Credit: Courtesy XpresSpa

When trapped in the airport a la Tom Hanks in The Terminal, few places serve as a break from the chaos of a delayed flight quite like XpresSpa. Usually nestled between a Hudson News and Sbarro Pizza, is an oasis where you can get the quickest manicure in the world, or a neck and back massage to relieve your muscles from the pain of sitting in an airline seat that won't recline. "XpresSpa was founded a little over 12 years ago by Moreton and Marisol Binn. They're a married couple who traveled the world, and often got stuck in airports as we all do," XpresSpa CEO Ed Jankowski tells InStyle. "Marisol is a huge spa fan and thought, why is there not an opportunity to get a spa service in the airport during a long layover or a delayed flight?" It was the idea that went on to launch 53 spas in 20 different airports in the U.S., Amsterdam, and most recently, Dubai. The brand plans to expand to even more airports within and outside of the United States, and are even looking to open up shop in other high-traffic spots like businesses and shopping areas where people will need a complete spa service in less time than it takes for your Domino's order to arrive.

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"The 30 minutes or less aspect is very important to us. Our customers are looking for an experience within that amount of time, and although we offer a full menu that includes services like facials and waxes, the back and neck massages are the most popular, followed by the manicures and pedicures," Jankowski adds. "The neck and back massages are either 15, 20, or 30 minutes long, and since we have a relationship with Essie, we use all Essie products in our nail services." In some locations, the mani-pedi treatments can be combined while you sit in a lounge chair, with a nail table appropriately attached. The express blowout is the next item getting added to the menu, and according to Jankowski, they've already perfected the 30-minutes-or-less styling service for medium-length hair. Of course, those with longer or thicker layers will want to reserve extra time, but personally, we're just thrilled that the days of nearly missing our flights because we had to wash our hair (look, it has happened before) will soon come to an end. Your move, DryBar.