The Best Eyelash Curlers for Every Lash Length and Eye Shape, According to Testers

Laura Mercier Artist Eyelash Curler creates the perfect curl with just one squeeze.

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Best Eyelash Curlers


Eyelash curlers take your lashes to the next level. A quick curl makes your fringe more noticeable, your eyes look bigger, and sometimes, the effect is so good you don’t even need to add mascara on top — unless you want your lashes to look like falsies (we sure do).

Yet, using the wrong curler can cause more damage than good. From pinching to pulling, a faulty tool or technique can cause lashes to fall out, or, at the very least, give you a curl that deflates after only a couple hours. Plus, depending on your eye shape, you’ll want a flatter or more curved tool. That’s why we sent 18 volunteers to test 29 different eyelash curlers in our testing lab. Following rigorous testing, each tester rated the products on ease of use, comfort, and performance. Laura Mercier Artist Eyelash Curler created the perfect curl with just one squeeze, saving time, and the health of the lashes, which ultimately earned its place as Best Overall. 

Whether you want a little lift or some drama, these are the best eyelash curlers for every lash type.

Best Overall: Laura Mercier Artist Eyelash Curler

Laura Mercier Artist Eyelash Curler


What We Like: All it takes is one squeeze to get a beautiful curl.

What We Don’t Like: The finger holes are close together, so this might not be a great option for those with bigger hands.

According to celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz, you can damage your lashes if you clamp down too hard with your curler. That’s why we love how this tool only takes one pump to get the perfect look. “This curler gave me a beautiful curl with a quick and easy squeeze,” says our tester. The wide design lets you get all your lashes at once, as well. “I was able to get all of my lashes in the opening with no issues,” she adds. 

The silicone pads have optimal density, ensuring a long-lasting effect with minimal damage. Our tester did note that the metal handles did feel a little close together, but she still was able to get a close curl without any discomfort. Whether you are crunched on time or want to keep things simple, this is the ultimate squeeze-and-go curler. 

Materials: Metal Pads: Silicone | Color: Silver

Best Value: Kaasage Black Professional Lash Curler

 Kaasage Eyelash Curler


What We Like: This affordable device comes with extra pads and a travel bag.

What We Don’t Like: Some reviewers wish it opened wider.

If you frequently lose your curler pads (hello, me), you’ll rejoice knowing this kit includes five extra. Made from stainless steel, the curler felt sturdy in our tester’s hands, and didn’t pinch or tug. “It felt very comfortable on the eyelids,” they say. “I didn’t feel any pressure and saw a noticeable difference in my lashes.” The arc and width of the curler is made to fit all eye shapes, ensuring the curling process is quick and easy. “One pump was all it took to give me lift and curl,” our tester adds. We also love how the product comes with a little pouch to keep it clean and organized during trips.

Materials: Stainless Steel | Pads: Silicone | Color: Black

Best Splurge: Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler

Surratt Beauty Relevée Curler


What We Like: The Japanese design uses less pressure to curl your lashes and prevents damage.

What We Don’t Like: Depending on your lash length and color, it can be hard to see them against the black metal.

Sure, this minimalistic curler looks quite chic, but what’s even better is the ergonomic design that requires less pressure, meaning there is no damage or pain — only lift and curl. “This curler didn’t pinch me or hurt me in any way,” says our tester. “I would definitely rate this higher than a 5 for comfort if I could.” The thin yet bouncy silicone pad is ideal for giving your lashes three squeezes — one at the base, one in the middle, and one towards the end — for long lashes that gently curl up rather than bend sharply. Our tester says the results were even better than those from the heated curler she tried. “My eyelashes are very noticeably curled,” she says. “It works wonders.”

Materials: Steel |  Pads: Silicone | Color: Black

Best for Short Lashes: CHANEL LE RECOURBE CILS DE CHANEL Eyelash Curler



What We Like: It adds both volume and lift to short lashes.

What We Don’t Like: It’s a bit pricey.

No, an eyelash curler won’t literally make your lashes longer, but if you have short lashes, it can open them up for a wider, more youthful look. It can be hard to grab all of your lashes when they’re short, but our tester had no issues, describing this Chanel model as a great product for beginners. “The eyelash curler was very comfortable to use: It didn’t pinch my eyelids, and my lashes didn’t get stuck on the curler,” she says. “I was also able to get very close to the bottom of my lashes with ease and felt no pain.” Because of how well it gripped her lashes, the curler gave her eye-opening results. “This eyelash curler does an incredible job at curling my short, thin Asian lashes,” she adds. “There is a noticeable curl and added volume when comparing my lashes to the other eye.” Top it off with our picks for the best mascaras for short lashes, and you’re golden.

Materials: Metal | Pads: Silicone | Color: Silver

Best for Long Lashes: Shiseido Eyelash Curler

shiseido eyelash curler


What We Like: The long shape is large enough for almond-shaped eyes and long lashes.

What We Don’t Like: It can be too big for those with small eyes.

Though it may surprise you, using an eyelash curler when you have long lashes isn’t a simple task. Hear me out: As someone with naturally full, long lashes, some tools aren’t big enough to grab every last lash, and the curl eventually wilts to its normal shape. But with its broad head, this curler is equipped for the challenge. “I struggle with eyelash curlers that are more c-shaped,” says our tester. “This flatter shape suits my eyes better and allows me to get the lashes at the outer corner.” The design is also edge free, meaning there is no pinching at the corners. Another important factor in an eyelash curler is how it feels in your hand — you want it to be comfortable and sturdy. “I didn't feel as if the curler was slipping out of my hand nor was my hand too big or too small for the curler,” our tester adds. She recommends using three squeezes for an everlasting curl. “My eye definitely looks more open, and, depending on how many times I want to press down on the curler, I can get different effects: One press equals a more natural lift, yet three presses gives me a dramatic curl.”

