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I Swear By - Ouai Wave Spray LEAD
Credit: Getty; Courtesy

If your hair resembles uncooked spaghetti noodles just as much as mine does, I’ve found the perfect sauce for it: Ouai’s Wave Spray ($26; sephora.com). My ideal hair is undone waves like Alexa Chung and Chrissy Teigen’s, but my hair has always been hopelessly straight.

The only way I’ve ever been able to get my hair to curl is by taking a curling wand to it, but that requires setting aside an extra ten minutes for my hair in the morning. And while I’m obsessed with the effortless bedhead look, I choose my actual bed over waking up earlier to style my hair.

I’ve tried countless wave sprays over the years, but since most of them were salt-based, they left my strands sticky, crunchy, dry, and still pretty straight. I accepted that since I have no desire to regularly make time for curling irons, my hair would always be look al dente, until I met Ouai’s spray. Since it’s Jen Atkin’s brand (the celebrity hairstylist who gives Teigen her covetable waves), I figured if I was going to give wave spray one more shot, it should be hers.

And I’m glad I did. Spritzing the rice protein-based formula all over my towel-dried hair, twisting it up into two buns on both sides of my head, and letting my hair air dry, gives me the waves I’ve always dreamed of, with the minimal effort I’m usually willing to put in.

When I’m too impatient to let my thick hair air dry I usually give my blow-dried strands a good sprtiz from mid-length to the ends, then crunch and fluff my hair with my hands. While this doesn’t result in waves, it gives my strands more natural-looking bend and movement than I was born with. My hair loves it, my morning alarm clock loves it, Ouai’s Wave Spray is now one of haircare staples.