The Best Shampoos and Conditioners of 2019

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For our 24th annual Best Beauty Buys, we surveyed leading dermatologists, makeup artists, hairstylists, and manicurists to find out which products they can't get enough of. The votes are in: You'll want to clear a shelf for these 154 beauty game-changers.

Shampoo and conditioner are two essential products in every haircare routine. So why is it so difficult to find a combo that's truly impressive?

As someone who's washed their hair with too many "meh" shampoos and conditioners to count, I'm over using formulas that don't live up to their promises. Many cleansing shampoos I've tried strip my hair so it's too clean and dry for any conditioner to salvage, while others are almost too moisturizing and my hair gets weighed down and greasy.

If you can relate, our panel of pros can help end the struggle. For this year's Best Beauty Buys, we've tasked them with finding the best shampoo and conditioner combos for every hair type and concern.

Ahead, the best shampoo and conditioners of 2019, according to our Best Beauty Buys panel.

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Best Daily Duo: Moroccanoil Hydrating

Moroccanoil Hydrating

Whether you have fine or thick hair, this sulfate-free pair hydrates hair without weighing it down. All of the softness and shine you'll experience is thanks to the cocktail of argan oil plus vitamins A and E infused in both the shampoo and conditioner.

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Best Inexpensive Daily Duo: L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay

 L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay

If your hair reads like combination skin where one part is oily while the other is dry, this clarifying L'Oréal Paris shampoo and conditioner is your best bet. They include three oil-absorbing clays that soak up excess oil without completely drying out your hair.

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Best For Dry Hair: Kérastase Résistance Bain Force Architecte/Résistance Ciment Anti-Usure

Kérastase Résistance Bain Force Architecte/Résistance Ciment Anti-Usure

The answer to your broken ends? This repairing shampoo and conditioner set. Both products contain strengthening ceramides that protect hair from future damage.

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Best For Fine Hair: Oribe for Magnificent Volume

Oribe for Magnificent Volume

"Wow." That's exactly what you'll say after you see just how much volume this shampoo and conditioner set will add to your fine hair. Some more good news? Both are safe to use on color-treated hair, too.

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Best For Frizzy Hair: Living Proof No-Frizz

Living Proof No-Frizz

With so many frizz-fighting hair products out there, it's tough to stand out. What makes Living Proof's smoothing shampoo and conditioner worth adding to your cart is the set's high-tech formulas. Both contain a unique molecule that shields hair from humidity, frizz, and oil buildup.

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Best For Color-Treated Hair: Aveda Color Conserve

Aveda Color Conserve

Let's be honest: Getting your hair colored at a salon isn't cheap. That's what makes using color-safe products key for keeping your highlights fresh as long as possible. The best place to start is with your shampoo and conditioner. That's where Aveda's winning pair comes in. Both contain protecting antioxidants like green tea and vitamins A,C, and E.

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Best For Curly Hair: DevaCurl No-Poo/One Condition Decadence

DevaCurl No-Poo/One Condition Decadence

For curly hair, hydration is a top priority. That's why this DevaCurl duo made it onto this year's BBB list. The non-foaming cleansing conditioner and leave-in conditioner have a mix of moisturizing ingredients like quinoa and chufa milk.

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Best Cleansing Conditioner: IGK Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil

IGK Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil

This oil may wash and cleanse hair in a single step, but with nourishing sweet almond and coconut oil in its formula, it's nothing like those 2-in-1 products you used growing up.

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Best Shampoo For Dandruff: PHILIP B Anti-Flake II Relief Shampoo

PHILIP B Anti-Flake II Relief Shampoo

It doesn't matter if you get dandruff seasonally or year-round as a symptom of a condition like psoriasis, dealing with it is not a good time. Luckily, our pros have found a solution to getting those dry fakes under control. Philip B's Anti-Flake Shampoo reliefs itchiness and flaking, but also seals moisture in the scalp to stop it from getting dry again.

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Best Natural Daily Duo: Rahua Classic

Rahua Classic

This shampoo and conditioner keeps your scalp balanced, strengthens, and adds shine to hair all with sustainably-sourced ingredients.

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