This Liquid Eyeliner Lasted Through Jungle Humidity, Whitewater Rafting, and a 5-Hour Plane Ride

It held onto my skin better than I held onto the boat.

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This Liquid Eyeliner Lasted Through Jungle Humidity, White Water Rafting, and a 6-Hour Plane Ride
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I've always been a disaster magnet. In the early aughts, you couldn't see a romantic comedy without the ingénue playing clumsiness for laughs, but in real life, it's less cute. Accidents come for me like a moth to a flame, and a recent trip to Costa Rica was no exception. During it all, though, one thing didn't fail me: Well People's Fresh Lines Liquid Liner lasted through every challenge.

The liner came to me through kismet, by which I mean it was a free gift with purchase. Packing up for vacation, the little white tube was an unthinking addition — but it soon proved its mettle as a long-lasting companion that remained budge-proof, even against whitewater rafting, jungle humidity, and a five-hour plane ride home.

I'd never gone rafting before this trip, but my brother is frequently jumping out of planes and hiking to hot springs, so I felt some amount of pressure to live my best adventure lifestyle, or at least do an impression of Dr. Lara Croft on the journey to my group's hotel on the banks of the Pacuare River. We hit the first rapid's churning 5-foot waves, and I felt TikTok's "immediately no" sound in my bones, but there was no turning back.

We were in it, until I wasn't. While coasting into an inlet between rapids, my paddle got stuck under a rock and I was wrenched overboard, smacking my thigh and dominant hand on the riverbed. Drenched and bedraggled, I clambered back in the raft.

Once we reached the hotel, I looked at myself in the mirror and was impressed: The Well People liner had persevered through my dunking, leaving me with lids that still looked tightlined and mildly sultry. Not shabby at all, especially for a clean, soothing formula with aloe, vitamin E, and rosemary extract.

Well People Fresh Lines Liquid Liner

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I reapplied the liner, and even with my weakened digits, the felt tip drew on a smooth, inky line that made me look 300 percent better than I felt. I normally go for pen-style applicators out of pure convenience, but the liner's brush tip rivals Stila and NYX's for sharp precision; it was quick and easy to sketch on a cat eye even in my dimly lit hotel bathroom, and the pigment didn't stray, despite the rainforest's omnipresent humidity.

So, I disembarked the five-hour, red-eye flight home a couple days later, banged, bruised, and believing in ghosts (a story for another time) — but perversely satisfied, because my eyeliner looked fantastic, even as I stepped off the plane. Between its carry on-friendly size and impressive performance, the next time I travel, the liner will be the first thing I pack. Get the humidity- and klutz-approved Well People's Fresh Lines Liquid Liner for $17.

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