The 8 Hair Accessory Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2023

It's all about the sparkle and bold color.

Hair Accessories Trends 2023

Goody/ Balmain/ Lele Sadoughi

The magic of a good hair accessory is that it can elevate every hairstyle, whether it's your go-to look or you're trying something new for a special occasion. A simple addition of color or sparkle can take that updo or protective style to the next level. With that in mind, there's only one question: How best to choose the right one for you?

That's where the experts come in. To sift through the countless colors, materials, and finishes that the category has to offer, they shared their hot takes on which hair accessory trends are going to be everywhere this year — think '90s nostalgia, bejeweled accents, and beyond. Scroll ahead for the eight hair accessory trends that the experts predict will be huge in 2023, and get ready to click "add to cart" ASAP.

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Bejeweled Embellishments

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023

Jennifer Behr

We've seen embellishments and crystals in hair all over the runway and social feeds alike, and "more is more" is very much the vibe. "Seeing decals and embellishments in hair feels right," says Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Andrew Fitzsimons haircare. "With the addition of hair decals, you are combining an elegant hairstyle with a fashion statement, accessorizing from head to toe."

There are countless ways to add some sparkle to your hair. For one, you can style hair however you desire and then place decals on top of your hair; Fitzsimons likes to space them about two inches apart for even distribution. Want to DIY it? Celebrity stylist and Dyson ambassador Matthew Collins likes to get crafty, shopping at art stores, such as Michael's, to grab pearls or gemstones. Then, using hair extension glue, he'll apply each decal to hair. (To gently remove both the glue and embellishment at the end of the day, use hair oil and a fine-tooth comb to gently work them out.)

A more low-maintenance option is jeweled pins. The Supernova Bobby Pin Set consists of 12 Swarovski crystal stars, moons, and planets. You can opt for one pin or wear the entire constellation for a truly stunning hair look.

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Claw Clips

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023


Long live the '90s. One of the most beloved hair accessories — the claw clip — doesn't seem to quit. "Claw clips are great because they allow you to wear your hair up in many different styles and work on all hair types, making it a versatile hair accessory," says Fitzsimons. "[They] also allow you to add extra personality to your look given all the styles they come in."

Styling hair with a claw clip is as easy as it gets. First, gather your hair at the base of your head creating a low ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail upwards before clipping it to the rest of your head. Collins adds that if your hair is fine or has a silky texture, adding a texture spray can add grit that helps keep it in place.

One claw clip we're currently digging is the Goody Tru x Hola Lou Large Slideproof Clip. Large enough to hold even the thickest, longest hair, this clip locks hair in place for hours. Plus, the desert-inspired colors and designs add a playful element to any outfit.

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Thick Headbands

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023

Lele Sadoughi

Both Collins and Fitzsimons agree that a headband hits that sweet spot of style and function. If your hair looks greasy, for instance, "a headband can fix most of your problems, as it covers oily hair and pushes it back so it’ll be out of your way," Fitzsimons explains. "It’s also a great way to lean into the athleisure look."

The Lele Sadoughi Taffy Rainbow Zinnia Crystal Paillette Knotted Headband is a personal fave of InStyle's fashion writer Amber Rambharose, who says this is perfect for voluminous hair like hers. Its bubblegum-pink hue screams Barbiecore, and it's decorated with round crystals and multi-colored sequin flowers, making it a showstopper.

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Beaded Jewelry

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023


Protective styles can be a great option for those with natural curls and coils who want to limit hair damage while still enjoying a low-maintenance look. While stunning on their own, an easy way to add some fun and decor to braids, locs, or other protective styles is to add some beaded jewelry. This Jelyne Store set features 133 beaded pieces so you can mix and match beads, rings, and more throughout hair.

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'90s Scrunchies

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023


The scrunchie does more than just provide a retro feel. Compared to plastic and thin hair ties, a scrunchie is super-gentle on hair, unlikely to leave creasing, and prevents you from tightly pulling on your roots. The Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie in Sonic Pink not only keeps hair in place no matter what you do, but the bold pink pops against all hair colors.

Fitzsimons likes to style a scrunchie with a low ponytail using the Andrew Fitzsimons Après Sexe Texture Spray to give hair added texture and hold. For extra volume, use a 1.5-inch curling wand to create waves first. If you're looking for something sleeker, meanwhile, Collins recommends prepping with a hair oil for some shine.

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Minimal Barrettes

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023


Simple and cool, a barrette is an easy way to add detail to an otherwise basic half-up, half-down style. The Balmain Paris Barrette Pour Cheveux Medium Black barrette is has a sleek appeal and je ne sais quoi vibe that will transport you to Paris.

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Glam Hair Scarfs

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023


Ideal for warmer weather, Fitzsimons says we can expect to see hair scarves as well as scarf headbands this year. The Goody Tru x Reyna Noreiga Ouchless Satin Hair Scarf features a gorgeous mix of blue, brown, and terracotta shades that can be worn in a variety of ways — giving it extra bonus points for versatility.

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Updated Hair Ties

TK Hair Accessories Trends 2023

Chelsea King

The average elastic hair tie can cause dents and creases on the hair when you remove it, says Collins. They can also inadvertently pull out strands if you're not careful. That's where updated and elevated versions of the hair tie, such as the Scrungeee, come in.

A 7-inch scrunchie created by Collins, the Scrungee features a hook on each end to secure your hairstyle in place. To use it, gather hair into a ponytail and anchor one of the hooks at the base. Then, wrap the hair tie around the base and secure the final hook into the base of the ponytail. The final result is the updo of your dreams without added stress on your hair.

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