By Kelly Bryant
Updated Apr 18, 2016 @ 8:15 am
Getty Images

We’ve already seen people go to great lengths to transform themselves into celebrities or iconic characters (like the couple that spent a boatload to look like Barbie and Ken), but Pixee Fox, who has cartoon dreams, may be among the most drastic yet.

Described as a “body modification artist, Fox, who currently lives in South Carolina, had six ribs removed and wears a corset around the clock in order to achieve a 16-inch waist. Wondering what that looks like? Here’s an image of the former electrician.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Fox copped to having other procedures as well.

"At the end of January, I had an eyelash transplant," she said. "And I am undergoing a really rare procedure … that I can't talk about yet."

Additionally Fox has had treatments for permanent 3D eyebrows, eye makeup, and contoured lipstick. All of these procedures ring up to a hefty $120,000 spent on surgery and other services to achieve the cartoon look she’s after.

Not surprisingly, Fox counts “human Ken doll” Justin Jedlica among her besties, likely a solid source of support given the drastic measures both have gone to reach the aesthetic both are going for. While it’s hard for most of us to understand why someone would go to such lengths to change their look, like the woman who has gone all in on looking like Kim Kardashian, everyone needs someone who “gets” them. Thankfully Fox and Jedlica have each other for that.