Shoppers Say This $40 Lightweight Hair Dryer Compares to Ones That Cost 10 Times as Much

It weighs less than my cat, and if that's not how you measure things, I'm sorry for you.

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Shoppers Say This $36 Blowdryer Is Nearly as Good as the Dyson
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Certain beauty products are gold star buys, the ones where if you see them on a friend's Instagram, you can bet they're getting a fountain of questions on the cost/benefit run-down. Skinceuticals' skincare, a viral foundation balm, and Dyson hair tools rank up there with the NuFace, not least because for the price tags, it's worth knowing what you're getting inside and out.

In my experience, the downside comes when something truly is worth the money — especially when it's a product that makes clouds part and your wallet weep. Hair tools are an investment that pay off long-term, but if you're not able to afford Dyson's innovations any time soon, good news: Amazon shoppers found a $40 blow dryer that mimics the wunderkind's best qualities.

For a side-by-side comparison, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has won countless awards for its 1,600 watt power, ultra-fast air flow, and 1.8 pound heft (lighter than most cats — if, like me, that's how you measure things). The dryer is intelligently designed in all things with four precise heat settings, three speeds, minimalist controls, magnetic attachments, and an 82 degree cold shot. You know it's good because despite the $400 tag, the Supersonic sells out often.

Hair Dryer for Travel&Home, 1600W Lightweight Negative

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It's not quite as flashy, but Waybo's Confu blow dryer nails many of the things that make the Dyson Supersonic excellent. It likewise packs 1,600 watts, although the temperature options are limited to three heat settings. On the bright side, the high-speed motor comes with an "infinity" speed change dial, so you can tailor the frizz-smoothing, ionic wind to exactly what level you want (or, what time of night it is and how much you like your neighbors).

And on top of echoing the Dyson's brushed gunmetal and pink design, it features magnetic interchangeable nozzles and a 1.01 pound body. The Confu receives roundly glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers, who write that if you want the Dyson but can't justify the expense, the $40 dryer even meets their "super picky" expectations — and makes replicating a salon blowout easy.

The cool setting earns a special nod from people who love no longer working their thumb on a cold shot button, and others say it's fully eliminated their unwanted frizz. The combination of power and weightlessness is a winning mix, even earning praise from flight attendants who prioritize traveling light.

"This little dryer is both compact and light, but don't let the size deter you. It is powerful," they write. "This dries my thick hair quickly and without leaving it frizzy, especially if I use the diffuser." Cosmetologists dealing with various clients daily say they appreciate how easily it adapts to different heat and power preferences, and multiple shoppers write that the Confu cut their drying time in half.

The included concentrator reduces frizz for those with straight hair, and the diffuser translates the wattage into heat without curl-ruining wind (shoppers dub it "perfect for curly hair.") A last person writes of the "perfect" find: "I have had over 20 blow dryers in my life, and this is the best one I have ever had." For $40, that's a bet we'll take.

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