Bella Hadid Paired the Lowest-Rise Lime Green Pants With Three Layered Zip-Up Jackets

A masterclass in winter layering.

When it comes to layering, more is always more — at least according to Bella Hadid. Take, for example, the calf-length denim skirt she threw over a pair of leggings and knee-high socks while in Aspen, or the checkered miniskirt she wore on top of matching pants during an impromptu errand run. Her latest layered look? A true model-off-duty uniform that included not one, not two, but three (!) zip-up jackets (and an undershirt for good measure). 

Bella Hadid lime green layered jackets Instagram

instagram/bella hadid

On Friday, Hadid detailed the warm ensemble in question with one of her signature (captionless)  Instagram photo dumps. In the post’s first slide, the model posed backstage — likely during New York Fashion Week — in a green, two-toned Marc Jacobs hoodie layered over a lime green About You zip-up jacket and a white and red undershirt. She paired the top(s) with matching low-rise, lime green jeans (secured with a brown belt) and completed the look by sporting black under-eye patches.

In a later slide, Bella added yet another jacket to her outfit: a slouchy army green leather zip-up complete with dark brown patches and piping. She wore her highlighted brunette hair down, save for a face-framing section pulled back and out of her face, and she kept her glam to a minimum. 

While the pictures may have been from the thick of New York Fashion Week, Bella shared the post just days after she took a break from the city’s hustle and bustle to spend some time reconnecting with nature. On Wednesday, the model shared a series of photos showcasing a quick visit to a horse ranch, which included practicing jumps, drinking her beverage line, Kin Euphorics, and hanging out with friends.

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