How are they not related?!

By Lindsay Dreyer
Updated Nov 11, 2015 @ 10:45 pm
Credit: Jamie McCarthy

These days everyone is obsessed with finding their real-life doppelgänger thanks to an Internet phenomenon known as Twin Strangers. But singer Miley Cyrus won't have to spend hours and hours sifting through pages of other people's faces because her stranger twin is blowing up on social media right as we speak.

Who is she? Her name is Mardee Shackleford and she's a 21-year-old waitress from California. According to Shackelford, she gets mistaken for the singer all the time.

"Several times I have been sitting in traffic and people have slid open the back door of their car and kids will start yelling, 'Miley,'" she told Daily Mail. "Sometimes it feels like I am actually famous or a celebrity, just on a really small scale. It's been really fun for me." At one of Miley's recent concerts she was swarmed by fans and even got to meet her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus!

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"Almost every table that I waited on, someone would say I looked like her," she says. "I couldn't go anywhere without hearing it." Take a look at these Instagram pics of Shackleford below… uncanny right?