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Launched in '87, when the idea of caviar in skincare was so decadent and on-trend for the era of excess, an introductory jar of La Prairie's OG Skin Caviar will set you back about $230, but additional items within the line that have been created in its wake can reach up to $800. Though, if that is somehow still too modest for you, the brand has a large Game of Thrones-esque chalice designed by Baccarat that houses the Luxe Cream, and the sticker price is about even with the rent of a New York City studio apartment. What gives? And does caviar actually do anything when applied to your face? We reached out to Dr. Jacqueline Hill, La Prairie Director of Strategic Innovation and Science, as well as brand CMO Greg Prodromides to investigate.

Caviar, in fact, is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals as it is, and the source of said caviar used in La Prairie's formulas are of insanely high quality. "We currently use Acipenser Baerii from the Baerii sturgeon, which is grown in environmentally conscious aqua-farms, in our Skin Caviar collection," says Dr. Hill. "Each item is enriched with caviar extracts, which help stimulate collagen production in order for skin to maintain its firmness and elasticity."

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One formula can take up to two years depending on the product or new innovation used, and as the La Prairie team discovered, the marine DNA found within a single bead has a profound impact on the overall appearance of the skin. After even just a few weeks of use, those who have taken a Skin Caviar formula on a test-run have reported a firmer, lifted appearance, with fine lines and uneven tone diminished. "Each caviar bead used in La Prairie's Skin Caviar products is meticulously selected. Painstaking, exacting, the selection process is an exercise in precision," Dr. Hill explains. "These exceptional formulas with rare ingredients have an impact on the price, as well as the ultimate premium aspect of our packaging."

And can we talk about the packaging for a second? Aside from being the best looking jar in your skincare lineup, a lot of artistic elements come into play, and are actualy a nod to the clean, sleek works by Staatliches Bauhaus. "It was a distinctive form, and the goal was to unify art, craft, and technology," explains Prodromides. "We have to remember that in the '80s, when Skin Caviar was born, most of the cosmetic products were white or pink in a plastic jar, so this creative expression was a small revolution in itself. The color blue is attributed to a collaboration with artist Niki de Saint Phalle, who was famous for finishing her works with a distinctive blue that is now the signature of the collection."

Check out the full range, starting at $165 for the Eye Complex, all the way up to a cool $820 for a massive jar of the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream at nordstrom.com now.