This New $2 Brow Pencil Speeds Brow Growth — and It's Already Selling Out

This New $3 Brow Pencil Speeds Eyebrow Growth — and It's Already Selling Out

It features a “Rogaine for brows” ingredient.
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If you're not graced with naturally superb brows, finding your perfect brow pencil is a quest unto itself. And once you do, it becomes like water — integral to daily life, but gone faster than you can blink. If your favorite costs $20 a pencil, that's a recipe for sadness. Which is why Wet n Wild's latest innovation is so smart: Not only does its new Brow-Sessive Brow Pencil cost only $3, but it also helps your brows grow with an ingredient beloved for its results.  

The ingredient in question is castor oil, which eyebrow expert Azi Sacks told InStyle in December is like "Rogaine for your brows." With continued use, Sacks says eyebrows will become thicker and fuller in three weeks — and excitingly, castor oil is the first ingredient in Wet n Wild's new Brow-Sessive Brow Pencil, creating a creamy formula that speeds brow growth as it immediately enhances them. 

It may look like a run-of-the-mill brow pencil, but the Brow-Sessive pencil has already completely sold out at Walmart once. Since it's still new to the world, reviews are scant at Ulta, but on Wet n Wild's website shoppers praise the pencil's glide-on, ultra creamy, natural finish. People write that it combines the best parts of a pomade and a pencil, mixing the former's concentrated pigment and the latter's precise, easy-to-use aspect. 

Wet n Wild Brow-Sessive Brow Pencil
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While it's not marketed as a long-lasting formula, shoppers say it gets there just the same, and doesn't smudge or run even after getting wet or a hard workout. The three colors go on "perfectly," not clumpy or overly dark, nor pale and barely there. You don't have to push hard, either (my personal pet peeve is losing brow hairs while applying brow filler. So counterproductive!). 

As another benefit, multiple people say the spoolie is the ideal level of firm to give them some lift while blending the color, quality you might not expect from a typical $3 buy. In the words of one satisfied shopper, "It looks like my brows are sculpted and I couldn't be any happier." Another adds that the Brow-Sessive pencil has made getting ready "so simple, quick, and easy. No more having to wash everything off and restarting," and "no more weird stares for funky brows."

It's even alchemy for a tough morning, able to "take a bad brow day and turn it right around." One last reviewer writes that they got it for their mother, who's used assorted brow pencils for the last 60 years. So this compliment comes with six decades of experience: According to the shopper, it's her new favorite.