Fresh Beauty Has Been a Staple in My Skincare Routine for 17 Years — These Are the 8 Best Products I’ve Tried

Including the brand’s popular lip balm and face cleanser, of course.

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Best Fresh Skincare Products


I still remember where I was the first time I discovered Fresh Beauty. I was a fashion credits editor (at now-defunct Cargo Magazine), and our grooming editor had called in some Fresh products for potential review. He let me take the brand’s now mega-popular Sugar Lip Balm home, and, well… as they say, the rest was history.

This was back in 2005, so I think it’s fairly obvious that my love affair with Fresh has been quite long-standing. Over the years, I’ve cultivated my collection of favorites from the brand, which run the gamut from face masks and cleansers to shower gels and lip products. At this point, my skincare routine, makeup bag, and shower would be severely lacking without multiple Fresh products in their midst. All that being said, here are the eight Fresh Beauty products that have forever stolen my heart:

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Balm


I’m old enough to remember when this lip balm only came in the clear, original shade; now, it’s available in 12 different gorgeous colors, including light pinks, deep plums, and even a rich cocoa. Because of its ultra-hydrating properties (thanks to beetroot and sugar cane) and the buttery-yet-not-waxy texture, this is my go-to lip balm before I climb into bed each night. I will always remain true to the original tube, though I do also love the slight pinkish hue from the Bloom shade. A word to the wise, though — don’t leave it in your car when it's over 80 degrees outside, or it may melt. (Not that I’ve experienced that or anything.)

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Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Soy pH-Balanced Hydrating Face Wash


With the #soyfacecleanser hashtag garnering over 52 thousand views on TikTok, the brand’s best-selling cleanser has definitely reached viral status. And for good reason; it’s non-stripping and formulated to maintain the skin’s natural pH-level as well as increase hydration. Aloe vera gel and cucumber extract help to calm and cool the skin, while soy proteins help improve elasticity. You may be shocked to learn that until I started using this cleanser, I actually didn’t cleanse my face on a daily basis — most cleansers tend to dry out my skin and cause breakouts. Not with this one, which not only keeps my skin feeling super nourished and hydrated, but even removes stubborn eye makeup with no irritation. I use it every morning in the shower and sometimes my skin feels so soft afterward, I don’t even need to follow with moisturizer. I own it in both travel and full sizes, so I never go anywhere without it.

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Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer


I first discovered Fresh’s Rose collection about six years ago. I was specifically looking for products to bring a little extra hydration to my dry, winter-ravaged skin, and this thicker moisturizer immediately fit the bill. A combination of damask rose extract, hyaluronic acid, and time-release technology deliver 72 hours of hydration; not to mention, the light rose scent smells absolutely fantastic. This is one of those products that I never knew I needed, but once I started using it, I knew I could never live without. Shoppers agree, saying that it makes their skin look skin “so glowy, so bouncy, so smooth.”

Shop now: $17–$45;

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Rose Face Mask


Another product from the Rose collection that I buy time and again is this face mask. I originally tried it in a set of travel-sized Fresh masks (and, spoiler alert, I loved them all) — but this one stood out from the rest because of its super-hydrating properties. Pure rosewater soothes and tones, cucumber extract and aloe vera gel calms, and porphyridium cruentum (say that three times fast) is a “smart” type of red algae that moisturizes. I typically save this mask for the colder months and apply it once a week for 10–15 minutes to deliver a boost of hydration to my parched skin. I especially like to use it in tandem with the aforementioned Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream as a one-two punch in my evening skincare routine.

Shop now: $26–$64; 

Floral Recovery Calming Mask

Floral Recovery Calming Mask


I love the versatility of the Floral Recovery Calming Mask as it’s one you can either rinse off after 10 minutes or keep on overnight. I always opt for the latter, using it when my skin is feeling extra red or sensitive (especially around my period) and needs some extra TLC. It has almost a balm-like texture, yet doesn’t feel sticky and sinks into skin without leaving behind any residue. Every time I use it, I wake up without an ounce of redness or irritation, no matter what my skin may have looked like the night before. Reviewers like that it “not only evens skin tone, but leaves it brighter.”

Shop now: $68;

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator


I just started exploring exfoliators in my 40s, and one that’s made its way into my regular skincare routine is this one from Fresh. I can’t lie, I was always very afraid of trying a face scrub with larger-sized granules because I just thought they would be way too harsh for my sensitive skin. That being said, this face scrub changed the game for me. Somehow it buffs away every ounce of dryness from my T-zone without stripping my skin of moisture or making it red and irritated. I love the oversized brown sugar granules, and the combination of wild strawberries with plum and grapeseed oils help to nourish, soothe and moisturize my skin. I usually start with the Soy Face Cleanser and follow with this scrub, and I can use it two to three times per week without negative results.

Shop now: $26-$64; and

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

Vitamin Nectar Glow Face Mask


When I feel like my skin needs a brightening boost, I reach for this mask, which includes real crushed citrus fruits (oranges, lemons and clementines) that contain alpha hydroxy acids to gently smooth and refine the skin. It has a marmalade-like texture, which sounds weird, but is cooling and feels really nice. Every time I use it, my skin just looks healthier and vibrant. Shoppers said it “leaves skin feeling so soft and glowing,” “smells super good,” and “has great texture.” I wholeheartedly agree.

Shop now: $28–$66;

Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel

Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel


No matter what else I have on my birthday wish list every year, I always treat myself to this shower gel. I started this tradition over 10 years ago, and it’s still well and alive to this day. I buy it in January and ration it throughout the year, although typically by fall it’s running fairly low. During my mom and brother’s recent visit to the West Coast, I got them both hooked on it, too. I use two pumps on a loofah and it creates the most fabulous lather, while the inclusion of shea butter and vitamins C and E help to nourish my skin. I also truly love the scent, which fills my shower with an invigoratingly delightful mix of sugar and lemon. I’m already looking forward to buying my next bottle.

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