Wunder2 Selfie Powder - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Love it or hate it, but we're living in an era dominated by social media, to the point that it becomes hard to determine where Instagram ends and real life begins. Even beauty brands are taking note, and have started rolling out products meant to emulate the sun-kissed finish of a Valencia filter, or the poreless, smoother-than-smooth effect Snapchat's glam filter creates. Consider Wunder2's Perfect Selfie Pressed Powder to fall into the latter category, except it won't come off no matter which way you angle your face. Better yet, the particles flex with the natural movements of your skin, so it won't settle into any fine lines.

Don't be intimidated by its initial chalky appearance—the translucent hue works on every skin tone, and locks in the makeup underneath on contact, without any disruption. The powder is infused with mica particles to create a blurred, soft-focus appearance, but no matter how much you apply, the velvety texture still mimics the appearance of your natural skin. Better yet, the mica actually absorbs any flashback from your camera, so your almost-airbrushed look stays intact. Try using a kabuki brush to cover your full face. Pick up the powder for $22 now at, and let the #nofilter selfies commence.