TikTokers Found the $16 Secret to Getting Effortless, Beachy Waves Without Heat

The spiral curlers take just minutes to use and “work extremely well.”

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Tiktok Heatless Spiral Curlers
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I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to style my hair without creating damage. Thankfully, TikTok never fails to teach me everything I need to know about beauty, and users believe they've found the secret to achieving effortless beachy waves with no heat: the Willbond Heatless Spiral Curlers from Amazon.

These top-rated curlers are going viral on social media because of how well they work and how simple they are to use. The set, which starts at $16, comes with 28 hair curlers in four colors (pink, blue, yellow, and green) and two styling hooks for application.

Tiktok Heatless Spiral Curlers

Shop now: $16–$21; amazon.com

To use the curlers, push the provided hook through one end of the curlers until it pops out of the other side. Then, wrap a 1-inch section of damp hair around the hook and, with the hook pointing upward, pull the other end through the curler. Once the hook is released, the curler will return to its original shape. Allow your hair to air dry for about 40 to 60 minutes (some TikTok users sleep with them overnight), and remove the curlers by pinching the tube at the base of the hair and sliding it off.

The result? Voluminous beachy waves that required no heat and basically no effort. If you're skeptical, the Willbond Heatless Spiral Curlers have thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon because "they are easy to put in" and create "beautiful" waves. TikTokers agree; after doing a full tutorial using the viral curlers, one user said they "love" the results, although they noted that sleeping in the curlers was a bit "uncomfortable."

Another person shared that they're easy to use. "It worked extremely well," they said. "If you can get past the awkwardness of sleeping with these in your hair, this is a wonderful option to get effortless beachy waves if you want to use less heat or you don't want to put as much effort in when you're getting ready."

The Willbond Heatless Spiral Curlers come in various lengths (12-, 18-, 20-, and 22-inches), to accommodate varying hair lengths. If your hair is longer, go for one of the longer length curlers. You may also need to order an extra set if your hair is extremely full.

Heatless curlers are here to stay, and with summer around the corner, these babies ensure you'll have effortless beachy waves all summer long — whether or not you plan to hit the beach. Shop the Willbond Heatless Spiral Curlers on Amazon starting at $16.

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