Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler

This $21 Eyelash Curler Is Backed by Lizzo's Makeup Artist

It creates a natural-looking volume.
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For our 26th annual Best Beauty Buys, the InStyle team worked with leading dermatologists, makeup artists, hairstylists, wellness experts, fragrance connoisseurs, and manicurists to find out which products they can't get enough of. Now, the votes are in — and you'll want to get ahold of these 229 beauty game-changers.

You don't have to go through evasive and time-consuming treatments to get longer and fuller-looking eyelashes. All you have to do, according to one professional makeup artist, is use a trusted beauty brand's eyelash curler.

Known for its revolutionary impact on the modern makeup industry, like introducing the world to full-coverage and pore-erasing foundations and pigmented blushes, Kevyn Aucoin also specializes in creating accessories like its eyelash curler that can truly transform your appearance. The under-$25 tool is so good, it landed on our Best Beauty Buys list this year and garnered some major praise from a celebrity artist.

This isn't your mother's eyelash curler. Nor is it something you can find a dupe for at a drugstore. It's made with a fine stainless steel material that won't irritate your eyes or jam shut with built-up product. The slim frame and curved rubber pad on the inside of it evenly distributes a rounded shape across your eyelid that emphasizes and lengthens the appearance of your lashes. The professional curler gently styles while minimizing any pulling to prevent any lost hair.

For celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo, who has worked with everyone from Lizzo to Mariah Carrey, these features make the tool "truly iconic." 

"The width of the opening fits every single lash into it, and the unique curvature allows for getting as close to the lash bed as possible," Mayo told InStyle in an email. "Everyone needs this in their makeup bag; even on days where you are not wearing makeup, it instantly opens up the eye and creates a fluttery, wide-eyed effect."

Use it before you apply mascara and once more after the product dries for the best results. This two-step process is something that celebrities like Gigi Hadid swear by to get the most volumized look possible.  

And unlike other models, the unique design of this curler allows you to easily turn it upside down to treat your bottom lashes and emphasize them just as much as the top. 

Get bigger and bolder lashes in minutes with this professional-backed tool. Shop it for $21 below.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler
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