Materials: Metal | Pads: Silicone | Color: Silver

Best for Deep Set Eyes: TWEEZERMAN ProMaster Eyelash Curler

TWEEZERMAN ProMaster Eyelash Curler


What We Like: Designed for deep set eyes, this curler gets every lash for a bright, lifted look.

What We Don’t Like: The finger holes could be larger.

Designed specifically for almond and deep-set eyes, this curler follows your eye shape for the best results. With a 38 degree angle, the extra wide clamp allows you to get super close to the eyelid, and painlessly captures every hair in one go. The hypoallergenic silicone pads won’t stick, and have ample cushion to curl your lashes without creasing, too. “The clamp design didn’t hurt or pull on any of my lashes,” says our tester. “The grip was strong and results were way better than the heated curler I used.” She did think the finger holes could be larger, but says the curler felt nice and comfortable in her hands overall. “The before and after was really noticeable — the curl opened up my eye,” she adds. “It created a really nice lift and made me look so much more awake.”

Materials: Metal | Pads: Silicone | Color: Gunmetal

Best Heated: Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-LIFT Heated Lash Curler

 Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-LIFT Heated Lash Curler


What We Like: This heated eyelash curler is easy to use, and safely adds extra oomph to your lashes.

What We Don’t Like: You need to remember to charge it between uses.

You’ve probably seen TikTok videos where people use a blowdryer to curl their lashes, but according to Loiz, this is an easy way to burn the hairs and skin. Ouch. Instead, use a heated eyelash curler with temperature control to safely get a lasting curl. This model comes with a low and high setting, both of which our tester describes as a gentle heat. After waiting 30 seconds to let the tool warm up, you simply comb the brush through your lashes — no clamping or pinching involved. Not only is this less damaging, but it also creates a more realistic curl. “I like that it didn't give a crimping look, but more of a natural lift,” says our tester. “I also liked how soft my lashes felt.” The device comes with a USB cord for charging, so you don’t have to scramble to find batteries. Just note that it does take about two hours to fully charge the device, so don’t forget to plug it in before any special occasions.

Materials: Plastic | Pads: N/A | Color: White

Best for Travel: Japonesque Go Curl Eyelash Curler

Japonesque Go Curl Eyelash Curler


What We Like: With its compact design and extra pad, it’s the ideal travel companion. 

What We Don’t Like: The plastic is not as durable as metal.

This compact curler is great for stowing in your purse or carry on for curling on the road. The rectangular shape won’t get lost in your toiletry bag, and there’s an extra pad tucked inside, just in case you lose one. To use, simply flip the easel down and squeeze — the natural arch of the device lifts and curls your lashes. Our tester loves the soft pad, and says the tension was just right, so there’s no pulling. “I was able to achieve a curl with ease and no tugging,” she says. “The best part is I didn't lose any lashes.”

Materials: Plastic | Pads: Rubber | Color: Black, Pink

Our Testing Process

Beginning our research with expert interviews, customer recommendations, and our own experience, we compiled a list of 29 of the most promising eyelash curlers. We then invited 18 volunteers with different eye shapes and lashes to put them to the test. Each tester curled their lashes following the products’ instructions, and rated the ease of use, comfort, and performance of the curler on a scale from 1 to 5. After calculating the scores, we narrowed down the list to the eight best eyelash curlers of 2022.

What to Keep in Mind

Size & Shape

If you’ve ever struggled with getting all of your lashes within a curler, it might be because you were using the wrong size and/or shape. For those with almond or deep set eyes, look for curlers with a wider, oval-shaped clamp like TWEEZERMAN ProMaster Eyelash Curler. Alternatively, if you have smaller, rounder eyes, go for a smaller, more curved curler that you can easily align next to the base of your lash line, like CHANEL LE RECOURBE CILS DE CHANEL Eyelash Curler.


Loiz prefers using metal curlers since they have a nice weight to them, and they’re easy to sanitize with rubbing alcohol. However, a lightweight, plastic curler like JAPONESQUE Travel Go Curl Lash Curler, is a good option for when you want to travel light.

Curler Pads

Before you swap your curler for a new one, you might just need to replace the curler pads. They can wear down with regular use, usually every three months. The pad will be less bouncy and can eventually break apart from all the squeezing, losing its efficacy, and potentially causing damage to your lashes. Some curlers already come with extras, or you can buy refills from the brand. To prolong the life of your pad, it’s wise to regularly clean it by swiping some rubbing alcohol along it after every use. 

Your Questions, Answered

Can curling my lashes damage them?

When used incorrectly, eyelash curlers can damage your lashes. Loiz says most of the damage comes from clamping and pulling too hard with the curler. So remember, be gentle. It’s also a bad idea to use a curler after applying mascara, since you can get your lashes stuck on the tool and pull them out. Playing around with heat, like using a blowdryer, is another way to burn your lashes. Instead, use a heat controlled device like Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-LIFT Heated Lash Curler

How do I use an eyelash curler safely?

Starting with clean, bare lashes, bring the curler to the base of your lashes and close the clamp, making sure not to pinch the skin. Then, squeeze the curler for three to five seconds. Repeat to get your desired curl and then seal it with mascara.

How do I keep my eyelashes curled?

Loiz says it’s important to ensure your lashes are dry and clean before curling because you don’t want anything to weigh them down and make them lose their curl. If you still struggle to hold a curl, Loiz recommends using a heated curler.

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Emily Cieslak is an assistant commerce editor at InStyle, and has been using eyelash curlers and mascara since she was in middle school. To get a better understanding of how to shop for and use an eyelash curler, she interviewed celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz. Then she looked at the results from testing 29 different curlers to find the best ones for different eye shapes and lashes.

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