Shoppers Say This Pore Vacuum Hydrafacial Is More Effective Than Professional Treatments, and It’s 25% Off

GloFacial is rarely on sale.

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GLOfacial Hydro-Infusion Deep Pore Cleansing Clarifying Tool


We all have our various skin concerns, but one that’s almost universal is the desire for clean, uncongested pores. It’s what made Dr. Pimple Popper the celebrity she is today, and why nose pore-clearing strips often sell out. Within the very saturated landscape lies BeautyBio’s GloFacial Pore Cleansing tool, a cutting-edge hydro-infusion, suction, and LED light device that is currently 25 percent off at Sephora

BeautyBio launched its three-in-one GloFacial tool at the end of August to immediate fanfare, so much so that it was out of stock for a while. It’s back now for 25 percent off, discounted from $200 down to $150 — and take it from a beauty editor who has tried every skincare device you can think of: This one is very much worth your money. 

The GloFacial comes with three interchangeable heads, including a cleaning brush, a charging station, and a skincare concentrate. There are two chambers in the device — the first is where you add a mixture of water and the skincare concentrate, and the second is a waste chamber, where all of the extracted gunk ends up. 

GLOfacial Hydro-Infusion Deep Pore Cleansing Clarifying Tool


Shop now: $149 (Originally $200);

As you run GloFacial over your face, you’ll experience two simultaneous sensations — a light suction and a wet, moisture-dispersion. It personally takes me somewhere between 10-15 minutes to treat my always-congested face, with the most time spent on areas like my chin and nose. 

The results are both satisfying and disgusting. The concentrate chamber empties and the waste chamber fills with dead skin and whatever grossness is causing your blackheads and blocking your pores. 

I thought I knew good pore-clearing masks and devices, but this BeautyBio one makes it clear that I do not, because my skin has never been so devoid of blackheads, bumps, or pores. 

One five-star reviewer agreed with an InStyle editor’s claim that she stopped needing facials after using this device. “This product has accomplished even better results, in just one use, than my professional facials have. My skin is glowing. No dryness, even in the winter, and my pores are visibly smaller… I was spending $100 per facial and this has saved me countless dollars.”

BeautyBio’s GloFacial Tool previously sold out even at full price, so use this rare opportunity to snag it on sale before it’s gone again. 

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