Bella Hadid Wore a Pair of Shorts So Tiny, They Look Like Underwear

Bella’s moved on from the microskirt.

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Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid. Photo:

Jared Siskin/GC Images

Bella Hadid once again proved she is the queen of microtrends, this time in a true “micro” sense. When stepping out for a slice of pizza in New York City, the supermodel rocked a statement motorcycle jacket, her sister’s go-to boots, and a pair of shorts so short we’re not quite sure they can be classified as such. While others are embracing the microskirt trend, Bella is on to bigger and better things, putting her own spin on one of the year’s most popular styles.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an It girl rocking a pair of micro-shorts, with Wildflower Cases founder Devon Lee Carlson having worn a pair on more than one occasion. And now, with an endorsement from Bella Hadid, we might just be buying into this short-short trend (even if it’s just to wear them around the house). 

While Bella’s style is reminiscent of classic white underwear, we’re looking for a more practical, everyday way to wear this look (I mean, feel free to stay true to the source material, but I might go a bit off book). Rather than opting for something quite so short and quite so underwear-like, consider these Mirco Waffle Pleasant Boyshorts from a Jennifer Garner-approved athletic brand

Alo Micro Waffle Pleasant Boyshort
Alo Micro Waffle Pleasant Boyshort.


Shop now: $48;

The Alo Yoga shorts are a bit more versatile than a boy-cut pair of underwear (and with a bit more coverage). The brand’s signature contouring technology flatters all figures, while the thermal waffle-knit material keeps you ultra cozy. And cutting off just below the butt, the Micro Waffle Boyshorts give you enough coverage to feel comfortable wearing them in public while still staying true to the tiny-short trend. This style is available in four colors, but to truly match Bella’s, we recommend snagging a pair in Ivory. 

Take these boyshorts from morning workouts to mid-day errands, embracing that model-off-duty look without having to fully commit to the undies-as-outerwear style. At $48, the Alo Yoga shorts are an excellent way to try this new trend, because if you decide it’s not a fit, it’s just Bella Hadid, at least you’ve got high-quality athletic wear to add to your rotation.

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