Watch our Best Beauty Buys Expert Makeup Videos

After months of tallying, interviewing, and testing, the 21st annual Best Beauty Buys is here! With picks in 183 categories, you'll find upgrades for your beauty routine that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

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What makes our beauty awards so unique? We survey over a hundred beauty pros, from hairstylists to dermatologists, and then spend hours on the phone discussing the reasons behind their product picks. While we've packed our May issue with their amazing tips and stellar advice, we though we'd take the experience to the next level. Introducing our 2016 Best Beauty Buys Pro Videos! In each clip you'll hear multiple pros not only share why they love our winning products, but all the ways to use them.

For example, while it's great to know that Anastasia makes the winning brow pencil, it's all the better when you find out from Bella Hadid's makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, the technique to using it properly. And if you've ever been scared to apply false lashes, we have multiple celebrity makeup artists explaining exactly how you should go about it. The experts featured in our videos work on red carpet regulars like Gabrielle Union to Amy Poehler. Our starring cast includes eight makeup artists: Edward Cruz, Gita Bass, Suzy Gerstein, Robert Greene, Anthea King, Jo-Anna Lynn, Megan Lanoux and Vincent Oquendo. While we could go on and on about how much we love our experts, we'll let you discover them for yourselves here. Check out all our 2016 Best Beauty Buys Videos!

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