These 2010s Fashion Trends Are Bound to Make a Comeback

Take a walk down memory lane.

Influencers wear some of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Y2K fashion trends have experienced such a major resurgence that style experts are already wondering what’s next. While the early aughts have gotten most of the attention from Gen Z influencers and fashion brands alike, we think that the preteen and teenage years of the 2000s deserve just as much recognition. So, in celebration of the era that gave us skinny jeans and dad sneakers, we’ve rounded up the best 2010 fashion trends that are bound to return.

Back when the phrase "girl boss" was an unironic compliment and TikTok but a dream, fashion gave us the gift of crop tops, flower crowns, normcore, and more. Without these styles, who knows where we might be? So, let's look back with fondness and gratitude to the best 2010s trends that made fashion what it is today.

Crop Tops

Rihanna wears a crop top, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Perhaps the most enduring of 2010s fashion trends, the crop top was initially scoffed at for being, well, half a shirt for the price of a full one. Fortunately, the next trend on our list ensured that the crop top became a wardrobe staple rather than a fad. 

Skinny Jeans

Zoe Saldana wears skinny jeans, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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The chokehold skinny jeans had on fashion in this decade cannot be overstated. They were all anyone wore—from high school kids to the Kardashians. As skinny jeans took over, waistbands began creeping up, and high-waisted jeans also grew in popularity, a welcome change for anyone who endured the low-rise jeans of Y2K fashion.

Flower Crowns

Hailey Baldwin wears a flower crown, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Festival fashion, boho style, and pre-cottagecore vibes combined to create a perfect storm from which flower crowns emerged. Soon, the petaled hair accessory was even being worn by the likes of Hailey Bieber, then Baldwin, to the Met Gala in 2018. In the decade or so since they first hit the scene, flower crowns have become a bit more refined and now include metallic elements and even semiprecious stones.

Statement Necklaces

Jessica Alba wears a statement necklace, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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In the mid-2010s, it became rare to see a celeb step out on a red carpet without a thick collar-like necklace around their neck. Regular folks made do with the spikey, floral statement necklaces usually scored at J.Crew or Anthropologie. They were heavy and over-the-top, and we're glad that layered chains and sculptural pieces have since taken over the neck accessory hierarchy.

Shearling Moto Jackets

Hailee Steinfeld wears a shearling moto jacket, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Mainstream fashion took many cues from hip-hop culture in the 2010s, as is proven by how badly everyone coveted shearling moto jackets. Think of it as the more functional fashion cousin of your standard leather moto jacket.

Millennial Pink

A model wears millennial pink, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Millennials were not solely responsible for the shade of rosy pink that took over the world in this era, but they certainly helped it stick around. Since its heyday, it's widely recognized as the most influential one of its decade

Normcore Sneakers

A woman wears normcore sneakers, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Once upon a time, normcore was new. This literal return to the most basic of basics was the sartorial equivalent of doing and saying things ironically. While a bit meta (another hallmark of 2010s culture), it was undoubtedly responsible for the rise of the retro dad sneaker, which is still going strong today.

Studded High Heels

A woman wears studded Valentino heels, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Studded heels, specifically Valentino Rockstud heels, took over the celebrity world in the 2010s. The blend of punk rock edge and high fashion was catnip for A-listers and regular folks alike.

"Topless" Suiting

Jenna Lyons wears "topless suiting," one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Jenna Lyons, the former J.Crew creative director and soon-to-be real housewife, is considered largely responsible for the womenswear trend of ditching blouses and bras in favor of an edgy and alluring "topless suiting moment." Lyons repeated the style throughout the mid-2010s, but others caught on, including Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, and more all the way up to the present day.


A woman wears an athleisure outfit, one of the best 2010s fashion trends.

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Another major fashion trend that we can thank the 2010s for is athleisure. The upscale approach to sweats and hoodies arrived on the scene hand-in-hand with the rise of the wellness movement, which made comfort and self-care luxe AF.

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