Shoppers Say This Toner Is Better Than Retinol for Large Pores and Uneven Texture

Shoppers Say This Kombucha Toner Is 'Magic' for Minimizing Pores and Acne Overnight

“My skin looks BRAND. FREAKING. NEW.”
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I feel about toner the way I feel about primer: a big old "meh". Something about the former will always remind me of late-night infomercials for eight-step skincare routines, where teens would spend 45 minutes talking about how their regime — yours for just 19 easy payments of $49.99 — changed their lives. But the skincare industry's come a long way since the days of stinging solutions, and according to shoppers, one toner in particular is incredible for large pores and uneven texture. 

 Exfoliating toners reliant on low-grade acids are pretty common these days; crowd favorites include Pixi's Glow Tonic and Ren's Ready Steady Glow. Yet there's nothing quite like Youth to the People's Kombucha + 11 percent AHA Exfoliation Power Toner. The formula goes above and beyond, combining eight percent lactic acid, three percent glycolic acid, and two ferments from kombucha and tree bark. 

The mixture makes for a unique two-prong approach. The alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) gently eliminate dullness, while the ferments' prebiotics enhance the skin's natural microbiome, per the brand. A balanced microbiome is important because, as dermatologist Anna Guanche previously told InStyle, one that's out-of-whack is a recipe for acne, inflammation, and irritation. 

Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner
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All things considered, it's no coincidence that acne gets up and goes when this toner gets involved. Eighty-six percent of people recommend the toner on Youth to the People's website, where one 45-year-old shopper says they've tried countless products to smooth out their enlarged pores and "orange peel texture" on their cheeks. Retinol and 20 percent niacinamide couldn't touch it, but a sample of the kombucha toner made such a difference, they purchased a full-size right away.  

A different person says that it works better than prescription products to stop breakouts and reduce excess oil, and it's as if a clean-up crew goes in overnight to tackle acne. Another shopper writes that where "nothing, and I really do mean NOTHING has ever gotten my blackheads out of my nose 100 percent," the Kombucha Toner did so in hours. "One use, and I woke up and literally cried. It's been a lifelong struggle. Always embarrassed. I will NEVER STOP USING THIS PRODUCT!!!!" Caps continue to get a workout from another likewise excited shopper, who says the toner made their formerly acneic skin look "BRAND. FREAKING. NEW. in the morning." 

More people agree they saw amazing results within a week, and one person dubbed the toner "a mature face's best friend." According to them, dark spots and hyperpigmentation diminished, pores along their nose tightened, fine lines and wrinkles disappeared, and "best of all, breakouts have stopped completely." Someone else writes that the toner is "magic," and responsible for their skin looking its best ever: even, balanced, and "so soft." 

The result, in one last person's words: "I finally feel comfortable without makeup. My new favorite, most recommended, can't live without skincare product."