Ben Affleck Called Jennifer Lopez's Music "Brilliant"

Let's not forget her masterpieces "Dear Ben" and "Dear Ben Part 2."

If Jennifer Lopez has a million fans, then Ben Affleck is one of them. If Jennifer Lopez has one fan, then Ben Affleck is that one. If Jennifer Lopez has no fans, that means Ben Affleck is dead. That's basically what went down during Affleck's latest appearance on the SmartLess podcast with Jason Bateman, where he explained that he loves Jennifer's musical oeuvre, from "Waiting for Tonight" to both parts of "Dear Ben."

"What songs have been written about you?" Bateman asked as soon as Affleck joined the chat.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Air Premiere

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"'Dear Ben' and 'Dear Ben Part 2,'" fellow guest Sean Hayes answered. 

Affleck wasted no time pumping up his wife, saying, "The songs that have been written about me have been written by the greatest performer in the history of the world, Jennifer Lopez. I don’t know if they are exactly about me, as maybe inspired by me because there are some negative things in there. She’s amazing."

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Air Premiere

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Bateman went on to ask Affleck if he really did listen to her songs, to which he emphatically said yes. He's a fan through and through.

"I do love her music and it’s brilliant and I know all of it, thank you," Affleck said when Bateman brought up Lopez's achievements on the Top 40 charts.

At the premiere of Affleck's new movie, Air, which arrives in theaters Apr. 5, he also spoke about how much she inspires him and dropped the B word one more time.

"She's brilliant," Affleck told Entertainment Tonight, "and [she] helps me in every conceivable way."

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