Shoppers in Their 50s Say This Plumping Serum-Primer “Reduces Wrinkles” and Makes Skin “Look Flawless”

Beautycounter’s serum is just as effective with or without makeup.

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Beauty Counter Primer

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The difference between primed and unprimed skin before makeup application makes a world of difference. Despite being a beauty editor, it’s something I learned late in life — although it now seems obvious. If your skin is dehydrated or needs moisture, any cosmetics you apply will show that through product settling into skin, flaky foundation, enlarged pores, or patchy makeup. 

A good primer has to check off quite a lot of boxes, and according to over 870 five-star reviews, Beautycounter’s Glow First Priming Serum does. But the success and efficacy of this primer has a lot to do with the fact that it’s also a skincare product — a hydrating, microdroplet-infused serum, to be exact. 

There is a superstar roster of ingredients that makes this two-in-one product work so well. The highlight comes from the roughly 4,000 microdroplets which are encapsulated jojoba that burst open when applied to the skin, providing lightweight hydration. 

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The microdroplets are only part of the hydration, however, since they’re suspended in a peptide-rich (read: skin plumping and collagen-boosting) gel. This formula also preps skin by creating a smooth surface that extends makeup wear. One reviewer said that “makeup never needs [to be] touched up,” when they use Glow First. Another person said that besides the previous point, “when I wear this primer before applying makeup, I’ve noticed I breakout less.” 

Shoppers who “don’t wear makeup” also love this product. One five-star reviewer wrote that they began using this after noticing their complexion was dull. “My skin is so soft and dewy… my face feels more hydrated and looks so fresh.”

Glow First Priming Serum is also a hit for disguising some common signs of aging, according to shoppers in their 50s and 60s. One of whom wrote, “it has reduced my wrinkles and when I put on my tinted moisturizer, it goes on smoother, and looks flawless.” 

Regardless of your age or makeup routine, hundreds of shoppers say this hybrid Glow First Priming Serum is a must-have. Shop it at Beautycounter

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