Amazon's Best-Selling At-Home Hair Removal Device Is Over 30% Off for a Limited Time

“This thing is absolutely worth it and more.”

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Amazon's Best-Selling IPL Hair Remover Is Over 30% Off for a Limited Time
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After two long pandemic winters, spring can't come fast enough. It's gotten to the point where as soon as the thermostat hits 60, I venture outside without a coat — and while I quickly retreat, the taste of warmth is tantalizing. If you're likewise yearning for skirt weather, shoppers say one top-selling IPL tool gives them permanently smooth skin, and right now, you can get it for way less money.

Xsoul's At-Home IPL Hair Remover currently ranks as Amazon's best-selling light hair removal device, with almost 5,000 five-star ratings to its name. Multiple reviewers on the site admit to being skeptical at first, only to find the treatment both painless and effective — resulting in "significantly" less unwanted fuzz, even for those with "extremely thick, coarse, black and curly" hair. The same person wrote, "This thing is absolutely worth it and more. It's one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon."

If you're not familiar with intense pulsed light (IPL) devices, they use a concentrated beam of light to weaken and eventually destroy hair follicles. While professional laser hair removal can cost thousands of dollars, dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD, previously told InStyle that if you invest in a trusted IPL tool at home, you'll get what you pay for. "A more expensive device will give better results. You want one with enough power/energy and as close to an in-office laser hair removal machine as you can get."

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Shop now: $75 (Originally $110);

Purchasing the Xsoul is "money well spent," according to users, some of who noticed an "immediate slow in growth of hair" after two weeks of use. And because the Xsoul is loaded with 500,000 light flashes, there's more than enough power to eliminate hairy areas completely.

You can choose from five different power levels depending on your skin's sensitivity (just avoid going over tattoos, as reviewers mention it can be painful). In a six-week span, one person saw "quite a substantial difference" in not only their hair growth, but also their skin's smoothness, which makes it ideal for spring prep. A penultimate shopper said they wish they'd had the tool 20 years ago; their armpit hair is "completely gone," their bikini line is thinning, and their legs have considerably less hair.

Even people with dark skin, which is traditionally difficult to treat with IPL, said this on-sale device works wonders. After a single use, one such person said their legs and groin still look as if they just shaved, even a week later.

If you want to give yourself one less chore this spring, nab the Xsoul At-Home IPL Hair Remover while you can get it for $75. Just don't wait too long — the 32 percent discount will disappear in less than 24 hours.

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