fabric Headbands

Scunci Wide Woven Fabric Headbands


What We Love: This under $10 find comes with three in a pack. 

What We Don’t Love: The bottom tabs can be a bit tight behind the ears.

If your style airs on the minimalist side, give these simple yet stylish headbands a spin. Yes, we love a statement-making piece (there are a few on this list), but classic pieces are far easier to match and play with. This pack includes three options all for under $10, so you can ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. 

Give these a test run before committing to a whole day's wear. The sides can be a little tight behind the ears. 

Size: Medium | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None

Best Splurge

Prada Satin Headband

Prada Satin Headband


What We Love: The wide edges create a comfortable fit. 

What We Don’t Love: The logo might be a little flashy for some.

Yes, a quick look at the price tag may inspire sticker shock, but Prada is arguably the most luxe place to score your next headband. Beyond that, it was recommended by two of our experts.  Trace Henningsen, professional stylist and Leonor Greyl ambassador, calls this style the ultimate “it-girl” accessory. These also made professional stylist Audree Lopez’s list. Our team loves this baby pink, but don’t worry if it isn’t your style. This shape comes in everything from “basic colors to embellished satin,” says Henningsen. 

While the dome shape offers a regal feel, our favorite part is the wide set edges. This limits behind-the-ear pinching and won’t disrupt your current hairstyle. The Prada logo is stitched onto the side, which might deter anyone shy about wearing designer pieces.  

Size: Large | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None

Best Athletic

Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband

Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband


What We Love: Lined with lightweight velvet, this sticky headband tamps down stray hairs. 

What We Don’t Love: This style is pretty tight during the first few wears.

There’s nothing worse than sweaty strands lining your neck and forehead during your morning workout. Some sporty headbands are guilty of slipping and sliding during strenuous activity. This one is lined with grabby velvet which not only holds the headband in place but is also much gentler than similar silicone options. Plus, it is machine washable, so you can throw it in with your leggings after you finish sweating. 

Available in multiple colors, you’re sure to find one that matches your workout set perfectly. 

Size: Small | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None

Best Comfortable

Slip Silk Black Knot Headband

Slip Silk Headband


What We Love: Our tester wore it all day without a headache. 

What We Don’t Love: We wish this was available in more colors.

This option works great for those with sensitive scalps or those who frequently get headaches when wearing a headband, but Henningsen loves this option for those with fine hair because the 100 percent silk is “ultra-gentle on hair and helps avoid pulling, snagging or tugging,” she says, “Thanks to its lightweight design, this can be worn to bed to help prevent creasing or kinking sleek smooth strands.” 

Our one complaint is the lack of variety in colorways. 

Size: Medium | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None

Best Statement

Lele Sadoughi Jet Bezel Jewel Alice Headband


Lele Sadoughi

What We Love: The unique style guarantees your look will stand out in a crowd. 

What We Don’t Love: We wish this was available at a more accessible price.

A not-so-subtle nod to dopamine dressing, Lele Sadoughi bands promise to turn heads. “Lele Sadoughi is my go-to place for headbands,” Lopez says, “I love their iconic knot headbands but this bezel jewel headband feels like a more elevated, mature version.” 

Yes, these are a bit of a splurge, but the unique style elevates the simplest look. 

Size: Medium | Pattern: None | Embellishments: Resin stones, gold plated beads, and faux pearls 

Best Thin

Kitsch Non-Slip Headbands

3 Piece thin headband set Kitsch


What We Love: This affordable option comes with three headbands for the price of one. 

What We Don’t Love: Ultra thick hair may have a hard time getting these to stay. 

Affordable, versatile, and comfortable, this headband does it all. Another one of Henningsen’s favorites, this option adds a more sophisticated feel to any style. Better yet, “with an assortment of colors, the non-slip grip keeps them from sliding,” she says. These are also made from recycled plastic, so you can feel better about your choice. 

Pro-tip: Henningsen recommends layering all three for a more polished pony. 

Size: Small | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None

Best For Curls

Grace Eleyae Silk Turban Style Headband

Silk Turban Style Headband

Grace Eleyae 

What We Love: This silk headband is ultra gentle on curls. 

What We Don’t Love: We couldn’t find anything we didn’t like about this headband.

It is no secret that curls are delicate. Keeping them looking their best requires an intentional routine. Luckily, this stretchy and silky band promises to pamper your tresses. Not only is it comfortable, but it also lays on top of your curls rather than rubbing back and forth. This helps eliminate frizz and breakage, but best of all, the band is so comfortable, our tester accidentally fell asleep while wearing it. 

Size: Large | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None 

Best For Thick Hair

Princess Polly The Juney Headband


Princess Polly

What We Love: The stretchy band adjusts to your head size. 

What We Don’t Love: We wish it was available in more colors and patterns.

Thick hair can be hard to hold back, and structured bands sometimes are not up to the task. This stretchy black headband is a great option for those with a dense mane. It molds to fit around your head and holds hair back from your eye line. On top of that, it is super versatile. Luza loves wearing this one while running weekend errands, at the gym, or doing her skincare routine. We only wish it came in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Size: Medium | Pattern: None | Embellishments: None 

What to Keep in Mind


The right material for your headband is entirely dependent on what you are using it for. If you are looking for a sporty option, opt for a band made of polyester or nylon. (Bonus points if it has something to give a bit of grip). If you are looking for something more formal, look for fabrics like velvet, satin, silk, or embellished.


The shape of a headband is a personal preference, but if you are looking for some guidelines: stretchy, circular bands are less likely to cause pain and work for most hair types. Thick or padded headbands tend to look more formal. Skinny headbands can be dressed up or down.

Your Questions, Answered

Can a headband cause damage to your hair?

Simply put: sort of. The casual headband wearer is not going to experience tons of damage from this accessory. However, if you constantly wear headbands, it can cause a lot of unnecessary friction and breakage around your hairline. If your hair is on the weaker or more fragile side, look for headbands made of silk.

Can a headband cause headaches? 

Yes, headbands can cause something called a compression headache. These happen when things like scarves, goggles, sunglasses, and yes, headbands are worn too tightly across your head. To avoid this, try to wear it for shorter periods of time rather than all day. 

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