By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Jul 20, 2016 @ 5:45 pm

Looking for a way to justify splurgy candle purchases? Or hate the thought of throwing away a beautiful candle container—no matter the price–and want to repurpose it somehow? Lucky for you, we've got some pretty fabulous candle upcycling suggestions below. They're sourced from the gold mine of beauty and crafts that is Instagram, and we hope that inspire you.

Pro Tip: To remove any residual wax, pop your candle into the freezer and then loosen it with a spatula or butter knife. It should slip right out.

Repurpose the candles as a vase. Collect enough and you could even use them as centerpieces at an event, or you can simply place them around your home.

IG user @jemjemr reused her Diptyque candle as a holder for her makeup blending sponges. Genius! We also like the idea of filling an old candle with decorative stones or beads and using it as a cosmetic brush holder.

These shiny candle holders would also be difficult to throw away. How gorgeous is this?

Happy upcycling!