By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jan 10, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
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Younique’s startlingly impressive fiber mascara proved your Facebook friend Kelsey (who also happens to be a Younique Presenter) wasn’t being hyperbolic for no reason. The tube can grow the shortest set of lashes within seconds, but it’s also not the only Younique makeup product that’s worth freaking out over.

Let’s share the hype, shall we? And maybe call up Kelsey, because the brand’s Moonstruck Splurge Cream Shadow is worth adding to your collection. Gaining traction on the Internet (soon to takeover your feed), the long-wear cream formula has a velvety texture that glides over your lids and imparts a subtle shimmery finish. You can apply using the brand's cream eyeshadow brush, or if you're like us, you'd dip your ring finger into the pot and gently dab it on your lid.

As a rule, cream eyeshadow is easier to blend than powder because skills with tools aren't necessary. And now thanks to brand innovation, they can be just as pigmented as their powder counterparts.

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Currently, it's available in 28 different colors, ranging in hues from neutrals to jewel-tone greens, blues, purples, and more. A trending copper, dubbed Defiant, even made the list. But, take note, they get scooped up by super fans quickly—some are already sold out and back ordered.

Each retails for $26 a pop, and can only be purchased on the brand's website, or from a brand Presenter. So maybe it's time to sign back on Facebook and DM that old friend.